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I mean I KNEW it but... this device really SHOWS it. It also, IMO, underscores the importance of a/b/x testing in order to...

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chrischoir 24th August 2016
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Hi, How do you set your monitor volume levels (on the back of the monitors) ? Do you calibrate the volume levels? How do...

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chrischoir 24th August 2016
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Has anyone done this? Line in guitar/mic feeding a running reel to reel feeding output into DAW? Is this workable and what...

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psycho_monkey 24th August 2016
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Hey everyone, First: I'm new to Gearslutz and forum posting in general so forgive any internet faux pas I may make... Second: I...

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andyisdead 24th August 2016
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This is a quick, very rough and very unscientific test. You've been warned! I just got an R88 and TRP today, I decided to hook it...

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thismercifulfate 24th August 2016
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I recently bought DT 880 Edition, the 250 ohm version. Could someone explain what should I expect from these headphones? I...

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michal.jahnz 24th August 2016
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I keep wondering if shaving off a few dB say max 2db or so off the peaks on ALL individual tracks with one of today's many clean...

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Audiofool 24th August 2016
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Has anyone done a head to head comparison of the Line Audio CM3 and the Michael Joly "roadster" capsules (MJE-384K)...

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kmgiants 24th August 2016
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I made an article and video on Recording New Music with a Vintage-Modern Synth, that goes into getting true analog sounds out of...

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PIUMA 24th August 2016
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Just wondering if people have tried both, and can compare – I've searched, and there are no threads that really compare these...

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Jethro Harris 24th August 2016
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Hey y'all. I'm moving back to the US from Spain on the 7th, and I was planning on taking my Neumann KH120's in their little...

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AustinATX 24th August 2016
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Started doing some research into how much it would cost to put together a "nice" stereo recording rig, for some...

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K.Lastima 24th August 2016
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Hey everybody. I'd like to hear some of your tips and tricks for keeping your studios organized. Where do you keep your...

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EMMST 24th August 2016
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I've used an Edirol R09 forAmbient field recordings for Electronic Ambient tracks since 2007. I was wondering if upgrading it to...

Deleted 8ae9543
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Deleted 8ae954394874338 24th August 2016
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Hey guys, Native Instruments is inviting people for product testing interviews. Looks quite intersting. Downside is it seems you...

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carlpostman 24th August 2016
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Hey guys, I've been testing out a lot of plugins these days. Really enjoying the Acustica stuff. Still hard to beat even...

andrew montreal
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psycho_monkey 24th August 2016
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I need to find a keyboard/mouse solution and they offer a tray under the desk as a separate purchase. If you own one, you know...

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clokwork 24th August 2016
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Quick question. I have multiple pairs of near field monitors including Yamaha NS-10MS, M-Audio BX8a, and some Wharfedale that I...

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daddykev 24th August 2016
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Hey, Guys -- About 20 years ago, I bought an AKG C414 B-TL II, which I still have and like a lot. It's showing its age, though,...

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VO Guy 24th August 2016
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So I want an all rounder - a Daw controller, a live desk, a studio console. which would you choose out of the Midas M32 and the...

Deleted 10089a2
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Deleted 10089a2 23rd August 2016
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Hey guys, here's my situation. I've been using the KRK Rokit 5's (2nd gen) for a couple of years now. I realized that the bass...

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ketrance 23rd August 2016
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I was wondering how something like the Quantum QM-128 below would compare to something like a Studiomaster 16-8-2 that I have...

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claude49 23rd August 2016
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Can anyone give me any details about the master section mods on a Soundcraft Sapphyre. I've seen a few advertised with the mod...

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Aniol1349 23rd August 2016
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Hey all I work with a band that are constantly on tour and moving around. Whats the best way to set up a network where all the...

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T_R_S 23rd August 2016
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I'm sure this will be an easy one for most; I'm just not very knowledgeable in the way of Neve boards.

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mrilo 23rd August 2016
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E-money 23rd August 2016
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Hello, I am looking for a ok-good amp for my NS10s Studio --- I know about Bryston :) but i don t need that level of quality...

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benhunk 23rd August 2016
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looking for a hardware de-esser that does not require a rack space or 500 series slot. anything out there in a desktop type...

Johnny Mack
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Johnny Mack 23rd August 2016
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I just took possession of my WA2A and WA76 compressors yesterday. I quickly noticed some odd behavior on the meters of the 76...

Kyle Ashley
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Kyle Ashley 23rd August 2016
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I'm about to pull the trigger on a set of Tannoy Reveal 802s but the only thing stopping me is the buzzing issue people have had....

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CapnHighlands 23rd August 2016
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takaka 22nd August 2016
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I got this old Bogen J50. It turns on, lights up, warms up. Presumably working, I just have no idea how to hook this up to any...

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ponzi 22nd August 2016
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I'm in the mixing phase of an album by an Americana band (Avett Bros, Punch Bros but with big drums) that uses upright bass on...

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McIrish 22nd August 2016
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I've never use pop filters but lately i been wanting to take better care of this mic since im probably going to keep it unlike...

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antichef 22nd August 2016
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Hi Can anyone post some mix's with before and after with 4h Overstayer M-A-S pleeeese? Or PM me some. Or can i send like...

[email protected]
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[email protected] 22nd August 2016
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forgive me for this may be annoying cuz I know this isn't the first or second time this has been asked but I've had no luck...

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DougS 22nd August 2016
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I saw a pair of A-300s in a studio recently and they sounded super nice but really HiFi. They had an awesome 3D image, were...

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dkr 22nd August 2016
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Hello! I just bought a pair of Genelec 8010’s because I’ll be travelling and needed a portable solution. Today I received...

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Thomas Lund 22nd August 2016
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I will preface this post with that I was given an awesome opportunity by Jeff to watch the footage of the mixing video and do a...

James Lugo
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psufilm 22nd August 2016
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Hello guys, So I just got the Genelec 8040B's, so far I love them but I don't know which dbu setting will be best? I've got a...

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Thomas Lund 22nd August 2016
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Hi My vintage Senheiser MD441-2 does not have the 5 stage Bass roll off switch with the Speach/music option. I guess it was...

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12ax7 22nd August 2016
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let's play everyone's favorite game.

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brothertony 22nd August 2016
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Hi, just got a pair of SRP400 from Klemm Music. The fuse has blown just right when I switched on one of monitors (it's t315ma...

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desperex 22nd August 2016
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Polling the room... getting my 5-year game plan together for gear purchases. I have 8 analog INs/OUTs where I work...

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Denus 22nd August 2016
Avatar for BoutiqueRec

Does anybody know anything about this piece of gear or price? We have one at the studio and can't find anything out about it.

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AudioGaff 22nd August 2016
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Hi guys, My synth collection has been growing over the years, and i have been content with using midi out of one synth into...

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pugsly 22nd August 2016
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I have 3 peluso tube mics and all of them were out of phase. Check yours

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Wayne 22nd August 2016
Avatar for takaka

first of all ive owned a re320 before many years ago. i had no idea what i was doing back then so out of the box i was...

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VO Guy 22nd August 2016
Avatar for genesisgk

Hey guys, I'm looking for a brighter sound for My Genesis Tube mic. The Mullard tube it comes with is a great sound but I always...

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kennybro 22nd August 2016
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Hey there, Just wanted to give Gene Lawson *Lawson Microphones* a shout out. I don't own any of his mics, but I'm trying to get...

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Avatar for paraudio
paraudio 22nd August 2016