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So I have some nice mics in my collection. But some of my go to workhorses are Rode mics. Not only do I find them great value and...

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Craig32768 16th September 2015
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Hi Everyone, First let me say i've learned alot from all the talented engineers at gearslutz over the past few years just...

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Pennywhistler 15th September 2015
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I recently purchased an Adam Sub7 to go with my Adam A7 monitors and although I was first pleased with my purchase I soon found...

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dialectic 15th September 2015
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Hey all, as some of you know I've migrated to writing novels. Now I'd like to produce audiobook versions, but audiobooks with...

Curve Dominant
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Curve Dominant 15th September 2015
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It,s the second time in 4 years i have the same exact ****ing problem with this mixing desk power supply , so i am quite angry at...

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vince @ speck 15th September 2015
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Hi, I just ordered my first piece of proper outboard gear (UA 6176). Up to now I've done everything ITB. Question is: let's...

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dilznik 15th September 2015
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hey guys! I'm currently producing an Ep for an amazing singer & songwriter and was wondering if anybody could tell me what...

Joh LowmaX
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Brent Hahn 15th September 2015
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Hi all, I'm at a crossroads for my next workflow/studio inprovement (which will have to be in a couple of months considering my...

andrew montreal
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Ragan 15th September 2015
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New to this forum and loving the plethora of info. I'm picking up a Bryston 4B Pro that will power my B&W CM9 fronts but...

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nosebleedaudio 15th September 2015
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Sort of stuck on what to purchase for drum overheads. Already have one U87AI only two months old. I figured I'll get another one...

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costas14 15th September 2015
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I've got a fairly simple setup: Apogee Symphony 8x8 - Dangerous 2bus LT - SSL Clone Bus Compressor - Genelec 1030's... I've...

Deleted 3284bb9
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Deleted 3284bb9 15th September 2015
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Hey guys, So I fired up my set up Focal CMS 50's the other day, and the left speaker was super quiet and tinny sounding in...

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bradwell 15th September 2015
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Taking advantage of sweetwaters 36 month financing, It's time to upgrade. Current setup -Hackintosh (I73770K,16GB-RAM,(2)...

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R.E.A.C.H 15th September 2015
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I want to buy a handheld recorder to use with my binaural microphones to capture ambient sounds. Something like the Zoom H5 or a...

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oretez 15th September 2015
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Hello slutzs I´m just inna mixing process after i got all the songs edited by the artist..as almost all musicians have their...

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Midas 15th September 2015
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I recently saw "Passenger", a solo guitarist-vocalist, who has a microphone built into the heel of his shoe, so that...

Scott Jacobs
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jwh1192 14th September 2015
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. . So.. I solder two older unbalanced mics to a TRS plug like: Tip (mic 1) and Ring (mic 2) to the balanced TRS and simply twist...

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jp22 14th September 2015
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Hey guys looking for the owners manual to the 8068. I am applying for a position at a studio that owns one, I would like to do...

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willywallum 14th September 2015
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Soundflower is crapping out on me and they have no support, so I need something similar that has the option to create multiple...

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brucerothwell 14th September 2015
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Hi everyone, I need a little help here...Ive gotten myself all confused. Im trying to set up a stage mixer with 16channel,...

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webwiz355 14th September 2015
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hi, I'm wondering whether anyone out there has any good SSL Sigma set up tips for parallel processing. I'm worried my method...

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philzach 14th September 2015
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The new Focal CMS40 will be in stores next month (June). Measuring only 9"x6"x6" and with a list price of 520...

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sonic_ 14th September 2015
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Hi everyone howdy, I recently discovered the T.Bone SCT200 and am quite curious to find out, how it sounds, compared to general...

Edi Konfetti
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wafelki 14th September 2015
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Deleted d78e603 14th September 2015
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Hi, I'm in the market for some midfield monitors that can move a bit of air and sound good at higher levels, to sort of take the...

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DR Music 14th September 2015
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Hey there, does anyone know of any ATC monitors for rent in LA? I'd preferably want SCM100/150, if possible. Thanks! kfhkh

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Dutchy15 14th September 2015
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Hi people, New to this forum, new to mac production, new to BCR2000 :) I have read a lots of articles about BCR2000 ( wish I...

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hahar 14th September 2015
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I know that synths do not need a pre but that can be used to make them sound better. It's been a while since this topic has com...

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freezerbitten 14th September 2015
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Was hoping one of you bright people could point me in the right direction. I know this topic has been covered before, but never...

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Sacalait 14th September 2015
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Hey Y'all I bought a TC Electronic Level Pilot about 8-9 months ago, and it's been great, except it's started to get fairly...

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Feltman 14th September 2015
Avatar for Seditionary

Hi! I have some really nice coax Belden Precision Video Cable that is BNC to BNC. Is there anything wrong with using this...

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Seditionary 14th September 2015
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I run XLR cables from my mixer's balanced outs to my Focal Solo6Be's. My understanding is that since the cables are balanced,...

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Animus 14th September 2015
Avatar for missswan

Not sure what the corrector name is for that but I'm sick of having to drag a headphone cable or an extra gt cable across the...

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matt thomas 14th September 2015
Avatar for Loch

Hi, Any one know if I can use FireWire to my laptop for some insert fx and at the same time use adat optical to my HD24 ADAT?

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Loch 13th September 2015
Avatar for costas14

Looking to add a 1073 pre. Well two really. Vintage king wants 3k+ which really I can't budget that much for that. I know a lot...

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Philip Marinelis 13th September 2015
Avatar for Lacart

Any sugestions about the best low end speakers for a home studio? thx

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Owen L T 13th September 2015
Avatar for heisleyamor

I know there are various other threads on this, but I am unable to find the answer I'm looking for after quick research. I have 2...

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Silent Sound 13th September 2015
Avatar for laperlestudio

I am currently have a pair of Amphion one18 to test with the amphion 500 amp.... I am kind of disapointed... It feels like the...

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Musician 13th September 2015
Avatar for thevisi0nary

Im going to be mixing hip hop/ metal / and celtic music. My room is currently not treated and is pretty big, 15x15 feet or...

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Fuzzy D 13th September 2015
Avatar for jerrydpi

Hi guys and dolls :) The converted Bedroom Studio I use at home is 20' wide x 30' long, with 9' high ceilings. All the...

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Fuzzy D 13th September 2015
Avatar for jamesnotjamie

Hi, I have NI Maschine Mikro and there is no foot pedal input. I would like to have a foot pedal to trigger a footed hi hat...

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jamesnotjamie 13th September 2015
Avatar for byo

While traveling, i used Ableton Lite on my laptop w some decent cans to create ruff mixdowns of keys, drum, bass for some album...

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byo 13th September 2015
Avatar for Patrick_

Edit: Sorry for the double post. _D9AXELy7tM Woke up this morning and just decided to give it a go. Link for files are here

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Patrick_ 13th September 2015
Avatar for chopchop

Hi, I have had this pair of obscure European Eq's for years, I'd really appreciate if there is anyone out there that can help...

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chopchop 13th September 2015
Avatar for busterchair

Hello guys, I´m having some noise problems with my AT4040 microphone. I have the AT4040 on my Focusrite Scarlett 2i2...

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busterchair 13th September 2015
Avatar for krs

Anyone using this mic? Very little info on this mic here. Similar to the 740? What are you using it on?

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SGW1 13th September 2015
Avatar for randomguy

So let's say you want to mix OTB to tape and you will mix LCR. You buy a 32 input/8 aux mixer with EQ on every input and...

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psycho_monkey 13th September 2015
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Last night I was moving my mic stand when all of a sudden the weight on the end fell. I wasn't using it at the time but when I...

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psychedelictrip 13th September 2015
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Lots of old original manuals in their original binders for free! Three large boxes of original manuals at the old Audio Rents...

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Bonzodog 13th September 2015
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Let's play! Just ran across this on fb and this song is hilarious. Also I'm curious to what the console was in that control room?...

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Fuzzy D 13th September 2015