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Looking for a main vocal mic for my project studio. I'd like to keep it around 1k and I'm down to the Stellar CM6/CM5, Rode K2,...

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hughshouse 3rd July 2015
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What's your thought on this everyone? AfDRppA8o18

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Andreas G 3rd July 2015
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I'm sure many of you are Failure fans or are at least aware of the band. If not, and you're wondering if anyone is actually...

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Inca 3rd July 2015
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I will be replacing my Bose TriPort headphones and getting something a little more helpful for mixing so I will probably be...

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downrazor11 3rd July 2015
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Only cheaper :lol: So far I have Daking mic pre iv. I'll be using them for drums.

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monkeyxx 3rd July 2015
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Hi guys first post! long time reader. I usually worked in the box, and if i wanted to bring in any external synth signals...

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ebonics 3rd July 2015
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I have never played MIDI keyboards, really want to start playing it But i'm having a big problem of selecting a suitable...

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Jtjw 3rd July 2015
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I'm fairly close to pulling the trigger on an Apollo 16, the new generation one. I ended up here because I wanted something to...

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thesolipsist 3rd July 2015
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Hi all, I have lurked the halls of GS for many years gleaning bits and pieces of info, opinions, and other gems of wisdom but...

Bugle Boy
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Bugle Boy 3rd July 2015
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How do I route this with my Apogee Duet 2? I can use the Ez1073 as preamp and bypass the preamp in my Duet 2. But what kind of...

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philipNL 3rd July 2015
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So there is this refund that's going to hit me soon and I want to upgrade my Studio with it a little bit. But I can't decide what...

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Cozmik Prod. 3rd July 2015
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Hey people of gearslutz! I just signed up cause I'm extremely fed up with my virus, and I figured maybe some of you have...

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JustinRomic 3rd July 2015
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Never seen this one before. Any ideas?

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unfiltered420 3rd July 2015
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As I listened to Harry Nilsson's "The Point", over and over again, back in the days, I wonder now who did the...

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DarbyOhara 3rd July 2015
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So... My two favorite records (sound wise) of all time are Jerry Douglas Lookout for Hope and Julian Lage's Sounding...

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Sean Sullivan 3rd July 2015
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I've got a PCM70 in very very good condition, I'm thinking of unloading it, but if I hold onto it for ten years, twenty years,...

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Spinwander 3rd July 2015
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Any ideas where I can get plugs to fit these? I don't mind making up cables, but I need to source some female plugs for...

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Tezza 3rd July 2015
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HI all I'm using all ITB mastering plugins and get good results however want to get more warmth and depth out of my master,...

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Old Goat 3rd July 2015
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Just stumbled on this gem. Anyone know anything about it? Only one previous Shakey Graves mention on GS. Captivating album.

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mingustoo 3rd July 2015
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I'm considering buying a new art SLA-1 power amp. Good or bad idea and reasons why.

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Snatchman 3rd July 2015
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esldude 2nd July 2015
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Anyone out there got any speaker stand suggestions for the ADAM A77x monitors. Im looking at a few and was wondering if a top...

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codeine 2nd July 2015
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I must say that I'm very pleased with my two vertical 5032's. They are extremely quiet and big sounding. These are my first class...

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musicminister187 2nd July 2015
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Hey guys, Stupid question… I've just purchased a pair of VXT 6's. I'm plugging my XLRs into the back but it feels like...

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EnglishRed 2nd July 2015
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Hey, Keytarists! I'm a saxophone-playing busker, and I want to add keytar. Shelling out a grand for Roland's Axe-Synth isn't...

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SaxophonaiP 2nd July 2015
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As I have been experimenting with bass for a long time I would be grateful if someone could explain this to me (hopefully I, and...

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goldi 2nd July 2015
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Hi Gearslutz ! I've red a lot on this topic on this forum and others, but still wanted to ask the question directly to the...

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DCtoDaylight 2nd July 2015
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I have been focusing my little home studio around Octatrack, recently some modular (eurorack) and a drum machine. Octatrack is...

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Illextreme 2nd July 2015
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Rode NT5


No, it is not high end gear, but I was wondering if anyone has heard this mic. Many have told me that it is a great pair of...

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didier.brest 2nd July 2015
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Here's my dilemma. I need to record drums for someone. The drum-room is in the basement. DAT machine upstairs with console. I...

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costas14 2nd July 2015
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I am tracking ac guitars with a Neve portico and Neumann KM184 stereo mics. I have my gain set at 48 (60 is the loudest it goes)...

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Karloff70 2nd July 2015
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hi I`m going to buy a pro vocal mic. I`ts hard to decide between the u87 and the manley reference (cardioide or omni) I`m not...

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johnnybregar 2nd July 2015
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I am using a pair of Yamaha KX61 MIDI controllers combined with Grandorgue software. I am getting excellent sound. But I have...

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steady_m 2nd July 2015
Avatar for dbot

I got a old Roland ep-7e digital piano and I would like to record the sound via it's outputs, but it's annoying that to drive the...

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dbot 2nd July 2015
Avatar for PhantomBox

Anyone out there who's ever heard of a Philips LBB 9007/06 gooseneck mic?

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uherism 2nd July 2015
Avatar for tacertotambem

Would love to hear your experiences using the LINDELL PEX500 as a pair. Thanks

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tacertotambem 2nd July 2015
Avatar for Barfunkel

I'm looking for a decent channel strip at the 500-800€ price point. Mic preamp, compressor, EQ are needed, de-esser wouldn't...

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N.E 2nd July 2015
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So I've been looking at the apollo quad a lot lately. I can't afford it yet, but I've been wondering about the real practicality...

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ShortWarning 2nd July 2015
Avatar for cdf2108

I haven't heard this amp mentioned with respect to the NS 10s, but I just got one today and WOW. These are my first pair of NS...

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cdf2108 2nd July 2015
Avatar for tonymite

7anyone know anything about auditronics consoles 700 series in particular ... 701 modules ... audiopath stuff please and...

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danharcombe 2nd July 2015
Avatar for Fizzyhair

I have a live room with 20 XLR in and 4 return via a patch bay. But if I want midi I have to record it in the control room. This...

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Fizzyhair 2nd July 2015
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Hi folks! Which books are unavoidable for a real GS? I´m not talking about Books like: "How to record for...

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Drud 2nd July 2015
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I have never recorded my guitar in an expensive live recording room so I have no comparison here but I really like the way my...

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attaboy_jhb 2nd July 2015
Avatar for mattz63

Hi, I'm looking for a 2 button footswitch with a TS cable output--basically, a toggle switch that is not on a shared switch....

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mattz63 2nd July 2015
Avatar for Deleted 0833250

Which one would you choose? ...and why?

Deleted 0833250
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ccmdav 2nd July 2015
Avatar for Platypodes

Hey mates, How would one implement parallel processing with an analog summer like a Dangerous 2 bus that leaves volume control...

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Platypodes 2nd July 2015
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Hey folks, my Chordie app is now available for windows 7+ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRuQH8Iswg8 here's a video of...

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mulletchuck 2nd July 2015
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This tone....this tone made me order one of each. Good Lord....kfhkh mVBNiMEXdsM

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Alrod 2nd July 2015
Avatar for thevisi0nary

Am i just really average or are there people out there that are just insane? Lol, i just cant imagine a normal person being able...

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travisbrown 1st July 2015
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Hello everybody, at the moment i am thinking of getting some new studio monitors. In the past i used the Emes Blue HR with the...

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Crash 1st July 2015