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Hi there, Recently scored a pair of Neumann TLM 170'srockout and see they have an addition to the mic holder that allows them to...

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imaverysoundman 3rd February 2021
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Dear GS community, First of all, a very BIG thank you to all the people out here! Up until now I have never had to post a...

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TJM9 3rd February 2021
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I´ve been fiddlin´ around with this all day. In the end I used white noise to check phase. But I can´t seem to get it right....

Outlaw Hans
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Gabriele 3rd February 2021
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Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anyone is familiar with both of these preamps and how they do compare. I currently have a...

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antonino 3rd February 2021
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I've sold off all of my preamps and 500 series/rack gear due to an impending international move, and am planning to buy a...

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Disco1Disco2 3rd February 2021
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In the UK at least, it seems no-one has stock of the Roland TR-8S drum machine and are quoting ~3 month delivery time! Anyone...

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softlock 3rd February 2021
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That's all I wanted to say. I really didn't expect it to pop and crack so much and keep the hats quiet but I couldn't have wished...

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GreenNeedle 3rd February 2021
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Did anybody do it? Is any of the TRS contacts subject to phantom power? Would not want to damage neither the lovely Korg, nor the...

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DAH 3rd February 2021
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OK, so I'm getting beyond frustrated with this thing. I bought a used Tascam Portastudio 488 mkII from a guy that made a video...

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Erinaldo 3rd February 2021
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Hello All, I use the X32 as my main audio interface , I connect it to may PC Via USB (X-USB Board) the problem is that some...

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tymish 3rd February 2021
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Just got this and wanted to be sure it's working right. I know it's vintage and supposed to be a bit funky, but...... It's got...

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drsaamah 3rd February 2021
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Hello everyone! Just wondering if anyone could recommend any pre-amps as described in the title. I was looking at the Grace...

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Chuck_S 3rd February 2021
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Hi Slutz, I want to order a brand new Smart Research C2. There's a modification & extras option on the site I want to order...

Michael Myers
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Michael Myers 3rd February 2021
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I'm looking through you by the Beatles is one song that has classic mistakes. Does it make a...

Glenn Bucci
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PdotDdot 3rd February 2021
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Hello! I've recently bought SPL Phonitor One headphone amp. I notice that when turning up the volume from zero the sound appears...

dr Pokerian
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dr Pokerian 3rd February 2021
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I just acquired a beautiful mint looking Pearl (PML) C-2 tube microphone and cable. It uses the highly regarded Telefunken AC701K...

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Zebra_PD 3rd February 2021
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Any of you voice-over gurus know of a good pop filter for the 416? Honestly, positioned at a 45 degree angle, 4-5 inches away, I...

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James Lehmann 3rd February 2021
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Hey guys, A little while ago cleaned the metal face of my Juno 60 with isopropyl alcohol, which now appears oxidising in small...

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rockmanrock 3rd February 2021
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I recently picked up a pair of LSR6328P's for a good price from what seemed like some kind of estate sale. One of the speakers...

Michael Strick-9
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Michael Strick-9 3rd February 2021
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The Phoenix vs Vertigo VSC-3 vs CL1B vs UA 1176 with U87ai, ADDA mytek 192 and a secret preamp The song is a Chinese famous...

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wudixxoj 3rd February 2021
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Just read a statement in another thread that using different converters at the same time would cause a phase nightmare. I was...

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SonicAxiom 3rd February 2021
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Please suggest some pop filters that are/may be compatible with AT-2035.

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Dan Popp 3rd February 2021
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OK...mostly R&B and Hip-Hop vocals only. I WAS using a Avalon 737sp and a Neumann TLM 49. Then going into a MOTU 896HD...

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PdotDdot 3rd February 2021
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Hi! I'm hoping for your expert help! Can you tell me what alterations this chassis has had and if they line up with any...

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Wayne 3rd February 2021
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My work is unloading a bunch of medical grade isolation transformers and balanced power supplies. I can grab whatever I want, so...

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cathode 3rd February 2021
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This is my first post on the site. I have enjoyed reading for the past several months and have learned a ton. I have an...

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kinjack 2nd February 2021
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I bought 2 mics from them a few years ago. Both at the same time. During the process of getting invoices, I asked a question...

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ArchtopNYC 2nd February 2021
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ok, this might seem like a very silly question... and i guess it used to be. that said, the API A2D does have...

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jondoe1972 2nd February 2021
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Hi, I currently have the HA609a and think it's great, however I tour half the year and am looking to get more 500 series stuff...

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SDB_12 2nd February 2021
Avatar for wannabeslut

i have been using a scarlett 6i6 first gen for several years, was great for my needs but the headphone jacks crapped out so am...

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wannabeslut 2nd February 2021
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As of today 1-2-2021: Are there any other USB or (Thunderbolt) MTK mixers available besides the Soundcraft Signature 22 MTK...

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engineejoel 2nd February 2021
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Anyone who has experience with this Modular Voltage Controlled Vocoder from Moog Clone 'Club Of The Knobs'?

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ostranenie 2nd February 2021
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I have a quick question for anyone who has purchased this mic. I keep seeing this attachment in the marketing pics but when I...

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DaveE 2nd February 2021
Avatar for jukirk

I'm currently looking for some new gear and i need something with a decent characterism. I've been looking at API 2500. The...

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Master_Splinter 2nd February 2021
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Our building had a break in back in mid March 2013, Keep your eyes out for: Neuman TLM49 Mic serial #05881 was stolen with...

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sirjuxtable 2nd February 2021
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I am struggling deep with this issue and worrying alot. Lets say I had great idea, but not alot of money to show the world and...

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MixedSignals 2nd February 2021
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Mrharris 2nd February 2021
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Hello! I building a mobile recording rig for a local music organization and I'm wondering if anyone has some tips for mic...

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kludgeaudio 2nd February 2021
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Can anyone identify the monitors in this video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWv4TgvSPjM

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Piyono 2nd February 2021
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hey out there I just got an old Shure 545S series2 Undidyne III microphone (this is the pistol version with dual impedance an...

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raketenmann 2nd February 2021
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Just for fun im curious what microphone you guys would use if you could only choose one microphone from each of these companies...

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dfghdhr 2nd February 2021
Avatar for Jules

Jon Darko (who has the best hifi review website & youtube channel) had me on his podcast show to discuss our different...

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Jules 2nd February 2021
Avatar for sound_forward

I miss old Auratones that I had some time ago (borrowed from a friend). They were really super usefull as a mixing tool (and I...

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sound_forward 2nd February 2021
Avatar for TheRealGrimm

Surprisingly I can’t seem to find an answer about this. Obviously it’s not PURELY 40k, since it’s double the human hearing...

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TheRealGrimm 2nd February 2021
Avatar for leitrim_lad

Hi folks Would anyone have any advice on where to purchase replacement white covers off the buttons on an API 550a? Thanks a...

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UGP 2nd February 2021
Avatar for LeSkiv

Dear all, I recently bought a second hand Radial X-Amp off eBay and I’ve yet to get a clean sound out of it. Before I complain...

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LeSkiv 2nd February 2021
Avatar for ac123

Hello I am quite new to posting on this forum. I recently bought and akg c214 mic and have been recording with it for the last...

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Cghubbard 2nd February 2021
Avatar for mizzle

I am currently using some pads that will not capture hits below the mf range. The threshold on the pads is set to minimum value,...

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ambiguous signal 2nd February 2021
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Probably 25 years ago I bought a 77DX that had been pulled out of service from a small radio station in good working condition....

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mikeshep 2nd February 2021
Avatar for kr1012

Anyone had any experience with these? The idea of building a kit mic is very appealing to me.....if the mics sound top notch and...

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Avatar for dcalkin
dcalkin 2nd February 2021