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let's see if some people know their stuff.

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Patrick Norton 12th February 2016
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I don't mind the silver color but the back wood panel just seems out of place. What color would look best for the metal panel??...

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assimilate 12th February 2016
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So i am hearing an occasional pop in my monitors and trying to figure out why its happening. It is not related to cpu, my...

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thevisi0nary 12th February 2016
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I am close to getting my first official preamp. I have had audio interfaces, but want to step it up. I am looking at a bunch...

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Mikeren 12th February 2016
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Hey all, I'm looking to get a Rosetta 200 to bypass the converters in a CDR unit when I make dubs to it. If I'm going from an...

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Snatchman 12th February 2016
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I want to manage my projects' timelines, print invoices, and keep a track of payments. What would you recommend I use for all the...

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sarmad 12th February 2016
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Recently bought a used Shure sm58 on [email protected] and after (of course) I found out that market is pretty saturated with fakes. I've...

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Bluebird_12 12th February 2016
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So much buzz around here and everywhere else a little less than a year ago. Don't really hear anything new about them. People who...

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TheDawg 12th February 2016
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Hi all, I am seeking a new mix/production room around Los Angeles for Ken Caillat and myself. Been over at The Village for...

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7+1 12th February 2016
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Anyone have any of these pieces (referring to the silverfaced piece)? Made by Modular Audio Products, they were designed as...

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barbaroja 12th February 2016
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Hiya, :) First i would like to apologies in advance for my english as it is not my first langage. (i'm french) I have a...

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pemberley 12th February 2016
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What low / mid / high end gear really holds its cash value in the second-hand market, would you say? Ie what are the things you...

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Me_Likey 12th February 2016
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Hopefully this isn't a hard one. I've got a friend who is working with a non-profit to help document and preserve Detroit music...

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AjD 12th February 2016
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Hello guys....is one of my firsts post here. Im Andrew an italian sound-engineer moved in LA. Im building my studio and im...

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juan_5310 12th February 2016
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I want to audition headphones, where to go? I'm specifically interested in the AKG k702 or 712. Guitar center and Sam ash don't...

Page Won
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Page Won 12th February 2016
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What do the MANLEY CARDIODS do that the cheaper condensers don't? Are they able to capture a LOUDER, BIGGER Vocal Signal without...

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Kris.15Khz 12th February 2016
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Hi, sorry for the newbie question but are the presonus eureka or mp-20 preamps a vast improvement over the Motu Traveler preamps?

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Beige 12th February 2016
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Hey guys, I recently did a session where we tried several mics on a modern horn-section (trumpet, trombone and saxophone). The...

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Motoxxx 11th February 2016
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For those who'd like a look at how we make the Audix D6 at our factory in...

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Audixmicguy 11th February 2016
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Hello All! I have visited the peters place website and there is a pic like a Electrodyne CS in the pipeline. Anybody knows more...

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evilaci 11th February 2016
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It is possible to patch between two different semimodulars, corect? Like for example could I patch outs from an MS-20 mini to an...

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mojopin 11th February 2016
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So I'm in the market for new headphones. Currently I have the M50x headphones, but I was looking at the Focal Spirit Pro, or the...

Tristan Mendoza
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Celinara 11th February 2016
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Reveal Sound :: Future Deep House Essential Tools Spire and Kits It sounds to me like this track is processed somehow in the...

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jp22 11th February 2016
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So I planned on buying a JP-08 once my rs7000 sells, but before I go further, let me give a tiny bit of background info. I was...

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Syphax 11th February 2016
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Hello everyone, I'm helping a friend building up equipment in order to record voiceovers and audiobooks. We got him a SM7b...

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GHOSTT BLLONDE 11th February 2016
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I have been offered a pair of BMX II consoles for free from a local radio station. Ive not found much info on them, although what...

Terry McInturff
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Terry McInturff 11th February 2016
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Just to say that I am very pleased with this setup. It makes mixing a lot easier especially with the low end. Although not cheap...

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nmpstudios 11th February 2016
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I work for a financial institution and need the best inexpensive, low noise, good on male/female voice overs for our video...

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jwh1192 11th February 2016
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Hi! Am I the only one who find it strange that IK use the threshold scale from the original units but seems to have no reference...

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Heb 11th February 2016
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Can anyone explain the differences between these 2 desks? I can only really see the matrix size is different, but I'm not even...

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elasticc 11th February 2016
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Hey I'm new to the world of amplifiers and mixers. In one of BoCs interviews they say, "We use a brilliant old Rotel Hi Fi...

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phaezusa 11th February 2016
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i know there are plenty of threads on the net concerning this units and other units that a s series but i want one for me lol....

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millionmiles 11th February 2016
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hi cats i need a kind of soft trolley, like a normal luggage, but inside with custom or customizable padding for transporting...

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Matt Nolan 11th February 2016
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Anyone got any ideas about headphone amps , and que mixes for the talent? I'm using 2x Motu HD192's and have a spare one, so...

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JayTee4303 11th February 2016
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I'll try to explain this as best as possible... I have a keyboard corner in my studio and route all the boards into a mixer,...

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whinylittlerunt 11th February 2016
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Hi all - I'm recording a string quartet/quintet tomorrow evening and figured I'd pick your guys brain about best techniques given...

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Woodwindy 11th February 2016
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Hello everyone, What is your favourite way of mixing a mono drum room mic? (Panning, Double Tracking etc...) And...when you...

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ohgee 11th February 2016
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I am planning to use MP3 backing tracks, however rather than single MP3 with all parts, I want to create a separate MP3 for each...

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DirkP 11th February 2016
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jetam 11th February 2016
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Hey guys I'm kind of in a pickle and can't seem to make up my mind. I'm pretty indecisive when it comes to choosing gear I'm...

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gradivus 10th February 2016
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Hey everyone! I've been listening to a lot of bands like Electric Wizard, Sleep, Yob, Conan, and other low and slow music....

Geezer Brown
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Geezer Brown 10th February 2016
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I am a newbie and looking into getting a Dbox I have a Focusrite Saphire /Mackie 1202/Rosetta 200 I want to use all three...

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hmic10 10th February 2016
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Hey guys I'm about to pick up a D&R 8000 series 3 who is in need of some work, so if anyone is able to provide me some...

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vinyvamos 10th February 2016
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Can I use the 2408 as a standalone D/A? I need to go from Tascam inputs to analog outputs. If this is possible, how do I...

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Funny Cat 10th February 2016
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I did the 'Contact form, got the 'noreply email back. (can't respond back to a 'noreply apparently) Phone' is 'voice mail not set...

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Wayne 10th February 2016
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I am trying to decide which to buy. I really like the remote, but also want to sum. Getting rid of my TC Level Pilot. I'm a mix...

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docari 10th February 2016
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I had not heard that term in a while but upon reading it I realized that I had just done it. The mix was done. I was listening...

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gradivus 10th February 2016
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I need to make one in order to interface with some older gear. So I'm just getting confused on which pins to connect to which,...

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RecordRecord 10th February 2016
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I just bought a Yamaha Reface keyboard. I wanna connect it to my large Akai MPK 88 -midi keyboard. From MIDI out on my Yamaha...

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Ajustment 10th February 2016
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Is it possible? Let's pretend some jackass (er, me) inserted a FW cable upside down and somehow fried the port. :facepalm: The...

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rmedek 10th February 2016