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I am looking for an Amphenol MC4F for my Electro-Voice Model 636 because that is what the manual and promotional material that I...

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lame pseudonym 26th March 2016
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Say you have an outboard bus comp and you want to run parallel compression on your mix bus, but the comp has no wet/dry mix...

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Bassmankr 26th March 2016
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OK, so I am going to do some streaming and the venue gas a Soundcraft GB4 (I think, just confirming). Its a volunteer run venue...

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funkytwig 26th March 2016
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Hi, Just bought my first effect; the Lexicon PCM70... sounds fantastic! Thinking of buying some more effects. Of course these...

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saken 26th March 2016
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i recently bought a Tascam 688 and I've been looking for a decent wand demagnetiser online. A lot of the ones i've seen...

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analog greg 26th March 2016
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How do you tackle parallel processing in hybrid mixing? If you are mixing ITB but using outboard for processing certain...

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psycho_monkey 26th March 2016
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Hi I'm looking to make the right slide out tray for my MIDI controller and my studio desk. I have a Native Instruments Kontrol...

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CoolMcCoolDude 26th March 2016
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I purchased this unit about three weeks ago, but just got it installed today. When I turn the volume pot all the way down...

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celticrogues 26th March 2016
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Hi!! Do you guys think this is a scam: Neumann U87 Ai Mikrofon + Holzkiste und Anleitung in Schwarz im TOP Zustand | eBay

Pery Petia
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Gduron 26th March 2016
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Thought this would be the best place to ask. My trusty aging pair of HR824mk1's have seen better days. They've been with me since...

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GLouie 25th March 2016
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Just bought a new pair of Auratones. I bought an ART SLA-1 to go along with them. Got a few questions hopefully some of you can...

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KrisMiller1982 25th March 2016
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Does anyone know of an analog (!) stereo graphic equalizer that has just one set of controls for 31 bands? I need a stereo unit...

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jp22 25th March 2016
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Was gonna get a ref c for rap ppl advised against it, then i thought about a 930ts ppl said it sounds thin on vocals. So how...

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ChaseUTB 25th March 2016
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Is anyone here tall enough to be uncomfortable with standard chairs, desks, etc? Is anyone using motorized or manual adjustable...

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Helge 25th March 2016
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Hey, I thought anybody with experience using talk boxes could contribute here. What are the best talk boxes, easiest to use,...

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jbottrop 25th March 2016
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Whats some good starting gear to get? I already have nice monitors, stands and midi controllers for beat making. But I've been...

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jp22 25th March 2016
Avatar for nyne

My partner and I are upgrading our studio and its mostly going to be new machines. We mostly work in Logic Pro X. We shall have...

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nyne 25th March 2016
Avatar for tripleseven

I have a pair of KRK Rokit 8's (generation) and recently one of the woofers blew out. Only the tweeters work and i can only hear...

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vostok 25th March 2016
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In this mixing chain how many converters would be necessary? This is a pretty typical channel strip when you have a nice hardware...

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mu6gr8 25th March 2016
Avatar for DFauvre

I bought a Roland XP-30 synth a decade ago and LOVED how the keyboard felt. It was recently lost or stolen in a move. Apparently...

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DFauvre 25th March 2016
Avatar for Tonyzwid

Hello everyone! I have a difficulties with choice of suitable microphone for stage and studio application. It would be great if...

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Tonyzwid 25th March 2016
Avatar for bs44

Hi, just hooked the 6 voice outs of the DSI Tempest along with the main/master outs to my patchbay. My goal was to be able to...

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bs44 25th March 2016
Avatar for explodingPSYCH

I'm looking to upgrade my studio with a new ad/da set up (for PC). I need 24 or more channels. I'm considering the $2k for a...

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JayTee4303 25th March 2016
Avatar for szczepani

Does anyone know what keyboard this is?

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Local Man 25th March 2016
Avatar for Devon8822

I have a decent sounding room, and when I setup a room mic while tracking guitar or something I am able to get some nice room...

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Jazzcrisis 25th March 2016
Avatar for Brent Hahn

Maybe a dumb question, but do the dynamics and eq's in digital mixers induce latency in the same way that uncompensated plugins...

Brent Hahn
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Avatar for psycho_monkey
psycho_monkey 25th March 2016
Avatar for invert48

Ok I know this isn't an original post but amplitube looks awesome. But I love my marshall 40c dsl and my mics. And my GK bass...

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darbyclash34 25th March 2016
Avatar for Windswept2016

I just purchased a PV6BT mixer and so far am very pleased with it. I am trying to use it with two headphone mics that will be...

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Windswept2016 25th March 2016
Avatar for explodingPSYCH

I'm looking to add 8-10 preamps. Specifically Neve and API. Stuff that will run clean at lower gain, but more importantly break...

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explodingPSYCH 24th March 2016
Avatar for leo_slash

hello i have a hear back pro and an audient asp4816 console. now i would like to wire the hub of hear back system to the console...

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leo_slash 24th March 2016
Avatar for mikoo69

My needs are an interface with 3-4 mic preamps and 8 outputs in addition to a monitor output...since this is for live work, the...

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mikoo69 24th March 2016
Avatar for AndyZippy

....? I record all sorts of rocky, punky etc kind of bands at my studio, and feel i get decent results, but i really want to get...

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Avatar for skiltrip
skiltrip 24th March 2016
Avatar for Toakley

So I'm tracking a band and I'm running the bass player into the DI on my BAE 1073 preamp. I'm then outputting that signal to my...

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compoundz 24th March 2016
Avatar for toofanstudio

Hello, I see Pcbgrinder kits demo in you tube. Would you please to help me about for example ssl buss compressor vs Pcbgrinder...

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Avatar for toofanstudio
toofanstudio 24th March 2016
Avatar for sreno

Hi guys! I've been using the same setup for years and am encountering a new issue. I'm running Vista 64 and using an...

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mahuska 24th March 2016
Avatar for warhead

In the early days there would be Studio Technologies, Demeter, dbx etc. I think it would be interesting to know who built the...

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Avatar for theblue1
theblue1 24th March 2016
Avatar for mudseason

Hi All, I'm moving OTB for mixing and tracking. My audio interface is an old but reliable RME FF800. OTB are EQs and...

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Avatar for 808KickDrum
808KickDrum 24th March 2016
Avatar for mathewjumps

hi all, i was wondering if anyone could recommend a midi control surface for reaper ideally i want something with motorized...

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mathewjumps 24th March 2016
Avatar for ProgFree

I will be recording soon a female singer for a blues rock project of mine. Her voice sounds very Avril Lavigne like, a little bit...

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Avatar for jp22
jp22 24th March 2016
Avatar for Tonyzwid

Hello Everyone! After my research I'm interesting in two models of studio monitors such as Dynaudio bm6 mklll and bm5 mkIII. Has...

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Avatar for Tonyzwid
Tonyzwid 24th March 2016
Avatar for toque-eh!

can anyone provide a decent picture of one of these? and they are HP/LP filters with no insertion loss, rather than EQ's which...

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Avatar for HansMues
HansMues 24th March 2016
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Avatar for Eric Stravinsky
Eric Stravinsky 24th March 2016
Avatar for Burnthelies

So i'm going to be taking advantage of the 36/48mo thing on sweetwater tonight and i need some advice from first hand users of...

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Avatar for Burnthelies
Burnthelies 24th March 2016
Avatar for el84ster

Hi all, Newly registered but been lurking a while. Anyhow, can anyone tell me the screw size for one of the brass screws on the...

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Avatar for el84ster
el84ster 24th March 2016
Avatar for TheLeastofThese

Hello! I am a full time VO actor and am looking to get outboard compression. However, I am looking for something very...

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Avatar for TheLeastofThese
TheLeastofThese 24th March 2016
Avatar for brkrzyzanowski

Hi, I'm planning on pickin up an Auratone 5C (I think they reissued it around 2014). Right now I'm using an Apollo Twin as my...

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Avatar for warhead
warhead 24th March 2016
Avatar for wcamspacher

hi, first off, i am a musician. i'm new to mixing. i have a meager setup, but it should prove usable provided all the pieces...

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Avatar for TheBrightSide
TheBrightSide 24th March 2016
Avatar for fracturematt

I had some questions on m/s technique. I downloaded a plugin called Shredspread. It's pretty nice, it widens the guitar and makes...

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Avatar for druhms
druhms 24th March 2016
Avatar for OmegaHyperion

So, video work... So to make things quick, i would like to use a Sanken COS11D with a Zoom recorder. But i am unsure as to how...

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Avatar for OmegaHyperion
OmegaHyperion 24th March 2016
Avatar for redarmymusic

What's up all? I recently purchased 2 API 512c mic pres secondhand. I placed them into my Lindell Audio 510 and something...

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Avatar for ZachNichollsMix
ZachNichollsMix 23rd March 2016