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I've found a few magazine reviews, but user reviews or sound samples are sparse on the the SE Electronics 4400a. It looks a lot...

Jungle Jazz
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Peter D 25th April 2016
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A second video in order to replace the first one that didn't please me much because of the poor audio & video quality. This...

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arnoldorodeo 25th April 2016
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I put up a post 2 years ago here called: "Polarity/phase cancellation when rec. live vocal in performer's phones." Got...

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AlexK 25th April 2016
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Just curious. I love the sound of valve EQs – all the usual suspects – but I'm curious what you're using without valves,...

Iron Octopus
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RCM - Ronan 25th April 2016
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Dear Gearslutz, Can someone help me identify the mics on Glen Campbell's guitar and voice in this clip? Thanks ! YouTube -...

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lukpac 25th April 2016
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Hi! I'm currently looking for a good and clean monitor management system. I've read around and there are reviews saying that the...

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EMMST 25th April 2016
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If cost/number preamps were not an issue which of these 2 offer the better preamp? Roland QuadCapture or the Saffire Pro...

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Dot 25th April 2016
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I have an old Furman P10 and can't find any information or manual on this unit online. I bought this thing used and after hooking...

Jon Mattingly
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Jon Mattingly 25th April 2016
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Hi guys, I've been mixing and mastering for a range of projects successfully with mid-end Mackies and Genelec 8010's in other...

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mirka 25th April 2016
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Does anybody know of any?

Ry Thomas
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kuzan 25th April 2016
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Now that there has been a huge price drop on the Tonelux 500 series products I know a ton of folks out there are now fresh owners...

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idmmer417 25th April 2016
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I would like to know what kind of eq you all are using on the kick drum. I used to use the following for Rock/Metal. Boost 60...

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auralart 25th April 2016
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Hello Gearslutz, I'm blown away by the depth and clarity of the guitar sound in this track: (Emmylou Harris - 'Where Will I...

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blamejake 25th April 2016
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Why? And in general what explains the huge difference of hifi-ness between studio albums of the same period?

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bgood 25th April 2016
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I was just about to pick up a yamaha subkick, but it looks like they've been discontinued. Anyone have recommendations for an...

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clip6 25th April 2016
Avatar for ThePowerOfBeef

Heard Marren Morris' "My Church" for about the 100th time today. I've thought several times when hearing it that the...

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Dot 25th April 2016
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I've currently got a Saffire Pro 40 interface and a Rode NTK mic. RSL 3600 monitors and Beyerdynamic DT880 headphones. I use...

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Dot 25th April 2016
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Just listened to this beautiful track by Nina Simone and I noticed that in the silent passes the noise floor just went up drastic...

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musicmixer04 24th April 2016
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Hi all, first time post here because I'd like a little bit of help. I was recently at a second hand store and saw this little...

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Avatar for Farmboy presents
Farmboy presents 24th April 2016
Avatar for drx

My PEQ-82 needs work, and I need the schematic. I believe this is the same eq in the Auditronics 501 input module. That schematic...

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Avatar for drx
drx 24th April 2016
Avatar for ToneAlive

Wondering if anyone has direct comparison of the sound of the Slate plugin when used on a track that has been recorded through a...

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Avatar for bgood
bgood 24th April 2016
Avatar for bleep

Thinking about picking up my first channel strip. going for tube this time. I hear the ADL preamp is good, the compressor is...

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Avatar for DougS
DougS 24th April 2016
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A simple cuestion, people experienced with oktava mk 012 can reply: can i use other brand's stereo bars (not just the oktava...

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jetam 24th April 2016
Avatar for ORC_SRP

Hello, I'll stay in NY for a few days in Manhattan. I want to shop some gear for my studio (comp, eq, snake cables etc) while...

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Avatar for DomiBabi
DomiBabi 24th April 2016
Avatar for Bryce

Anaheim, CA – Kush Audio will be showing off the new Clariphonic 500, a single channel 500 series version of their immensely...

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Avatar for KlangGenerator
KlangGenerator 24th April 2016
Avatar for fjo

I have a headphone amp that has a single 1/4 "stereo input. I would like to send the left and right signals from my audio...

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Avatar for JEK3
JEK3 24th April 2016
Avatar for skycaptain

Hey all. I've been mixing with vxt8's for a while, about 2 years. I'm quite familiar with the way they sound, and quite like...

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nmrecording 24th April 2016
Avatar for Itachi

Hi, I am new to this forum and need your help. I have a beyerdynamic dt880 pro and i'm using it for 2 years. Now i want to buy a...

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Itachi 24th April 2016
Avatar for Jungle Jazz

I've searched, but I can't find many user reviews of the TL 5013 MK2. Anyone using one of these? What do you think? It seems...

Jungle Jazz
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Avatar for Dan_RS
Dan_RS 24th April 2016
Avatar for Amphibian

If you had both, but needed only one, which would you rather part with, Pacifica or SMP2A? Please do tell me why you'd pick one...

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Avatar for Amphibian
Amphibian 24th April 2016
Avatar for hebjam

Anyone know what console was used there in '78- '79? I know a lot of jazz was done there but it's Misfits i'm curious about!

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hebjam 24th April 2016
Avatar for Chase Orion

This noise is coming from my U87. Ive tried different cables and preamps. Does anyone know what the issue could be? Thanks!

Chase Orion
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andersmv 24th April 2016
Avatar for braynz

I have a modest bedroom studio at the moment which has evolved over the years as I have moved apartments and slowly upgraded my...

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Squawk 24th April 2016
Avatar for dave gross

I made recall sheets a while back for my Toft ATB console, and would like to pass them on to anyone who's interested! They are...

dave gross
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Thaumatropemind 23rd April 2016
Avatar for Jazzcrisis

In this Buddy Rich documentary, there's a scene where they're talking about recording one of his concerts with "the most...

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Avatar for joeq
joeq 23rd April 2016
Avatar for azrulsaleh

Hi everyone. So I'm moving and am looking to sell a Yamaha BC3 and Midi Solution Breath Controller on Craigslist. The thing is, I...

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Avatar for azrulsaleh
azrulsaleh 23rd April 2016
Avatar for mikeshep

Well, what should i expect? Anyone like me in the VO world who'd experimented with the GZ47 or Warbler mics? I'm about to test...

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Avatar for Deleted 1846071
Deleted 1846071 23rd April 2016
Avatar for tonnu

hi there, I know you guys are probably bored to death with "color / warm my ITB mixes", but this one is quite...

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Avatar for Robbiehouston
Robbiehouston 23rd April 2016
Avatar for Tablex

My friend dropped my 6i6, causing the USB port to bend and a capacitor to fall off. I bought it second hand. What do I do to get...

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Avatar for apartment dog
apartment dog 23rd April 2016
Avatar for Jamphlett

So I've been listening to Weezer's latest self titled record. This thing KILLS!. Great drum sounds, great guitar tones,...

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Avatar for Jamphlett
Jamphlett 23rd April 2016
Avatar for djcandu

Hello, has anyone connected the "Korg MS-20 mini" or / and "moog Minitaur" to your CV/Gate and Input of...

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Avatar for djcandu
djcandu 23rd April 2016
Avatar for JulianFernandez

Hey guys, how are you? Just got my first VP28, and I´m super stocked about it. rockout My buddy will bring his vp28 and...

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Avatar for amit monga
amit monga 23rd April 2016
Avatar for brill bedroom

Obviously a lot of people are thinking about the little purple Yoda from Minnesota over the last 24 hours and it's only natural...

brill bedroom
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Avatar for brill bedroom
brill bedroom 23rd April 2016
Avatar for telecasterrok

I'm eyeing a pair of UM70's. I record a lot of guitar playing singers, mostly folk-style music. I've heard these behave well...

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Avatar for nobtwiddler
nobtwiddler 23rd April 2016
Avatar for achase4u

I read around the forums about Peluso mic's before buying this one. It's a different sound for me. I've had AT4047s, Joly Hulk...

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Avatar for achase4u
achase4u 22nd April 2016
Avatar for nyandres

In my new location I will be needing an extension cable of about 20 ft. Seems like a silly question, but was wondering in case...

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Avatar for cavern
cavern 22nd April 2016
Avatar for Yule

Just got a second sE 4400a for stereo applications. Love the mic, got a great deal on a used one but the shockmount is...

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Avatar for Yule
Yule 22nd April 2016
Avatar for MDM

How about it? Just support the singer and if it's a little out here and there, so be it, over a pitch perfect, too clean,...

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Avatar for Deleted 1a30a04
Deleted 1a30a04 22nd April 2016
Avatar for Eq_1084

Hi I m currently using ATC SCM25A for composing and mixing and I love them. I also need an extra far field pair to playback for...

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Avatar for Bassmankr
Bassmankr 22nd April 2016
Avatar for t-bone

With some solid eq's from the 80's and 90's being so cheap these days im picking up a few. So far i have a symetrix 552e, and a...

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Avatar for t-bone
t-bone 22nd April 2016