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Is it possible to get both 2 mic-channels and 2 spdif from Sound Device Usbpre2 at the same time? Since it is possible to...

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Per 29th June 2015
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hi there guys ,i have 2 blue robbie preamps ,and drawmer eq can i use both on mix buss for more depth ?? here is the scenario...

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risingson8 29th June 2015
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I was at my desk yesterday and listening to a track at very low level and I noticed the bass freqs just overbearing. It was like...

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dbbubba 29th June 2015
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Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone had any refining pointers in terms of finding bits of the freq spectrum which you like...

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dbbubba 29th June 2015
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Hi, I recently acquired a 414 B XLS. I do voiceover work and in some instances (especially audiobooks) think I may prefer it to...

VO Guy
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VO Guy 29th June 2015
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Ahoy there my fellow Slutz! Like many others here no doubt do, when recording rock (as well as other genres) I tend to...

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dialectic 29th June 2015
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Hey y'all looking for some recommendations on good latin jazz to use as a reference for an album I'm mixing. More jazz than...

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Reverb 29th June 2015
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I am looking for an EQ that can come close to the Langs silvery 20k air boost. Perhaps in a 500 series EQ. Any thoughts?

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the fxs 29th June 2015
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I'm living in switzerland for a few months and I was wondering if any european slutz out there knew of a good online store for...

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cdf2108 29th June 2015
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Hi! I'm new here and registered because I was hoping that someone could help me out with a problem I'm having. I've searched...

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Silvertone 29th June 2015
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HI everyone, I need a line mixer to expand my FX return. I have a Rane DA216 it's a distribution amplifier 1 IN To 8 OUT...

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andrea19837 29th June 2015
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Hi everybody I have a question. I am a PT user. I have 1 symphony IO with 2 modules (1 module 16 analog out and 1 module 8X8...

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VT-MHE 29th June 2015
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Well, the advertising bar at the top of gearslutz is definitely working. I simply clicked on the Mojave link and found myself...

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zigziglar 29th June 2015
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What are your preferred settings for the UAD EMT 140? Thanks Much

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Wayne 29th June 2015
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I'm considering getting a new bass guitar for recording. At the moment I have a decent Warwick (active) - see here I use it...

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zigziglar 29th June 2015
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Hello Everyone, just wanted advice on what gear to get next. The music I make are basically r&b, pop, edm, and hiphop. I...

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goldi 29th June 2015
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I'm probably looking for EQ techniques or theories on how to balance a track properly... I am a little lost when I start going at...

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telecasterrok 29th June 2015
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I am excited to get my Mo3a, however I haven't heard from Brandon at Mohog after writing him a week or two on the status of my...

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elbobo 29th June 2015
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Hey guys, I'm new on here, but I've seen things get resolved by posting on here, so I'm doing the same. On January 3rd, I paid...

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Slimigan 29th June 2015
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Wondering has anyone recorded strings with them? If so how was it? website Online Session Musicians Recording Studio Vocals...

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HOTC 28th June 2015
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Hi there I make music where the rhythm section is the main focus, I find im always trying to get that 70's disco/soul/funk dry...

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narcoman 28th June 2015
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TC Helicon Voiceworks Plus has 5 pin DIN Midi ports, for keyboard control of harmony, but Akai LPK25 is a USB Midi...

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JayTee4303 28th June 2015
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Hi everyone I have a cello recording that I just made, and there are peaks absolutely everywhere... just wondered what this...

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Doc Asbury 28th June 2015
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I need a little help deciding my next move. I want to buy a piece of gear that will take me over the top in clarity and 3d like...

cesar rodriguez
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cesar rodriguez 28th June 2015
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Any thoughts? Thanks. So far this is all I've found: http://www.arrakis-systems.com/arrakis---arc-8.html ...kinda thing I'm...

Son of Gafraidh
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Son of Gafraidh 28th June 2015
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So I'm right in the humble beginnings of turning my bedroom into some kind of studio, and I obviously want to treat it. I'm not...

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Bender412 28th June 2015
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Hello, i have an opportunity to but a new b stock nightpro eq3d that was racked but never used. the offer is 1150. good deal...

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kroegermusic 28th June 2015
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I'm living in switzerland for the next couple of months and I need to buy an amp for my NS10s. I would LOVE to use one of the...

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Cozmik Prod. 28th June 2015
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Hi Guys Currently have an apollo set as master and a ferrofish adat chained as slave. Not only have i run out of i/o but im...

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tank1978 28th June 2015
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Hello all, Our meyer HD-1's need the outer rubber replacing.. It's a fortune to ship them to Meyer for repair... Does...

Studio Luka
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Studio Luka 28th June 2015
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Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew what this little box is in the picture attached? It's the one dre is looking at just in...

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nickknack 28th June 2015
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Neumann V457ST....B? anyone use these cassettes? they're cheap enough and they meet my neumann cartridge...

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coffeeman 28th June 2015
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In my Daw is it possible to setup an effect channel with a UAD Reverb Plugin out to my mixers aux so I can mix with a reverb? I...

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psycho_monkey 28th June 2015
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I mean look how vintage they are I bet these for 15k sound so much better and do a better job then Warm Audio's 1176....

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LobCity 28th June 2015
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I noticed, living out here in Japan, that this microphone is available for a really good price. However it is the new 9X model....

Iron Octopus
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aremos 28th June 2015
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Hello I need help setting up a hardware compressor. I have 4 outputs and 2 inputs on my interface.The interface is Focusrite...

Deleted User
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Deleted d78e603 28th June 2015
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My setup right now is Dangerous 2-buslt with an Orion 32, I like the sound, but I still feel like there is just something...

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lucasmusic 28th June 2015
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So I know there are lots of pultecs out there but what's the best for the best price and why? Oh yeah and already assembled. I...

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ricfoxx 28th June 2015
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I have a pair of Jens' limited run of his Eisen eac312v preamps and they totally rock. I've heard many say they sound virtually...

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DrSax 28th June 2015
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Hi ! I'll record next week a rythm section (drums+double bass) for a jazz recording. I'm considering to record the drums...

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swafford 28th June 2015
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So I am in the middle of a studio transition, renting space from a colleague, rebuild ****, repairing, recapping etc. Ralph...

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Pred80r 28th June 2015
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I am working on a paper where a part is to analyse different releases. One of the parameters is wideness. A thing easily heard of...

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Duke Murdock 28th June 2015
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Good/bad experiences with any particular TRS patchbay brands? I'm looking for a straight TRS to TRS unit like Neutrik, Proco etc....

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Drywsef 27th June 2015
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Hi, can you listen to a short breath test of my AKG 414 B XLS and tell me if it is failing the breath test, or just momentarily...

VO Guy
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VO Guy 27th June 2015
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...hmmm...with all the "clones" in the marketplace, one has to wonder, why CAPI?...it would seem, Neve has many...

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narcoman 27th June 2015
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Hi, What can you guys tell me about the Harrison Series 12 console? Also interested in learning about the Series 10....

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jeremyglover 27th June 2015
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Hi all, Next week I'm moving into a new place where I'll be setting up a nice little mix/production room. I've decided to...

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luis001 27th June 2015
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I'm trying to record samples of a wine glass with a SaffirePRO14 and one AKG C414. However, I'm getting more white noise than the...

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keman 27th June 2015
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Take the Neve 5059 specifically, it has pan pots. If I'm summing tracks and stems through it do I need to match the panning on...

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VFLOYD 27th June 2015
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This is straight to the point, easy question to answer: What instrument in your studio has inspired either you or the...

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Rockprocess 27th June 2015