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Hey! So a few years late but I finally got around to try the the ML1 from slate and I thought it would be cool to try it out...

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crille_mannen 2 weeks ago
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There's a sound which I think must be Fairlight that was used on a number of 80s productions, but I've never been able to track...

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ajscent 2 weeks ago
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looking at something like the Harley Benton Powerplant: 8x 9vDC outputs, but max 500mA overall. what else is there, at...

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ibtl 2 weeks ago
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I got an old Tesla broadcast console. It's not fully functional, some parts are missing etc. But there are lots of interesting...

Daniel Reinaru
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yannlu 2 weeks ago
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Sharoro 2 weeks ago
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Hello, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to replace this VU Bulb in my old Urei LA4A unit. I've searched online with...

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Jim Williams 2 weeks ago
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I don’t see these products on the Apogee web page or available for sale on dealer sites. Perhaps new models are coming? Any...

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Al Rogers 2 weeks ago
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Hello. Supposing I had an Otari MTR-90MkI without a remote... Wondering if an Otari CB-113 remote made for the MTR-90MkII could...

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TrashTreasury 2 weeks ago
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I could buy a second hand RME UCX of 2013 but I doubt. What do you think of buying this interface in good condition of...

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Husky Squad 2 weeks ago
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I've been mixing some tracks from a singer (gtr and vox) who is using a SM7b, and having real difficulties with sibilance. Is...

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PeteGJ 2 weeks ago
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Hi, folks. I'm a producer, songwriter, and occasional mix engineer who runs a little production studio. I need help upgrading my...

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heyheymymy 2 weeks ago
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I learned to make music for me to hike to. Lofi Hip hop. I've gotten more enjoyment from that than anything. thanks covid. ...

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hello people 2 weeks ago
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Hello All, I have been doing some searching around for some vintage microphones for I wanted to use them at home for the sake of...

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VitaminZeth 2 weeks ago
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Hi, I've noticed that catchy drum compression happening at outdoor - but never at indoor - Chassidic events. Drums are mostly...

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halcyo 2 weeks ago
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Hello all! I have a shadow hills dual vandergraph, in bypass mode audio travels through it fine but when I engage it the left...

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Avenue Road 2 weeks ago
Avatar for kernsyworld

I have the Toft ATB-24. (quirky board with a sound I love). Today I began smelling the electronics cooking in the power...

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CharlieM4561 2 weeks ago
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Heya all.. I'm building a new room to mix mostly dance music in. The room will be accurate down to 43hz or so, and my designer...

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John Galt 2 weeks ago
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I am keeping an eye on both. I just need an sd multitrack recorder to record my music in real time without pc and edit later on...

Deleted b514800
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DirkP 2 weeks ago
Avatar for Iron Octopus

Hello all, I live in Japan and Japan runs on 100V. All my gear is 110V. It all runs, but I've had a few issues and had to...

Iron Octopus
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shooten 2 weeks ago
Avatar for ardis

I bought a Sampletekk piano sample on their Spring Sale. Says will play in Kontakt player Figured I’d buy full Kontakt but...

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ardis 2 weeks ago
Avatar for zoro

Hi Can someone recommend a sub for Dynaudio Lyd 8 Thanks

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Cuboctahedron 2 weeks ago
Avatar for Pchicago

Morn, Im looking right now for a 2 channel road interface.. Been looking at a few different products..the Antelope Zen Go...

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NotTheNSA 2 weeks ago
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I have actually had sort of a hard time figuring this out, but I finally found out that OSHA set the level of 90dBA (A for A...

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deedeeyeah 2 weeks ago
Avatar for Aaron Miller

Anyone have experience with this preamp? I'm looking for 8 channels to record everything: drums, vocals, guitars, acoustic...

Aaron Miller
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obascin 2 weeks ago
Avatar for RandomDan

Morning, afternoon, evening guys... I bequeathed an SPX 900, beautiful unit and it's going in the live equipment rack, ideally...

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RandomDan 2 weeks ago
Avatar for Moondog007

I have two SM 91 mics that I use for a stereo upright piano sound. Mic from the wall behind. Sound great. The only problem is...

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Moondog007 2 weeks ago
Avatar for loziodavid

Hello GS, I found a good offer for this mic pre from Radial Engineering, seems instering with the 3 voicings and the Hammond...

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loziodavid 2 weeks ago
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Hi Guys, I have a quick question. Is there a possibility to have two ISA one connected through Scarlett 2I2...

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Oli_W 2 weeks ago
Avatar for Mr Phil

Has anyone here had a bad experience with PMC before? I have both my TwoTwo 5’s go down with a fault. Basically the display on...

Mr Phil
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Avatar for Oli_W
Oli_W 2 weeks ago
Avatar for Floyd T

Hi Guys, can anyone point me in the right direction to get a tascam da78 machine repaired also I have a MSR 24 reel to reel...

Floyd T
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Drumsound 2 weeks ago
Avatar for Bradahman

If you could kindly give a public school some advice. I am the choir teacher, and my principal just wrote a grant to build a...

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standup 2 weeks ago
Avatar for changeng

Hey Guys - For something so anticipated as the GAP Comp-2a, I haven't seen hide nor hair of an in-depth review of this thing...

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Avatar for Patrick_
Patrick_ 2 weeks ago
Avatar for Thuneau

I could use an all-around studio mic right now. Multiple patterns are a plus, but not a requirement. It just needs to sound...

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Ragan 2 weeks ago
Avatar for jazzcabbage

@ 2:44 in. That glitchy effect on the guitar. What might that be?

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littledoodler 2 weeks ago
Avatar for Vcfons

Hi there, I just concluded another topic regarding the usage of an SM7B without a preamp, but I have solved that issue. Now I...

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ambiguous signal 2 weeks ago
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I'm trying to understand something and I thought a little open discussion would be neat. First off, my main goal is to get my...

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Avatar for Mulldog

Hello all, I put an order in a month ago but understand due to the Coronavirus that production has slowed down. Has anybody...

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JClay 2 weeks ago
Avatar for Basetakes

Hi all, Are there any wa 412 owners out there who could describe how the output knob works on the signal? Am I to assume that...

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RecStu 2 weeks ago
Avatar for Paul_G

After talking about it on the Zulu thread: Here are a few examples of a drum loop through the stereo Density. The settings...

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Avatar for B Elgin
B Elgin 2 weeks ago
Avatar for josephbranciforte

Looking into DB25 patchbays for my home studio. Signal quality is the most important factor, by far - but I'm not great with...

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elegentdrum 2 weeks ago
Avatar for overcompressed

Hi guys, sorry if this question has been asked, but I can't find a clear thread for my needs, so at the risk of repetition I'll...

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MandoBastardo 2 weeks ago
Avatar for 5at19

Picked it up on craigslist today. The meter says "beede electrical instrument co". No XLR jacks on the back, just spade...

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Avatar for vernier
vernier 2 weeks ago
Avatar for socko008

Hey everyone, I'm looking for help from current/past users of the Presonus HP60. I just bought a used one off Reverb. Set it up...

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PdotDdot 2 weeks ago
Avatar for goom

It gets a bit confusing along the way when you're mixing into the rear and something's not working out. You make a major change...

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Avatar for goom
goom 2 weeks ago
Avatar for greatFox

Hi all, this is the first time I have tried some studio monitors. I got a pair of KRK VXT8's and the mid bass in them is...

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Avatar for StarfishMusic
StarfishMusic 2 weeks ago
Avatar for Konstmanntin

Hello everyone, The search for a new pair of (near field) studio monitors is driving me crazy. The biggest problem i have is...

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johannburkard 2 weeks ago
Avatar for SDB_12

I've known about Capi for a long time, but have never actually bought their products (recorded with some vp26's a few years ago...

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johannburkard 2 weeks ago
Avatar for Ed Driscoll

I loved U2’s The Unforgettable Fire album. Along with Led Zeppelin IV, it was one of the first CDs I ever bought, around 1985....

Ed Driscoll
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IanBSC 2 weeks ago
Avatar for The Blindude

First off, apologies to all if this is not embedded correctly. For what ever reason, it's considering it an IMG file to share a...

The Blindude
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Avatar for vernier
vernier 2 weeks ago
Avatar for littlesicily

I greatly miss the SST-282 Space Station plugin that was discontinued and died with PT10 TDM. Anyone know of ANYTHING that can...

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Avatar for dublave
dublave 2 weeks ago