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I have a client from another state that I do freelance work for via ftp. My personal software setup is 100% legit: Pro Tools,...

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Whack Doofa 1st August 2015
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New to setting up a podcast I currently have a Macbook Pro, Apollo Twin Duo, Tascam DR-40 I want to setup a live podcast and be...

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edcrook 1st August 2015
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Wireless Bluetooth Headphones : Studio Wireless | Beats by Dre Vs...

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theblue1 1st August 2015
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Anyone get one yet? What do u think? It's the most affordable la-2a clone.

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Stam Audio 1st August 2015
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I pretty sure this can be done, but before I order up an MX400 I'm looking for confirmation that the output of the A side...

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JayTee4303 1st August 2015
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This youtube channel has a lot of shows with them all using different MXL mics. they sound so **** like seriously. Thank god...

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Mechacaseal 1st August 2015
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Hello, I have an korg esx for a while now. I do like it, it made me way more creative with music. I made some sequences with it....

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alex921 1st August 2015
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I did tests by bypassing internal amps. and using external amp and same crossover settings. and speakers sounded...

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theblue1 1st August 2015
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Hello Everyone, I'd like to buy some good converters which will last for a long time. There are three converters in the...

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SEA 1st August 2015
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I recently picked up a couple of Manley Ref Cardioids - so much to like about them - but one thing is that they came with these...

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doncaparker 1st August 2015
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Hey everyone! I just got a $1000 grant for being selected to host a podcast! (cool, right?) I've got pretty decent amount of...

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BigChas 31st July 2015
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I have an old B&O stereo microphone from the '60s and can't find a visible model code on it. From the pictures I have found...

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Matt Nolan 31st July 2015
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Guys, I have problem with my nord rack 3 and nord a1r. Nord rack 3 freezing, and I want to change power supply, I opened 2...

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Mighty_Zoltan 31st July 2015
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Hi guys, hope I can get some good advice here, before I advance to purchase the Mackie PROFX8 mixer, or something of the kind....

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vellocet 31st July 2015
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Who's sit atop the mountain for "air adding"? I'm looking for an EQ that can add the top end air to vocals and mixes...

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southshadow 31st July 2015
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NEED help deciding between some condensor mics for female vocals for recording. I've been doing a lot of research and my price...

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TS-12 31st July 2015
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I have a pair of KRK Rockit 5, I want to plug them up to my tv & pc but don't know how. I was thinking using the TVs...

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Jtjw 31st July 2015
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English is not my first language so please bear with bad grammar;) I've buildt a one room studio in my house a couple of years...

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Bstapper 31st July 2015
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Ive had one and finally replaced the batteries, which are charging up. Anyone have any real experience with these? What should I...

Terry McInturff
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warhead 31st July 2015
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Hi i'm a producer/vocalist specializing in hip hop/psychdelic style music, i'm wondering if anyone can give me some advice on the...

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Vintageidiot 31st July 2015
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Dear All, I hope that I'm posting this in the right forum. Otherwise please fell free to relocate it to the proper...

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johnpaulbass 31st July 2015
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is it bad? what similar organs would you recommend for under $500...

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YoungCoward 31st July 2015
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I want to buy the following pedals: - ce1 - bud box script 90 - ehx small stone I want to get it as original as...

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aramism 31st July 2015
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Hi everyone, I've recently come into possession of an old Ramsa mixer which I am enjoying a lot. My equipment is working...

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harbar 31st July 2015
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I have been looking for a list of pro musicians that have recorded with AKG 414s. In particular, I am most curious about male...

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doncaparker 31st July 2015
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This may be a question for the mastering guys, but I want the Pultecs primarily strapped across the 2 bus. The Bax is doing a...

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BillSimpkins 31st July 2015
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constantly hearing and reading great reviews online and from people i talked to. got 8030a about 3 months ago. i like how...

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TS-12 31st July 2015
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Hello everyone, I'd like to know if anyone here have any experiences regarding taking speakers/monitors with them...

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pamjadi 30th July 2015
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Oh man, this feels so nOOb! gooof I've always wondered how this bass sound is achieved. I've never recorded anyone who wanted...

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Kiwi 30th July 2015
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Hey All! We are all so excited to finally announce this series coming out. The Weathervane Podcast was a pet project of Peter...

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gsgreenberg 30th July 2015
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Hi all, Anyone know the "secret password" to join the SP-Forums? During registration it says, "what's the...

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pokerdawg 30th July 2015
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I have been using the bose QC15 for around 2 years now. They are great for noise reduction but I am looking forward to a better...

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Mr Funk 30th July 2015
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I am considering using ribbon mics as drum overheads, but I am concerned about reflections from the low ceilings in my studio...

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Silent Sound 30th July 2015
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Hello all, I will admit right up front that I am pretty hard-core in my opinion that right after acquiring the most basic...

Terry McInturff
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jasonwagner 30th July 2015
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HI everybody. I am an audio guy from Calgary, Canada. I am looking for advice on how to go about hiring an intern for my...

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elijahlucian 30th July 2015
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i'm going to be recording sax for the first time in my little home studio in a couple of days. it will be an alto sax playing a...

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Corey Milner 30th July 2015
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Looking to buy a Banjo for my studio (going to do some Country...0 Anyone can recommend something good at around $500?

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BigGreen 30th July 2015
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I can't find info anywhere or in the manual on how to rest the zoom hd 8 to factory settings. does anybody know how to do this?

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j.j.k. 30th July 2015
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Hey guys, I've been using a Neutrik (NYS-SPP-L1) 48 point patchbay for the last few years. It serves its purpose for...

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jetam 30th July 2015
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Hey there, I recently purchased an API527 and I'm having trouble getting my head around a couple of issues. I've emailed API...

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davegibbon 30th July 2015
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I'm looking for some suggestions for small format mixers. I want to ditch my Mackie Big Knob and replace it with a mixer. The...

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Pies 30th July 2015
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Hi all, Sorry for my english, I'm french. I'm looking for buying my first analog console. I'm producing electro Music. Here...

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qslprod 30th July 2015
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Hi there! I've had problems with two pots on one of my LS56 interfaces, and would like to replace them. They have 7-pin...

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Usabell 30th July 2015
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Hi! I was just listening to this track and I really liked the sound of his vocals in the beginning. Does anybody know what...

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Phenex 30th July 2015
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Let me preface this again that I know it's a guitar question but it's specifically in the context of recording and studio work so...

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aramism 30th July 2015
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My church has gone to a digital board and is looking to sell their VTG audio 32/8 channel snake. Its has a 2 way split and is...

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Me_Likey 30th July 2015
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Actual question, I have no idea. The way these guys throw around marketing terms. A "VCA-less Vactrol based compression...

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Me_Likey 30th July 2015
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i was told that the dbx 158 chassis would accommodate the 900 series cards, is this true? i already purchased the chassis...

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sameal 30th July 2015
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Hello all, I've never had to post much until now. I knew you guys could help me figure out what this darn noise is! I...

Tommy Ryan
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Tommy Ryan 30th July 2015
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Hey guys, seems like a dumb question... but I haven't had my G3 long and am using it in an educational/teaching recording...

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themixtape 29th July 2015