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i've been meaning to clue people in to this for a long time. before i got a nicerizer, i used a little green passive summing...

u b k
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EMMST 19th May 2016
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Fellow Slutz. I've recently acquired a Radial SixPack. This is my first venture into the wonderful (and hopelessly addictive)...

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Skol303 18th May 2016
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I can't find a definitive answer... Can the Uad Usb Apollo record 12 channels of audio at the same time (at 44.1khz)? 2 -...

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MickeySmid 18th May 2016
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Does a really high end Phantom Power unit really matter? Would be using it with my akg 414 b uls and a vintage ampex preamp that...

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blackcat109 18th May 2016
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In memory of Ian Curtis a creative visionary who paved the way for so many others.. Born: July 15, 1956, Stretford, United...

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bcgood 18th May 2016
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Hi everyone, I'm new here, but have been reading posts I've discovered through google searches for some time and it seems like a...

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lk5632 18th May 2016
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What midi controller would be suited for a person who wants 49 semi-weighted keys, some rotary encoders and faders, 12-16 drum...

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Gary99 18th May 2016
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So... I've accumulated enough outboard that I'm finally going to get a patch bay. More accurately, I'm tired of crawling under my...

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jtienhaara 18th May 2016
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Just picked up a Joe Meek Meequalizer as my first hardware EQ, most probably just for occasional tracking of bass and maybe snare...

John N
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John N 18th May 2016
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... is that you can always do something useful with any of them, including the cheap ones. Even if you're just touching the...

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Helge 18th May 2016
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I was initially interested in getting a dr660, but recently came across a dr3 that was available for 50$ + shipping. sound-wise...

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Golden_Tarot 18th May 2016
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From 35:00 to 36:38 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dtj7He1KdKM Can you guys explain further what he mean?

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Mikael-ange 18th May 2016
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Hey folks. This is my first post so forgive me if I am in the wrong spot. I am a harmonica player and have a fetish for old...

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Bushman 18th May 2016
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I have an Ampeg V-4B and a 2x15 cabinet. I'm going to mic the cab with a D112 and run a line out of the preamp out on the back of...

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andychamp 18th May 2016
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Hi! I play in a post-metal with occasional lighter post-rocky moments. I'm playing a Telecaster Deluxe FSR through Fender Hot Rod...

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Revson 18th May 2016
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As far as I know Thomann is Europe's largest dealer in music/recording gear. They no longer stock LA2As, 1176s or even LA-610s....

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psycho_monkey 18th May 2016
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So here's a perfect opportunity to point out the difference in specifically vocal production and how it has changed. Listen to...

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GearAndGuitars 18th May 2016
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Found this on Amazon... so this is actually readily available? Amazon.com: Quantegy 456 Reel to Reel Tape - 1/4" x...

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GearAndGuitars 18th May 2016
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Hey guys, strange title yes? Well. I just got a great deal on a Focusrite 430mkII producer pack w/AD card inside. Since my...

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esivertsen 17th May 2016
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So I just got a stand for my mpc that was collecting dust. I went to load in some samples I bought off splice.com (most likely...

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DannyMac 17th May 2016
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So someone broke into my studio and got me for my gear. They stole a new u87ai, daking mic pre four(x2), sca a12(x2) n72(x2), api...

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SpinningDisk 17th May 2016
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I recently picked up a few items for cheap that I know I could make a profit on however, I can't find to much about the equipment...

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Peller 17th May 2016
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I´m considering a stereo of Phoenix DRS. Have read some good opinions of this preamps in general and read it fits ok in mixes an...

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lagoausente 17th May 2016
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HI- I bought a Heritage MCM8 (8 channel rack witn neve style summing). Contemplating what to populate the rack with and the...

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Rea 17th May 2016
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Anyone going to buy the Nord Drum 2 and pad. I already have the Nord 1 which I use with my Octapad. I'm aware of the...

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NikHz 17th May 2016
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I recently acquired a pair of Event 20/30 monitors and once they were placed in the mixing space and everything measured up, I...

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Trakworx 17th May 2016
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Hi folks, so I've got one empty space in my rack that needs filling :) (that makes me a proper gear slut I suppose). Currently...

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Eiko 17th May 2016
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I just picked up a CV4. I bought it thinking it might be a little like my Wunder CM7GTS with a M7 capsule but with a little more...

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Matt Nolan 17th May 2016
Avatar for sounds&words

Hi, A few years in to touring and I find myself owning a handful of microphones that are not working. Nothing too fancy but...

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doorknocker 17th May 2016
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So i use the api 2500 for my drums and 2c la for vocals but still trying to find a good vst compressor for a synth bus from waves...

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emoaxel 17th May 2016
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I have been searching for a new mic that fits male rap vocals. I have the cv-12 and do not like its harsh top end. I also have a...

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thisisjayone23 17th May 2016
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Hey guys, I previously owned an M-Audio Axiom Pro 49, which could send ASCII messages to the DAW, so i could map keyboard...

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gd47muzik 17th May 2016
Avatar for 3rd Degree

I recently downsized my studio and I sold my nominal rack equipment and rack, including my patch bay. I had a TRS patchbay. I...

3rd Degree
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3rd Degree 17th May 2016
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Got a call yesterday that my Montage had arrived. Have had many boards in my 40 yrs of pro music. First being an Acetone organ in...

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jabar 17th May 2016
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Hello, Im sure this or similar questions have been asked numerous times, but I'd like to ask it again myself so I can get some...

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Micahdebick 17th May 2016
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I have read some bad things about headphones output hiss of the Usbpre 2, but both seems have great reviews about preamps and...

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lagoausente 17th May 2016
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I have the normal guitar version and it's good for demos. Sometimes it can be handy for some hi-end recordings also. What about...

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Whitehead 16th May 2016
Avatar for tygman

I see in many high-end power products, there can be outlets specifically for digital equipment loads (powered by one isolation...

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Kiwi 16th May 2016
Avatar for Skiggy

Hi guys, I'm thinking about getting a motorized sit/stand desk. The only problem I see with it is where to place the monitors....

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chinesewhiteman 16th May 2016
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I understand the differences of class I vs class II, but what would be the advantages/disadvantages to using one vs the...

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tygman 16th May 2016
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hey guys, i want to get a setup happening where i can play midi drums using drum sticks and a foot trigger/pad. i.e. not...

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WildOneTruss1 16th May 2016
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I currently have 3 Steinberg MR816's. I clock these from a Burl B2 and use the B2 as my primary recording converters with the...

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dft3670 16th May 2016
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Hey all, I need to record vocals and acoustic guitar (some electric as well) in a single room studio by myself so I'm looking for...

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turing 16th May 2016
Avatar for wallyburger

Hi all, I'm getting a pair of Genelec's for my small desk-top set-up, and I'm down to two models, space is at a premium, so I've...

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wallyburger 16th May 2016
Avatar for LimeDisciple

Hey guys, been a couple years or so since I posted on this forum. Sorry if this is in the wrong place (hard to keep track), but I...

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Kiwi 16th May 2016
Avatar for Tim Farrant

For those of us without mixing consoles, what do you use to control you monitor volume and sources?

Tim Farrant
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mamm7215 16th May 2016
Avatar for stefkes

I just picked up a Midiverb 2, quite battered. When I use the L output and then turn the output pot there’s a really nasty...

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travisbrown 16th May 2016
Avatar for Digital Black

When clock source on the 88192 is set to ADAT, Internal, or even when the SRC is turned on, all levels are perfectly normal. When...

Digital Black
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oretez 16th May 2016
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In the process of restoring a Scully 284B-8 1" 8 track machine. The transport I'm restoring has a deck plate that supports...

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redgrovesound 16th May 2016
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Searching for a CD pressing plant in Germany or Europe. Just need to press low numbers. Any recommendations? Thanks guys.

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stan1000 15th May 2016