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vs Guys I have to buy one of these interfaces... can you please give me a 2 cents to make easier my decision??peachhkfhkh

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itsyoboyk 5th August 2016
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Talking mainstream or at least a high degree in the indie world. There aren't that many compared to the majority of releases. As...

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Brent Hahn 5th August 2016
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Howdy. I'll make this short. What is the best way to use a Roland Re-201 as outboard. For Vox/guitars/effects. Can I...

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renaker 5th August 2016
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Go to place to buy tape in the UK. Any recommendation? Thanks

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radiumboy 5th August 2016
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The Ravens are shipping again.

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chudslayer 5th August 2016
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Right so I'm thinking of getting new monitors to replace my very decent but decidedly non-high end Mackie MR5s. They've been...

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Dave_Ionic 5th August 2016
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I have come across an Allen Heath ML3000 board with full fitted roadcase as well as 2 power supply and the redundancy link for...

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cyclecamper 5th August 2016
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Am wondering which has a more "3D" sound detailed and smooth? Using on Piano and vocals mostly and acoustic...

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Grazi 5th August 2016
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hi, i have an Adrenalinn 3 and i bought an universal power supply, on the adrenalinn site it says that the plug dimension should...

Deleted 656c6c7
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electricsound 5th August 2016
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Hi everyone , This is my first post and I want to thank everyone in advance for their help. I'm in my 50's and for the...

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audionewby 5th August 2016
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Looking for new powered monitors ... about $1500 a pair . Use to a pair of EVENTS on the desk >> for 25 years --...

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cjogo 5th August 2016
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Hi, I wonder if buying JBL LSR305 as pair from online store do I get a matched pair from the factory with sequential serial...

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Bonzo4880 4th August 2016
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Hi All, First post for some time, and I'm quite sure I'll get some of the terminology wrong! I currently have a Kurzweil...

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Robert27191 4th August 2016
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Hello everyone. How are you? I've been mixing for 5 years on the Tannoy 6A monitors. I like them and I've learned mixing on...

Tsuko G.
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mirka 4th August 2016
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Hey so I'm looking to buy a shure SM7B in the future but for now I'm going to use a beyer m88. Without blowing so much cash what...

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Jerryrozz 4th August 2016
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I have a VERY basic understanding of mixing, in that you pan and EQ to make sure every instrument has it's own placement, not to...

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boothboy 4th August 2016
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The Trio BE has a new look at Summer NAMM. Beautiful wood trim. The mode switching between two way and three way is super...

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Lander 4th August 2016
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Hello. Plugged a 57 into an interface, but could barely hear anything unless I turned everything all the way up and held the...

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superwack 4th August 2016
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PLEASE HELP. Regarding CLA's L,C,R approach. Why does CLA's Waves signature vocal plugin have "Chorus",...

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tablatom 4th August 2016
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Hey guys. I am looking for advice on high quality quarter track 1/4" open reel machines. We have some old Teacs and...

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avare 4th August 2016
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Hello, what do you think about QED family of monitor switcher/controller? I was thinking about the SS30 model Do they...

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jackontheroad 4th August 2016
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TapeOp wrote up a fairly glowing review of a Shinybox Ribbon mic, the 46 series. The prices are WAY low, and they seem like a...

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jezed16 4th August 2016
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This desk is in great condition and hardly used. I can tell it used to have something mounted in the center racks. But it's very...

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J. Mattheiszen 4th August 2016
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Hello, I have a pair of KRK Rokit 5 powered speakers (RPG 2). Unfortunately i am having problems with my right speaker. Suddenly...

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riddim 4th August 2016
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I've just found out I'm gonna get a fair chunk of money coming back from the taxman. I'll start by saying I produce all kinds...

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psycho_monkey 4th August 2016
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Hey all, Sort of a Newbie so maybe this is user error but. I "Upgraded" I guess from my yorkville YSM 5's to these...

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lrieves 4th August 2016
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Recording Your Band With Only One Microphone | The Recording Revolution

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cavern 4th August 2016
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I know that is about TASTE. But as I can't hear all Mics in the world and I need to buy a mic that has great low end heavy bottom...

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Bruce Watson 4th August 2016
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Hi, I have Electro-Voice 631a (Hi-Z version) that I like very much. When I was checking up the PDF datasheets from coutant.org...

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meestorD 3rd August 2016
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Hi guys, First, Ive seen the other post about this subject from a long time ago but it actually doesnt refer to my issue ;)...

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AuldLangSine 3rd August 2016
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i got inspired by another thread where we're discussing the importance of the room in the sound of drums. my position is that...

u b k
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4strings 3rd August 2016
Avatar for scenicscenes

Been Currently Looking to add another analog keyboard synth to the collection. My budget is $500, i would like the synth to be...

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scenicscenes 3rd August 2016
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Voting Stage We asked the Gearslutz.com community to nominate favourite Behringer products. Now it's time to vote on the...

The Press Desk
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Diogo C 3rd August 2016
Avatar for bassman2112

Hey all! I'll try to keep this as brief as I can - I know reading walls of text can be the absolute worst haha. My friend...

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bassman2112 3rd August 2016
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I'm considering the purchase of Beyerdynamic MC-930 (Stereo) or T-Funk M60 Fet Cardiod version (Stereo). I read both good...

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HyperJack 3rd August 2016
Avatar for crypticglobe

This amp's debut is here at Summer NAMM. I am guitar player... I am snobby about guitar amps.... holy crap!!! This knocked...

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Voodoo Amps 3rd August 2016
Avatar for Clockwise

Hi all, I'm planing on a location recording for making documentary, which is my first experience and would like to know the...

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John Willett 3rd August 2016
Avatar for drunkenmaster

Hi, Sorry if this is basic stuff... I would like to connect my new mono Avantone Mixcube to my Macbook. The Mixcube has...

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drunkenmaster 3rd August 2016
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Hey fellas, I think I've read just about every headphone-oriented thread on Gearslutz now. I'm upgrading and increasing my...

Mitch Manger
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Scoox 3rd August 2016
Avatar for GigiISTS

Hi everyone I have right now a MOTU 828 MK III hybrid which is my current audio interface. (connected in USB) I have the feeling...

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GigiISTS 3rd August 2016
Avatar for MrProblamatic

I recently got a Kontrol S88 and i brought the Stagg 6mm Midi Cable and i already own the Komplete Audio 6 AIO, do i need another...

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MrProblamatic 3rd August 2016
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I have a question .. Does this come with 808 drums that I can slide by playing two keys at once one right after the other? Like...

krap boy
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krap boy 3rd August 2016
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Hi everyone, I just bought an SM7B and took a look at the capsule to see that everything looked okay. There's a small sticker...

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Studerfreak 3rd August 2016
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After 5 years of producing through Ableton & Logic using only soft synths & plug ins, i've finally taken the plunge and...

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djcandu 3rd August 2016
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After recently purchasing and enjoying the fat sounds on the Moog Minitaur I thought it was time to start processing some audio...

Jonny Strinati
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djcandu 3rd August 2016
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Hey , about the stands for wall mount Big Monitors like Genelec 1035 , Augspurger Classic 215-A2, Quested HQ212 Dynaudio...

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wavewalker 3rd August 2016
Avatar for Tachy

I have a 1176 clone , and I want one more 1176...I m considerig to buy one of those : Hairball 1176 warm audio...

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Tachy 3rd August 2016
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GEARSLUTZ APPLICATION FORM In order to optimise your experience of using the Gearslutz Forum please take a moment to fill in the...

James Lehmann
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James Lehmann 3rd August 2016
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is it me ? or are the beyer DT100 s the worst sounding headphone known to mankind? i hate the buggers , always have steve

Steve Honest
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Jeb A 3rd August 2016
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I know these have been around for awhile. I would love to hear some feedback. Thanks.

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jordanvoth 3rd August 2016