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Anyone have any experience with this? I can't find any info on it. I'm shopping for a tube mic in this price range and I'm...

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Ministertrav1 6th January 2021
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Is this possible in Pro Tools? I recorded a 3 song demo for a cover band this past weekend, and they aren't paying me enough to...

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Constant_Quest47 6th January 2021
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Hi folks! I have been demoing the steinberg rnd portico plugs 5043 + 5033. I really like the sounds of them. Precise,...

Yann Leon
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maartenl945 6th January 2021
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Any audio of the V-Series compared to Rokit or the HS? Thanks a lot!

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protonot 6th January 2021
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Hi all, My father in law asked if I knew of any Bluetooth headphones he could buy for watching TV that would help him hear the...

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ambiguous signal 6th January 2021
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Anyone have experience with both? The designs seem oddly similar: distortion that comes from the vca itself, adjustable...

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szyam 6th January 2021
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Hi There, I have purchased the following PASSIVE DI box :- DualZDirect™ – Dual Professional Passive Direct Box for use...

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mrufino1 6th January 2021
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So curious more then anything. I want to hear from the Mix Engineers, those who do this for a living. I produce and mix my...

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time2mix.com 6th January 2021
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and LACHAPELL AUDIO 500 SERIES CHANNEL STRIP. Pretty good sale right now. I know lotsa folks have been pleased with their higher...

Michael Franklin
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rov 6th January 2021
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Hello fellow slutz, I wanted to share my ideas and ask for help regarding what and how should I patch the following gear: -...

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makasi 6th January 2021
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So, If it ever gets here I'm taking delivery on a used AD16x. I wish to use this in smux mode 96k and am wondering if I am to...

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bitman 6th January 2021
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Best Bang For Buck LOWEST NOISE Mic Preamp suggestions anyone?

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bowzin 5th January 2021
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Anyone in the Sarasota/Bradenton/Tampa/St Petersburg area that has a hardware 1176? I'm having issues with mine and would like...

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tazman 5th January 2021
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Hi everybody, I'm wondering what do you think about the M160 vs C214 for stereo recording violin. The room is treated and has...

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Noxe 5th January 2021
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I recently moved to mixing in the box - mostly electronic music production with vintage vibe (synths, drum machines etc...) ...

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bleep 5th January 2021
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Scarlett Solo says max 200 Ohm output. Live chat support says 250 should be fine. Anyone here have experience with this setup?...

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OkTopic7028 5th January 2021
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Hi all, I feel like I have pushed my Kef Coda IIs to their limit with mixing and would like to upgrade. I'm about to pull the...

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audiom3 5th January 2021
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Hi all. I have a 8 month old Mackie big knob studio plus that I’m having trouble with. The led Input lights are stuck on -14...

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Scooter2021 5th January 2021
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CG animated movies are popular in my house, and I usually view all the included material. Lately I've noticed that many...

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dawsonjames 5th January 2021
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Hi everyone, I recently bought a Valhalla sound card for my Kawai K1r but it has different sticker and I don’t know if the...

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Badger67 5th January 2021
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So what are the best studio chairs now? ergonomic and good for back ? I am looking for a great chair that can help me with...

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mboggs 5th January 2021
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Hi, not sure if this is the correct category or not so apologise if not. Been a lurker here for a while and looking for some...

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David Rick 5th January 2021
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I'm a big Deftones fan and I thought a lot of you would be interested on how they made Ohms. Here is a really good interview...

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mattias78 5th January 2021
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Hey Guys! I bought a second hand GAP Pre-73 mkII which was working great up until a week ago when I started getting a hum at...

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Jim Williams 5th January 2021
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Im looking into sone guys Studio clear out and wonder which if these decks is the better compromise between Good Sound - Goodd...

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Jim Williams 5th January 2021
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Hey everyone, I'm looking for a new mic for tracking vocals (mostly praise and worship since it's for a church) and also great...

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Barklee 5th January 2021
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So how would you guys spend 3500$ (give or take 500$) to build out a versatile microphone cabinet? I am building out a personal...

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chessparov2.0 5th January 2021
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Hi there, I will be receiving a desk which has 19" 4U integrated racks and I want to install an analog mixer. I currently...

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roxwindy 5th January 2021
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Hello everone, I'm looking for some advice regarding digital speaker processors. Currently I have an analog BSS FDS-360 unit...

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Galileon 5th January 2021
Avatar for Santiago

Hi all, I recently bought myself a SCV SRL2 dual compressor/de-esser, made in France in the 1980s. Apparently it used to be quite...

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Santiago 5th January 2021
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Hi guys! Do you have any advice for the best DT990 Pro (which I definitely love) alternative suitable for mixing? I mean sound...

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galliv 5th January 2021
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Hi, I am trying to reach Beesneez for a while now because one of my microphones is broken. I can't reach them neither by mail or...

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christianmurphy 5th January 2021
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Videos showing the problem: https://imgur.com/a/JeZaJ5W Hey all I recently got the Midas L10 and Golden Age Premier PRE-573(1073...

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8ttila 5th January 2021
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Does anyone know how to make email contact with Beesneez Microphones? No response from the following: [email protected],...

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mics 5th January 2021
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Hello! I have a RND Portico II master buss processor with the 250Hz sidechain filter. I would like to use an external hpf with...

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hool15 5th January 2021
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Hi, I'm curious what microphones Amy Lee used in "Synthesis" album, and also in the song "Speak to Me". I...

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thethrillfactor 5th January 2021
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Forget performance, which of your mics do you think looks coolest? I love the look of the black tlm102. Has such a cool...

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JohnnyShotgun 5th January 2021
Avatar for tiggyboo

I'm a home recording hobbyist looking for a good acoustic guitar mic. My budget is about $250. I'm working in a small room with...

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tiggyboo 5th January 2021
Avatar for sslneve

Thanks in advance. Which will be your choice? I know that new '1176' mode was equipped in Fatso el7x.. but it seems that UBK...

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makasi 5th January 2021
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I'm in the market for a 1176/FET style compressor. I had been looking at the Pete's Place BAC 500 FET compressor but it's a mono...

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Jsolo 5th January 2021
Avatar for bdunard

I need a headphone amp that has 4 inputs and 4 outputs. This would save me alot of rackspace, instead of having four rack spaces...

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Avatar for MichaelStanton
MichaelStanton 5th January 2021
Avatar for DanPopRockGuitar

Hey everyone, I have a PRS custom 24 with stock pickups which are HOT. I can barely increase my AXE I/O input without...

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Avatar for DanPopRockGuitar
DanPopRockGuitar 4th January 2021
Avatar for escarxofes

Hi, does anyone know if there is any way to run a Motu Traveler firewire (1st gen) on Mac Catalina? Thank you!!

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escarxofes 4th January 2021
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hello slutz. im currently using an audient id4 (no external pre nor cloudlifter) and sm7b combo. my room is untreated but not too...

Deleted 3d616c8
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coreyspencer 4th January 2021
Avatar for gravyface

I’m in deep again fellas. Just me and the drums, all day dead drums-a-thon. What albums do you know were tracked with...

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Poopypants 4th January 2021
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Very proud to have authored this children's book about guitar...

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SnowmanSoup 4th January 2021
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All of the Slate-centric threads descend pretty quickly into utter f’ing childish nonsense. I haven’t the power to control...

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Johnny84 4th January 2021
Avatar for Memona

I am renting a place in a village this is the only place currently where i can make my home studio with synth , computer , and...

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Memona 4th January 2021
Avatar for Junerule

Hi guys! I've just bought the Presonus CS plus - I linked it from my audio interface to its analog inputs. I noticed that I...

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Jim Williams 4th January 2021
Avatar for CodeIndigo

Greetiungs< While attempting to replace a battery in my Eventide DSP 4500, a friend pushed some of the buttons on the front...

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Avatar for Orville71
Orville71 4th January 2021