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in some control rooms it's difficult to hear the "real" low end in the mix because of poor acoustic design, standing...

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Obe1 5th September 2016
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Title says it all...how does this guy stand up to converters today? I use an Apollo but I've always wanted Burl AD/DA. That would...

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dennyhellbach 5th September 2016
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What is a fantastic piano workstation? I'm just looking right now but would like to take this time to know what I should or could...

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musicus 5th September 2016
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Hi everyone :) I hope all of you are having a GREAT Labor Day Weekend! I now have Focal ALPHA 50's that are 30" away from...

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old ghost 5th September 2016
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Anybody have experience with the Sage electronics "Mighty G" D.I. box? Sage Electronics MIGHTY G active d.i....

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surflounge 5th September 2016
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So, it's "common knowledge" that the built-in direct signals (hi-z/instrument/guitar) on interfaces are inferior to...

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Rocka_Rollas 5th September 2016
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I just got a Roland S 760 and an MPC 2000 and want to know what I could buy that would allow me to load and save samples on both...

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ottomation 5th September 2016
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I've been thinking about getting a Ramsa WR-8816 because I've heard the pres are pretty cool and have an old school vibe. I...

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Ragan 5th September 2016
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Hi guys I´m just curious about your thoughts on analog outboard gear in the future, it´s interesting that even with all the...

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cjogo 5th September 2016
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My pair of Sennheiser HD 419s broke, and right now all I have to make my music with are the half assed speakers on my keyboard,...

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chinesewhiteman 5th September 2016
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I bought two of them in about 1995 from American Musical. They claimed a list price of $699.00 and they were closeout priced at...

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Ultragod 4th September 2016
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Hello dear Slutz! Yes - it's gonna be another "help me spend my money" one, really sorry about that ;) Here's what I...

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Evoker 4th September 2016
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My goal is to purchase an 8 channel mixer (with direct outs) and build a portable rack system that will keep everything in one...

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SearGlutz 4th September 2016
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Hey guys, I have always used the rule of thumb that a mic should only be plugged in with the volume faders up if it is in use...

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lame pseudonym 4th September 2016
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I'm looking for examples on mixers/consoles with a small footprint, with large channel counts (at least 32ch, higher preferred),...

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jimbridgman 4th September 2016
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Hi, I tried my new vintage U87 in various spots in the room and really like it about 5-6 feet in front of the kit. I'm worried...

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Jazz Noise 4th September 2016
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Hello Gearslutz. This is my second post to this forum. Hopefully, my first post gets published in the Steve Roach Q & A. ...

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Vocodium 4th September 2016
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These are hard to find. I'm looking for a cheap one that's not working so I can repair mine. Thanks.

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bvdd 4th September 2016
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I dont wanna use its usb audio....just as a pre amp and ad for my summing mixer...thru aes ebu to spdiff to microtrack m audio (...

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ak75 4th September 2016
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Joe strummer never had the best sense of pitch, but I cant tell if these are autotune artifacts, or if his voice is just wavering...

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MickeyMassacre 4th September 2016
Avatar for C Heat

Classic, GT2, or Tri-AC for Top40 / Pop-rock stuff? I like the (implied) simplicity and features of the GT2. Anyone favour...

C Heat
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Unclenny 4th September 2016
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Just tracked scratch vocals - they sound harsh. Not distorted but at high volume they hurt your ear. Feels like someone is...

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psycho_monkey 4th September 2016
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iv moved to the country of Uruguay in latin amrica, i want to open up a new studio here and generally speaking i need a good...

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proger 4th September 2016
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I just bought one used from Guitar Center online, for less money than it should have been. When i received it I took the top off...

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gevermil 4th September 2016
Avatar for ostudio

Hi there! I need a new bus compressor(s) with my Maselec MEA-2 and Burl ADC converter for 2bus compression and mastering. If you...

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TheLastByte 4th September 2016
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I can't figure it out... a 700 maybe?

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adc 3rd September 2016
Avatar for FatherTime

If I can get a pair of these little tube guys at a little more than 1/2 the price, should I drop my Oktava plans? Love the...

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kludge 3rd September 2016
Avatar for DoctorBonkers

Hi everybody, I am looking to fund a floating recording booth by offering some Aguilar Bass Cabinet Impulse Response files as...

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DoctorBonkers 3rd September 2016
Avatar for chazfilez

Got a sweet ten today, and placed it in my 4-slot desktop rack. Once hooked up, noticed a hum when preamps were plugged in and...

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chazfilez 3rd September 2016
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Hi all guys! I am having problems recording Di track with an epiphone Flying V with active pickups humbuckers. I want to use...

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JblKid95 3rd September 2016
Avatar for Zoofie

Can anyone used them, aswell as other options, and could give me some insight? Thanks!

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madstrat 3rd September 2016
Avatar for blackcom

I have a set of Sennheiser E604 wich I use for toms, but I think they pick up to much overheads and sound a bit lame. The...

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Mr.Duck 3rd September 2016
Avatar for 247th

I recently completed the room treatment to a happy level (for my standards) at the moment with Auralex Panels, Roxul Rockboards,...

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247th 3rd September 2016
Avatar for Jack P

So the Golden Age Project Comp-3A seems to be available.. Has anyone had a chance to work with this unit ? The original...

Jack P
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cappo 3rd September 2016
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HERE IS A ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY: <h3>The REDD.37 - A Legend Looks For A New Home</h3> <p>In one...

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SteveGTR 3rd September 2016
Avatar for jordanbarnett

Anyone have any insight on what Nigel Godrich uses on his mixbus EQ wise???

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rosewood123 3rd September 2016
Avatar for joelfarr

I've searched around a little, but didn't know if there was any sort of consensus on what the best c12 clone or mod is these...

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Avatar for quagga
quagga 3rd September 2016
Avatar for Dan_89

Can I use this with a 2010 MacBook Pro? I know MacBook doesn't have a digilink or a MADI port but are there connectors or...

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Drumhead57 3rd September 2016
Avatar for hithere

So it's no secret the prices of these things have risen dramatically over the last few years. I was lucky enough to have one for...

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theblue1 3rd September 2016
Avatar for franck77

So I'm on my way on rearranging my homestudio but still hesitant. I might consider a regular daw controler such as Icon or MCU,...

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Kiwi 3rd September 2016
Avatar for asboxxx

As the title suggests: what is in your opinion the best audio interface between these 3? 1: STEINBERG UR22 2: FOCUSRITE...

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Manfrensengensen 2nd September 2016
Avatar for zyabo

Hi Does anyone have this pre? I'd like to hear som review on it. Thank you

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NS_markus 2nd September 2016
Avatar for DavidKmusic

Lately I've been EQing/compressing drums more on the way in. I'm very happy with my go-to plugins (particularly UAD API/SSL, etc)...

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DavidKmusic 2nd September 2016
Avatar for Kapo_Polenton

I am starting to think about upgrading my presonus firepod.. I have noticed that on one of the channels, I have to turn the gain...

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Kapo_Polenton 2nd September 2016
Avatar for asboxxx

Hi Everyone! I'm a newbie so go easy on me please :) I'm going to buy an "audio interface" and a pair of...

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asboxxx 2nd September 2016
Avatar for dedzy

Hi, I'm having trouble with a project in Cubase 5 on my macbook pro via a ZOOM TAC2 audio interface. I've sequenced in a bunch...

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dedzy 2nd September 2016
Avatar for Arseny

I decided definitely to buy a tape Machine. No, I don't want a plugin or hardware emulation. So please don't suggest any...

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Arseny 2nd September 2016
Avatar for Quibrick

Hello guys first time posting here!So Im relatively new to this music production scene.I own a Maschine Mikro and I produce...

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Avatar for Diogo C
Diogo C 2nd September 2016
Avatar for Deleted 10089a2

Im trying to work out which one of these would be best for controlling a Daw. From what I can make out the m32 and x32 only let...

Deleted 10089a2
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Deleted 10089a2 2nd September 2016
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Hi, When playing live (and sometimes as an extra source when recording), my acoustic guitar pickups (usually a K&K pure...

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nobo 2nd September 2016