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Does anyone have any idea what equipment was used recording the 1995 album Steal Away with Hank Jones and Charlie Haden? It has...

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sedohr 18th August 2015
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there's everything on ebay. but 90% of sellers are in US. for us, europeans it means big money for shipping, and big money for...

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Wiggy Neve Slut 17th August 2015
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Hello folks! I was just wondering if anyone of you happen to know where I might get my hands on an external PSU for the A & H...

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johnf52 17th August 2015
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looking for plug in that generates or adds harmonics below the note (sub harmonics) instead of traditional higher harmonics.

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SJMC 17th August 2015
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I'm in the market for a new mic to try to get a warmer sound in my small-ensemble classical recordings (mostly...

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countrymetalguy 17th August 2015
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Hey Gear Slutz! First time poster here and need your help picking a new interface. Right now I am currently trying to decide...

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jkan 17th August 2015
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Just when you thought you were safe from another 1073 debate, a single space 500 series mic pre from BAE appears...decisions...

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mpc3kle 17th August 2015
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With all of the excellent choices on the market right now do you still choose to do all of your audio work in Pro Tools? This is...

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Deleted 7f9cade 17th August 2015
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Does anyone know the bus section of the SC6000? I'm routing a kick and a snare to bus 1-2 and want to record these as separate...

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tk1 17th August 2015
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Hello, I'm new to this forum and have been a long time reader. The threads here have helped me a lot throughout the years....

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Phewson 17th August 2015
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Hello fellow producers, musicians, hobbyist and hoarders. I am looking for a hardware eq and I have narrowed it down to the Api...

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mr.styles 17th August 2015
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Hello , i'm an electronic musician and I'm looking a mixing board to be the central matrix of my studio . I'm working only...

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maxd 17th August 2015
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Hi please help me id this gear

Unit one
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duvalle 17th August 2015
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Assume you need to produce a song for a captive audience and you just want it to sound "professional". Maybe it a...

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psycho_monkey 17th August 2015
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A good friend of mine is suggesting for me to invest into a Bax. He was explaining that it will improve my mixes by adding it...

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TeamContra 17th August 2015
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Looking into buying a couple speakers for rehearsing. 2 Voices and Synth will be both going through it. I have a decent...

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-kevin- 17th August 2015
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I have noticed that many artists are re-recording their hit songs and catalog songs for release on Spotify. I kind of like this...

Deleted 86c3d96
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Deleted 86c3d96 17th August 2015
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Deleted d78e603 17th August 2015
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Hi all, Can anyone link to some examples of a rock mix with hard panned heavy guitars plus a choir? I'd appreciate some...

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Blast9 17th August 2015
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I recently picked up a Daking mic pre IV for recording drums. With the 20db pad engaged I can get a nice recording without...

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mrmike186 17th August 2015
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Hi all, sorry, that was meant to read "Beyer" :( I have one of these, and was thinking of getting another one to mic...

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wallyburger 16th August 2015
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Hi guys, I've bought a gsr24m and I' m trying to set up the midi-controller-stuff. I've set it up as a US2400 and many things...

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DaTastenrasta 16th August 2015
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Since we're all from different places it would be interesting to know how much money you'll end up keeping. Especially since we...

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kafka 16th August 2015
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My TC M-3000 and M-One have midi in/out (as do most hardware effects boxes) and I'd like to use this to store and recall settings...

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soulguitar 16th August 2015
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hello there fellow slutz!! im looking for an interface only for live purposes. im invested in the focusrite family (saffire pro...

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s12512 16th August 2015
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I need to match this effect as closely as possible, I've tried a bunch of stuff but I'm not really getting close. Hoping...

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oche ecaps 16th August 2015
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Hey guys! So, I'm going on vacation starting tomorrow and driving to Nashville for 3 days, then to Atlanta for 1, then on to...

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PdotDdot 16th August 2015
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This is actually a multi sided question all relating to the same thing but here it goes. The music being recorded is metal if...

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nst7 16th August 2015
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Hello All! I have a simple question which will hopefully have a simple answer. Is there a piece of hardware out there that...

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boxelder 16th August 2015
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Hi i currently am using Genelec 8030As and i have been looking at replacing them for Adam A77xs. What do you guys think? I...

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ECM 16th August 2015
Avatar for jeb stuart

working on an ep with hopes of a future in small studio recording. I'm going for a john frusciante solo sound. (API board)...

jeb stuart
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James Lehmann 16th August 2015
Avatar for andrewwest

I'm wondering what midi/controller keyboard I should buy. I've been playing piano for years but am looking to invest in a midi to...

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andrewwest 16th August 2015
Avatar for Stefan199

Hello, I've had the chance to record acoustic guitar with an AKG C24 and loved the sound of it. Now I'm wondering which mic...

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matucha 16th August 2015
Avatar for Jumpmonkey

Been itching to try an RE-20 for a while now and with bit of savings packaged with a CL-1 right now, I decided to pull the...

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MicDaddy 16th August 2015
Avatar for Deleted dd7e0c5

What high-end weighted keyboards do you think are the best alternative to the Nords? Trying to balance price (thinking around or...

Deleted dd7e0c5
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loopy 16th August 2015
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Hello for almost the last year I've used a 16 channel a&h mix wizard 4. The newest one with dual lexicon effects. My first...

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Dutchy15 16th August 2015
Avatar for tioconhuevos

I need one (or two) channels and I want it to be as quiet and noiseless as posible. The tone is secundary to me. I'm recording...

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DougS 16th August 2015
Avatar for fwet

Is there much overlap between these mic's?

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Moondog007 16th August 2015
Avatar for cjf101

Hi guys, I'm considering getting some new studio monitors to replace my small basic Yamaha MSP3 monitors. I have a couple of...

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Maniac 7777 16th August 2015
Avatar for andyisdead

Good day everyone! :D I plan to build a studio rack to hold my beloved gear. Searching on ebay I have found some cheap rack...

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Avatar for JasJackin
JasJackin 16th August 2015
Avatar for Hans Ekman

I'm searching for a cable between the MTA Intermix16 and its PSU, anyone know where I can get it?

Hans Ekman
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Hans Ekman 16th August 2015
Avatar for Supraz97

I've heard about how XLR Cables can affect how well vocals are when you record. I want to know if this is true that good and bad...

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Avatar for Kiwi
Kiwi 16th August 2015
Avatar for tioconhuevos

Simple question... I'm using the preamps on my Rme Fireface 800 and they are ok, but they have only 50 dB of free noise gain....

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microwave 16th August 2015
Avatar for trevor1030

Hi this is my first post but i am in a predicament here, i love my genelecs but wanted to get a pair of Adams A77x i fell in love...

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trevor1030 16th August 2015
Avatar for nboaldin

I know there a million processes that go in to productions like these. But, if there are any overarching techniques or...

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Avatar for kennybro
kennybro 16th August 2015
Avatar for James Guitar

hi: just wondering what exactly the BPC-101 card is that was an optional install for the Eventide FL-201 flanger. any info would...

James Guitar
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Avatar for dfchandler
dfchandler 16th August 2015
Avatar for Xavier G

I have a friend that can get me some good prices on beyer stuff. Can anyone tell me if they have any great more high end stuff...

Xavier G
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Avatar for MarkVan
MarkVan 16th August 2015
Avatar for ryandfl

I'm in a situation where mixing with headphones is my best option. To do that well I'm thinking about getting a pair of...

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jlaws 16th August 2015
Avatar for Esemjayes

Hello there. I have been trying to recreate this guitar sound and I am no where close. I've been di-ing the guitar but it sounds...

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Esemjayes 16th August 2015
Avatar for Palaver

Hi all, I'm just curious as to why GearSlutz (and the Internet) in general is so quiet about the SPL Frontliner? It looks...

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Avatar for Earcatcher
Earcatcher 16th August 2015