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I have a pair of adam A7's and yamaha ns10's that I would like to integrate with a Fathom F113 sub with different crossover...

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Hum 10th September 2015
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sorry posted in the wrong area

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Peacock 10th September 2015
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Hi, Just wondering if people have cool experiences throwing the mid and sides to each side of the compressor vs left and...

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Patrick Norton 10th September 2015
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What software are you using for integrating monitors and subwoofers for crossover settings? I was considering an external DSP...

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Hum 10th September 2015
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Hi everyone, I'm using an Apogee Duet 2 soundcard but I need more inputs. Not wanting to change soundcards I'm looking at a...

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guitar012001 10th September 2015
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Hi guys. I listen mostly to Rock/Hard Rock and Metal such as Motley Crue, Sum 41, Trivium, Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica, Matchbox...

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JAT 10th September 2015
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Yesterday I tried to sum a song through my old little Yamaha PM Mix Desk. It was just two tracks for acoustic guitar and one...

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chinesewhiteman 10th September 2015
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Over the 8 years I've ran a pretty successful home studio, I have had either the worst luck in the world, gremlins, or my last...

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RogerFoote 10th September 2015
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Among the multiple things annoying me about the Nucleus, one rises far above the others and that is not finding a way of...

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vstorm 10th September 2015
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Anyone familar with Blue Kiwi - Am looking at one for a VO studio installation but trying to decide btwn this vs. getting the...

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VO Guy 10th September 2015
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Hello, I am asking for advice here. I own a Rode Ixy Microphone and was deeply impressed by the quality of the recordings on...

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Jason rocks 10th September 2015
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Nice video: The Last Audio Cassette Factory - Bloomberg Business Springfield, MO-based National Audio Company opened in 1969...

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duvalle 10th September 2015
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I currently have a pair of Adam A7 monitors (used in conjunction with an Adam Sub7) but I am considering getting a 2nd pair of...

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nosleepPDX 10th September 2015
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Just picked up a used one at my local. Does anyone have any experience with this? I can't seem to find much on the Internet. I...

Steve Singh
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LoudSilence 10th September 2015
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Me_Likey 10th September 2015
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Hi, These are the two on my short list. Has anyone a/b'd these two specifically? I would love to hear your feedback on this...

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EDGEK8D 10th September 2015
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Hello chaps. Being an amateur I don't have many opportunities to experiment, so I'd appreciate a little advice to help me...

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Aural Endeavors 9th September 2015
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Hello folks, anyone using a RADIOMAN SSL G-series Compressor Clone? I am considering buying one, would love any information on...

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nekkio99 9th September 2015
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Hey guys. I've been using a Blue Bluebird mic for sometime going into a DBX 286s using only its 80Hz filter and de esser, my...

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Deleted 10089a2 9th September 2015
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I have not seen a whole lot on analog stuff on these forums but maybe it's worth a shot to post something here. I have a TEAC...

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QueenSisi 9th September 2015
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Apologize if this is the wrong subforum but has anyone heard from these guys lately? I placed a order 11 days ago and have not...

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JSt0rm 9th September 2015
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I tried locking a Roland VS2480 to a Big Ben with VSO (BB) and vari-pitch (VS) engaged. The VS sync'd to the BB. Shame my Tascam...

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wilkinsi 9th September 2015
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New Custom built Mohog Mofet76 limiting amplifier. 1176 type compressor based off of the Revision F. Follow the link to check it...

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kingsley 9th September 2015
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Hi there. Is there any way to reset the user patches (000-199) of a Matrix-1000? Thanks and regards, Flavio.

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FlavioB 9th September 2015
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yo guys! so currently we are running an x32 at front of house, AES to one s16 stage box, linked to another s16 stage box.. My...

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k_wright413 9th September 2015
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I got a TL Audio PA1 (actually HHB Classic 80) cheaply on eBay and want to play around with it (tube rolling, mods, etc). It has...

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Geoff_T 9th September 2015
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Plugging XLR Dynamic Mic into an amp with Hi-Z mic input: I bought a Guitar amp that accepts mic input. The amp manual does...

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goldi 9th September 2015
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Does anyone have experience with both of these where they could say if there's any functional end difference in sound quality?...

Corey Milner
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Doc Mixwell 9th September 2015
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Hi guys I'm in the market for a starter reel-to-reel (mainly for experimentation purposes) and have the option of getting one...

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JAT 9th September 2015
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Hello, I'd really appreciate a good feedback from some pro people here who are familiar with these mics and can help me...

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soundbasesimon 9th September 2015
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Hello hows it going, Just have a question about the alphalink unit and madi card from ssl. For the past few years I've been...

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Sund 9th September 2015
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I'm trying to work out if it's worth me buying a headphone amp or not. There is a lot of contradictory claims on forums. I'm...

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SWAN808 9th September 2015
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hey everyone, i'm new to the forums here and am fairly new to recording. i have been performing with piano, guitar and recently...

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krushing 9th September 2015
Avatar for Secret Weapon

I have heard a lot of people say these things sound great......but they don't say exactly what the best use is for them. There is...

Secret Weapon
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emrr 9th September 2015
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I work off my 13 in (mid 2012) Mac book pro. I only have a single thunderbolt connection that I use to connect a 2010 imac that I...

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kafka 9th September 2015
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Recently tried out a plug in called "Pi" that basically automatically rotates the phase of every track in your mix to...

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ohgee 9th September 2015
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Hi all, Ran into a weird issue today, recently bought the Roland JD-XA and added it to my rig. I started having weird MIDI and...

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lbcomposer 9th September 2015
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In the middle of a new studio build with high ceilings and great room geometry. I would like have 2, possibly more, room mics...

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SRS 9th September 2015
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I'm having trouble spotting problems on a female vocal track on my hs7's. I noticed the crossover is at 2k which is right where...

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the octopuss 9th September 2015
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Good for me, ****ing great album. It's great how you can find new great bands through blasting room :) Anyways, I love the...

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Scott Goodrich 9th September 2015
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Wow TR-909 prices went seriously through the roof today. gooof http://i58.tinypic.com/8wxmz5.jpg ...

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monkeyxx 9th September 2015
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Except Focusrite Scarlett, But as good. I'm doing Electronic + Instruments (guitars) and vocal recording So it's versatile ......

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pamjadi 8th September 2015
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I record & mix 2-5 artists per month. I've done this over 5 years now. I am based in a very economically challenged area....

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T_R_S 8th September 2015
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Hey guys so my studio monitors are playing everything back in mono I went and played some PAN tests online and everything i...

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brianellefson 8th September 2015
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Hey, I got a problem with my lovely gs-r24 , when I press play in the daw (sonar x3) , channel 1 fader goes down automatically,...

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Jethro 8th September 2015
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I had a client using the B Room over the weekend and when I went in after they had left I noticed the sub was blown (making a...

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Mudnoc 8th September 2015
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I was doing some searching on the internet and come across the following, which I found...

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connloyalist 8th September 2015
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Hello Firstly let me say how much I LOVE THIS CONSOLE!!!! Secondly... I need some routing help. I've got my Midas F24...

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arthurrobert 8th September 2015
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I'm doing a gig with my lady. We're playing 4-5 nights a week. Sometimes Duo, Trio, or full band. Often times we're using the...

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wonderlover 8th September 2015
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I keep reading consistently bad comments in forums on TL Audio products. I currently track acoustic/classical music through a...

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smashprod 8th September 2015