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I'm buying 4 speakers, they're 15", 250w plus a 75w drive each. I can control 4 signals separately from my mixer, so I want...

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fael097 2nd May 2015
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Spill slutz! How much of your monthly income do you send on gear? I'm much better now, but for a while it was probably 25% of...

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GearAndGuitars 2nd May 2015
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Just Scored a Lexicon PCM 41 on ebay for 305 bucks. Any tips or tricks on using it? How does the PCM 41 Compare to the PCM 42? Im...

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TheLastByte 2nd May 2015
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I love those 70's guitar vibess on Chaka Kahns "Rags to Rufus". Does anyone have any idea how those were recorded? Any...

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thenoodle 2nd May 2015
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Hi evereyone, I just bought an avalon 747sp, and i use it just 2/3 times. My question is, is that normal the sound become...

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prp 2nd May 2015
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Who uses summing mixers (or boxes) and if so which ones? Looking into the Burl Vancouver down the road. Any tips would be...

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chinesewhiteman 2nd May 2015
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Hi, Please can you identify this 8 track mixer/cassette (derrick may's) What is the mixer/multitrack he used to use...

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chops909 2nd May 2015
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Hello, I have come across a case in which a simple set of connections between audio components yields ground loops that I am...

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ayampols 1st May 2015
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I am setting up a decent basement studio and I'm looking for a decent pair of mics that can be used for mostly vocals(must be...

Xavier G
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northern_dirt 1st May 2015
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I have the possibility to buy 2 t2 for the same price of the 4400a. Do you think that they are as good as 4400a for piano or the...

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Dave_Ionic 1st May 2015
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Currently running PT 10 on Mavericks 10.9.5 with no issues. But Logic is really having issues. So I want to update to Yosemiti...

Chase Orion
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Chase Orion 1st May 2015
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Hey guys. Well i was going to wait until the project was all done to share this, but we've stopped working on it for a few...

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lakeshorephatty 1st May 2015
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Hi, I am wanting to make a recording of a seminar/training session using up to 6 shotgun microphones which are placed some...

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Bstapper 1st May 2015
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I need too much time & concentration for tracking. Now I made a list for the entire process. How do you manage that?...

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Lance Lawson 1st May 2015
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Looks pretty intriguing, especially with the 11 frequency and 3 Q selections in the middle band (I thought the 1073's Q was the...

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808KickDrum 1st May 2015
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Hello, I have been searching for hardware that gives a great tape saturation effect. Recently I stumbled upon the opportunity to...

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harrisonv 1st May 2015
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Hey Gearslutz, My partner and I are in the market for new room mics- a stereo spaced pair. We typically do all of our drum...

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swafford 1st May 2015
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Hi, I'm currently doing research into freelance/full-time live sound engineering for a case study. Rather than just source my...

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lillyjo 1st May 2015
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Question about adding the fader pack: Do you get an extra aux, and direct outs on each channel??? I think what happens, if I...

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benwalker 1st May 2015
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I just wanted to see if "true compressor bypass" and black faceplate was worth the extra buck.

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Leumas Fyzz 1st May 2015
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Hi, I had the chance to buy two EMT 140 2x monoplates. For financial reasons I only bought one. I'm still deliberating to buy...

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Bstapper 1st May 2015
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how dow the old Genelecs like 1029a, 2029a, 2029b comare to the new 8130a, 8030a, 8330a, etc ??

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TS-12 1st May 2015
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we made a video at Musikmesse but it might be informative, even after the fact: Spitfire Audio - The Grange kfhkh iufEIXlt_s0

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Reptil 1st May 2015
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Ahoy, first post hittt <-- is that guy waving?, not sure... I would like to get some recommendations on some new speakers....

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WarrenK 1st May 2015
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Anyone heard / used these mics?

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markhanslip 1st May 2015
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Hi All, I am using RME UFX and Octopre MKII (Focusrite). If I use ADAT out from Focusrite to RME UFX (either internal from...

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Luke_Focusrite 1st May 2015
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I've had a Blue Robbie for years and a bunch of other pres but there is something about the smooth clean sound I really dig on...

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kangking 1st May 2015
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So I am very into external summing and have jumped from a Folcrom, which I generally do like a lot, to a Tonelux OTB16. I needed...

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4lecxs 1st May 2015
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I have great over-the-ear headphones already, but I'm looking for in-ear monitors (which will fit in my messenger bag, over-the...

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DoctorGooch 1st May 2015
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I was using my sound card's preamps (M-Audio Fast Track C600) and have recently bought a Rupert Neve Portico 5017 mic pre. Holy...

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chillfok 1st May 2015
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Bought a used dragonfly from reverb and it just arrived. I was so excited but unpacking it I noticed as soon as I lifted the mic...

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VWYF11 1st May 2015
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Hi everyone, It’s my first post on this forum. I’m a bass player and electronic music producer. I would like to buy some new...

Cons XY
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goldi 1st May 2015
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Hey, Going to buy new studio monitors, was thinking about Yamaha HS5 or JBL LSR305, coz they fit my budget. Is there someone...

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gravyface 1st May 2015
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Hi all, First, these are great forums--maybe some of the best I have ever seen--in terms of informed people creating a great...

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ras992 1st May 2015
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So I got myself an Art Pro Channel II because I wanted a sexy way to route my modular synth via a balanced connection into my...

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goldi 30th April 2015
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Hi! Im selling some PSI speakers, the A17. Other then here what other places, for Europe would you suggest selling gear?

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mbvoxx 30th April 2015
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Hey 'slutz, I have a major project on my hands but the final design is nothing short of awesome. Long story short, I traded for...

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Rob Coates 30th April 2015
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So i'm upgrading from my crappy M Audio AV40s. I produce mostly Electronic music (EDM type stuff) in my untreated...

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korgdude 30th April 2015
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I got the Black Lion Audio FM192 mod to my (16 in 8 out) 192 i/o three months ago. And it is, without a doubt, magnificent! It is...

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Redwing 30th April 2015
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So, for my final project at my school I chose to record The Writhing South by Say Anything. I was wondering if anyone knows where...

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ChainesAudio 30th April 2015
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Hello I have a Focusrite saffire pro 40. I use channels 1 & 2 for bass, guitar, and vocals. I use Inputs 3 - 6 for my...

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ImNotDedyet 30th April 2015
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OK, so I've checked out some threads but still haven't found the answer to my question. I recently bought and Presonus Central...

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Draytone 30th April 2015
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Well, a little backstory... I've been recording bands I've been in for roughly 15 years (Half my life), but never at a serious...

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GuitarMan216 30th April 2015
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I use an RME UC right now. I'm considering upgrading my interface to something with higher quality converters that could be used...

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IMRECS 30th April 2015
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The 44 is a cool looking and sounding historic mic, but it spends far more time locked away in its case than would a Flea 47....

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mbvoxx 30th April 2015
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Holy smokes. I've been searching, and reading most of the night. I'm in an acoustic Country/Americana Trio, and going to be...

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mbvoxx 30th April 2015
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Just wandering If anyone has any Preference to the Presonus Studio Channel vs. the Art tube mic pre strip? I have the Studio...

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jwilthaceo 30th April 2015
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Greetings! I'm in the market for new monitors and have just discovered the APS Klasik and am looking for more...

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krypt 30th April 2015
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I am helping a friend with a simple sound system for her new yoga studio. The instructors bring their own phones/mp3 players for...

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TyRip 30th April 2015
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Lookin' for a sub for my pair of Dyn BM12 MKIIIs but not up for paying the price for the recommended BM14 sub. Anyone have a...

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CrosswordPuzzled 30th April 2015