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Hey folks, Was looking for some help here. I bought a UA 6176. I get a great signal from the line in, and the mic in with...

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nmannas 4th February 2016
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Hi, From your point of view and experience(s), do you think there any interest to invest in a high level DAC ? My system...

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jlaws 4th February 2016
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Hello, that's probably a dumm question but never mind: I'm trying to set up my Zen interface in the following...

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rojaros 3rd February 2016
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I used Wave Editor before, so when it came time to author a new CD I thought I would download the trial version of Triumph to...

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Dædalus 3rd February 2016
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What I ultimately want to accomplish, is a HPF on a 160XT sidechain; ideally one that would be variable. It would seem the...

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ethanmontgomery 3rd February 2016
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I'm looking to get a compressor for my 500 series rack and these two have caught my eye. I am pretty into the LA2A sound, which...

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sourcefor 3rd February 2016
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Hey guys, I'm looking to upgrade my interface as my current one has had it! I was going to go for the Apogee Symphony mk2 but I...

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EnglishRed 3rd February 2016
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I am thinking to feed two desks into different inputs on the mackies....possibly simultaneously .. looking at the manual it...

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musicman666 3rd February 2016
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Hail. I don't use too many plugins as Im more about the analog domain. - but...some plugins are just too good to skip over.....

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sparqee 3rd February 2016
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Is there a certain combination of polar patterns I should be using or can they all be omni? Really need some help...

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POSE 3rd February 2016
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hi I recently bought a Toft ATB 16. I really want to take care of it and keep the dust out. Is it harmfull to cover it while...

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rambelam 3rd February 2016
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If you had a large drum kit with 2 overhead mics, would you use your "premium" 2 channel pre on bass drum & snare...

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John37 3rd February 2016
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Hello, Bit of a newbie question but I'm trying to get the best out of my gear and there were a couple of questions in my...

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Storm08 3rd February 2016
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I'm looking to upgrade my vocal mic. I've been using an old Mxl 990 for quit some time. I'm getting ready to record a singer...

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garyg12 3rd February 2016
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Hi all, after 13 years of using Genelec 1030As I am now in the market for some new monitors. My biggest hangup of the 1030As was...

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Gorgutz 3rd February 2016
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Hi all, Looking for a condenser (open to other types of microphone) for recording male vocals/piano. (female vocals also...

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frow3n 3rd February 2016
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Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/raise_the_bar Hey everyone, I am a Hiphop and Rap producer. I've been at it for about 4-5...

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audientworld 3rd February 2016
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I'm looking for an old analogue mixing desk and this seems like the right one. I want an old mixer for sampling vinyl (going to...

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itsalright 3rd February 2016
Avatar for Providence

Does anyone have any comparisons? I know both are fairly new and to be honest I know I can't go wrong with either. But, in true...

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TheDawg 3rd February 2016
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As stated in the title, after I updated to Windows 10 my Dark Energy stopped working. I've already tried using the several...

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Limit54 3rd February 2016
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Hello. I'm trying to use my LA610 as a channel strip for some of my soft synths to give them a bit more.. something. My...

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elijahlucian 3rd February 2016
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I figured I'd wait a while after it's release to ask seeing as how it takes awhile for things like this to work their way into...

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goldi 2nd February 2016
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I'm trying to mimic the delays/verbs on Whitney Houston's vocals on Wanna Dance with Somebody, if anyone has any...

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Kroy 2nd February 2016
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Greetings, The situation is this, I currently have a RME UFX for an interface for a few years now, and been absolutely...

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joeq 2nd February 2016

i am using a 511 preamp, need a 500 series eq to pair with it. its one of these 2 eq's let the pro and cons begin. :cop:

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PRAJNAIMMOVABLE 2nd February 2016
Avatar for Arseny

I am satisfied with what my SPL Mixdream sonically does, in terms of analog summing & connecting my analog bus compressors...

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Squawk 2nd February 2016
Avatar for Gabriel11

I have a QSR module. The manual is minimal and doesn't state how it receives bank change messages. Any info on this would be...

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Gabriel11 2nd February 2016
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Looking for a pair of headphones for tracking, around $200-300. Should be precise enough to correctly inform the take but...

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reddirt 2nd February 2016
Avatar for kangking

Got a question about tube preamps. So here's the story: I had my preamp on all day today. I had a recording session early in the...

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jerry123 2nd February 2016
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I've had this amp for about fifteen years, and when I started composing music, it was by layering loops (consisting of guitar,...

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zhuzh_michael 2nd February 2016
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I would like to replace only 2 tubes on avalon 737. I don't care about the compressor. I never use it. I just wanna switch out...

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j_RipZz 2nd February 2016
Avatar for allbaldo

'Sup Slutz? I have a CBS Audimax 4450A, and a Volumax 4110...old broadcast comp/limiter set, and was curious if anyone has...

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disco judas 2nd February 2016
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ok so simply put ... i've been listening to a lot of tracks lately engineered by some of the best in the game right now ......

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austinbdot 2nd February 2016
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Hi, I need some advice. I have two API 3124s, going to a HD I/O, which quite often clips even with the 3124 pad button in and...

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Aural Endeavors 2nd February 2016
Avatar for SeafoamShaman

I recently bought a Peavy Valverb tube spring reverb unit (here is the...

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Mr. Mulcahy 2nd February 2016
Avatar for Limit54

Sorry if this is the wrong place. A little while ago there was a thread of someone using a vst symphonic orchestra that was a...

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Limit54 2nd February 2016
Avatar for jdurango

I'm trying to recreate roughly the sound of the old Motown drum recordings. Without going into a ton of detail, I realize Benny...

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electro 2nd February 2016
Avatar for Tachy

Hi guys , I start to finalizing some project and summing in my audient sumo with my ssl alpha link madi ax...I use 16 channel via...

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Tachy 2nd February 2016
Avatar for joshay3000

Looking to get a versatile LDC to be used formally as a vocal mic, but also as an outside kick / acoustic guitar mic. Got a...

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joshay3000 2nd February 2016
Avatar for Dr. Mordo

This may be a bit of an odd/stupid question, but it occurred to me earlier. Before digital, what was the sequence leading up...

Dr. Mordo
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cathode 2nd February 2016
Avatar for thevisi0nary

Hello. Gonna work on mixing a song this weekend. I've learned a good first step for a mix is doing a basic mix with volume and...

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original_min 2nd February 2016
Avatar for dero

Curious what experience you have with GREAT consoles that don't go for giant prices. Personally looking for a versatile desk...

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13spain13 2nd February 2016
Avatar for RightOnRome

Wanted to get some opinions on the Crest Century LMX 52 ch console..for studio use..im getting it for a great price kfhkh

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RightOnRome 2nd February 2016
Avatar for bolehnggak

Hi, Anyone ever tried the Sytek 4 channels microphone preamp?

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illnus 2nd February 2016
Avatar for ori09

Hi everybody. I'm working now on a new song. I went to the local studio for recording. And I see the soundman direct 3...

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Avatar for Aural Endeavors
Aural Endeavors 2nd February 2016
Avatar for JingleDjango

Hello, I joined the forum finally because I'm looking for information on an obscure console made by Midas in the 70s. Yes, it is...

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JingleDjango 2nd February 2016
Avatar for taylorro

I'm looking for a Microphone for Male Vocals. Looking to spend about $1000-$1500. I've been looking at a Blue Dragonfly and a...

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RKeefe1032 2nd February 2016
Avatar for SubliminalMssage

Came across this and thought I would share, seems to be a few years old, thought it was a great photo nonetheless. One of my...

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Deleted b5658d5 2nd February 2016
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Hi, this has to do with a lexicon mx400 reverb unit. I want to connect it via SPIDF but it has also a second independent engine,...

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Deleted b5658d5 2nd February 2016
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Ive fallen in love Scott Litt mixes. So wide and polished. Why doesn't Mix with the Masters get involved with this man. That...

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herdman9 2nd February 2016