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I'm thinking of maybe buying some used Genelec 1037C monitors. They have been used in a studio from 2008 to 2014. Seller...

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Ribbonmicguy 25th July 2015
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Hi, I'm renting a U47Fet for a recording session tomorrow (vocals) and was going to rent a nice pre-amp to go with it such as a...

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keyofsalvador 25th July 2015
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Hi GS (first post here...kfhkh) Currently running PMC TB2S-Aii in a 3x4 meter mixroom and making the switch to Adam's....

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millionmiles 25th July 2015
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I'm about to rebuild my microphone collection. The past few years have been hard in terms of picking up new music gear as life...

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ARIEL 25th July 2015
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I know there are threads like this but I need a more specific and direct answer to cater to my needs. I'm a bedroom producer and...

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citrusonic 25th July 2015
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I have interest in adding another compressor option to the 2 bus and have located a "used" but new Drawmer 68 ME. I...

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Feltman 25th July 2015
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So, I have the J Rockett Archer and love it! What's the latest scoop on the Archer IKON? Anybody actually played both....have...

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Kyle Ashley 25th July 2015
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I need to replace the analog output potentiometer on my ART Digital MPA preamp but I don't know the value or taper cuz the legs...

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vantwistic 25th July 2015
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A single space in my rack just opened up, and I could use another effects unit. Something mono and something with vibe. I'm a fan...

The Mule
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The Mule 24th July 2015
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For under 1000$ (include what might fit in as used price also). But: it also has to be better than stock Cubase 6.5 Eq. Is...

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t-bone 24th July 2015
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Dear guys, I'm in a condition that I find it hard to find an answer because it's really hard. Well ... I have some money...

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pamjadi 24th July 2015
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Just saw this in Massachusetts. Looks like it'll cost a LOT of money to commission but I'm sure someone could make it...

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APK 24th July 2015
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Preferebly available in digital formats. I am embarking on a new stripped back - mono project and want some...

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oche ecaps 24th July 2015
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Sorry for all the console questions. Getting close to a purchase. Needs to happen first week of august. The trident 24 is out of...

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narcoman 24th July 2015
Avatar for Yoga

Anything like that in not too much high end land? Something that just has tweakable HPF and LPF without any other EQing, or a...

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BradM 24th July 2015
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Well, the title says it all. I think I've read he uses the AMS Reverb, but wondered about how he sets it up. Anyone knows/read...

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Drud 24th July 2015
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What are 5 reference recordings (not recorded by you) that you always use to check a new system, refresh your ears, or...

Terry McInturff
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analogTinkerer 24th July 2015
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Hello fellow slutz, I've been shopping around for new speakers for the past month or so and I've narrowed down my choice to...

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brewbuzzn 24th July 2015
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Hey Gear pals, this be my first post! I'm wanting to purchase a second (B) Pair of Studio Monitors and would appreciate any...

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Jason rocks 24th July 2015
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After talking here and investigating 500 series seems to be most tempting for mixbus duties (after vintagemaker passive summing...

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ak75 24th July 2015
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found out about it. how do i delete this post? :P

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madsimilius 24th July 2015
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I am looking to bring my mixes in your face and just overall tight and punchy..I have a Manley varimu Neve 542-500 Tape and...

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sourcefor 24th July 2015
Avatar for mistersully

I have an opportunity to buy a TC Reverb 4000 for a reasonable price. Do people with experience with these units think it's...

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jensenmann 24th July 2015
Avatar for kangking

I'm impressed with the clarity! Just got these, I am breaking them in right now, and I'm ready to see what they can do! I wanted...

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zigziglar 24th July 2015
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Krell Theatre Amplifier $4000.00 or Best Offer PMC Monitor Loudspeaker Pair $8500.00 or Best Offer Clary Uninterruptible...

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e-are 24th July 2015
Avatar for Metallicker

I have just bought a Neumann TLM-103 as I want to be able to record good quality vocals (and acoustic guitar somewhere down the...

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VO Guy 24th July 2015
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Hi everyone, Is it me or are these Cloud 44-A the mics used all over in Mad Men ? I love this late 60's warm vibe sound...

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Drumsound 23rd July 2015
Avatar for enyo

So i've finally come to a divorce between my Rokit 10-3's and I. I am in the search of new speakers and am willing to stretch my...

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Marek_APS 23rd July 2015
Avatar for Jackcolleran

Hi - first post here I'm looking to buy a a reel to reel to run tracks through - drum machines, synths etc I know there's a...

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Jackcolleran 23rd July 2015
Avatar for ak75

I almost pulled the trigger for focusrite isa two, but when ever I hear neve pre I say to myself thats the sound I am after.........

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ak75 23rd July 2015
Avatar for Bentzi14

Which Should I get? The genelec 8010 with a sub or the M030 genelecs without a sub? Please advice me... I want to have the...

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Bentzi14 23rd July 2015
Avatar for thevisi0nary

Okay so im editing my tracks and i performed the verse just the way i want it, except it sounds so sibilant. Seriously it sounds...

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Avatar for AllBread
AllBread 23rd July 2015
Avatar for nyandres

I saw some other threads on some other companies, so I decided to write one about Buzz. I love a lot of my other gear, like my...

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creative.control 23rd July 2015
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Rupert Neve Designs Portico 5017 | Sweetwater.com

Deleted User
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Deleted d78e603 23rd July 2015
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I've got a metal roll around rack of gear comprised of mic pres, effects, a couple compressors, and headphone amp. I was swapping...

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Avatar for Jim Williams
Jim Williams 23rd July 2015
Avatar for Royaldeadman

Thinking about getting an MPC 2500 but the 1000 is said to be all you really need. This would be bought at MPCstuff.com and it's...

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Avatar for shreddoggie
shreddoggie 23rd July 2015
Avatar for SEA

For those of use who own the Liquid Channel, I was wondering what is your favorite pre and compressor combo for vocals, guitars...

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SEA 23rd July 2015
Avatar for Adonis Martine

Skip Burrows mentioned that most of the newer analog synths have some D A actually happening on the backside of units. Ethan...

Adonis Martine
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Limit54 23rd July 2015
Avatar for Mrrivera25

Buying pro tools 10 HD software license for Ilok 2 please contact me if selling [email protected]

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Mrrivera25 23rd July 2015
Avatar for gigamesh

I've used Antares, Melodyne and Waves stuff but I can't seem to find any software that smoothly does vocal pitch & formant...

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Avatar for moltenwok
moltenwok 23rd July 2015
Avatar for Tomas Bykowski

Hey! Anyone knows or can identify what reverbs were used on this record?

Tomas Bykowski
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aspen1135 23rd July 2015
Avatar for Doctor Rockter

Hello friends, has anyone of you ever bought/used one of these microphones and perhaps can even recommend one of them as a...

Doctor Rockter
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Avatar for Doctor Rockter
Doctor Rockter 23rd July 2015
Avatar for m_gant

I Am looking to add ISDN capability to my facility so that I can link up to other studios. Does anyone here have a studio with...

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Deleted d78e603 23rd July 2015
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Hey all - I needed a recall sheet for the Obsidian 500 series. I like using recall sheets and find it more intuitive to use...

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Avatar for ionian
ionian 23rd July 2015
Avatar for Me_Likey

I held off on buying this mic, but wow. Just wow. A $150 SDC that hangs with my Neumann KM140. Not as detailed or smooth, but...

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Avatar for Lotus 7
Lotus 7 23rd July 2015
Avatar for thedarkaxe315

I am interesting in hearing what other engineers do to bring out the upper mid range harmonics in your vocal sounds. I use the...

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Avatar for Spede
Spede 23rd July 2015
Avatar for Chad Sterling

Has anyone tried running synths (with plenty of volume) into standalone D.I.'s and possibly something like a Cloudlifter to get...

Chad Sterling
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Avatar for Chad Sterling
Chad Sterling 23rd July 2015
Avatar for Phil Strang

Hi guys, i bought a Furman PL-8 CE in order to have all my gear in the rack (sytek pres, telefunken pres, universal audio pres,...

Phil Strang
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Avatar for monitorlove
monitorlove 23rd July 2015
Avatar for Syne Cosyne Dan

So of all the sounds I usually play, I find that I play EPs most out of anything. It's just a favorite sound of mine. A local...

Syne Cosyne Dan
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Avatar for ImNotDedyet
ImNotDedyet 23rd July 2015
Avatar for thirdykal

It's so transparent and gives me two options for recording in an apartment building that has little love for "teh...

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Avatar for Derek Demulling
Derek Demulling 23rd July 2015