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Was recording vocals tonight in a pro studio. Used a u87 through a vintage neve preamp. Came home and recorded on my bae 1073mp...

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kangking 21st October 2016
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Hi! I've been looking for what would be my next buy, and I want so many(and expensive) things that I can't see which is going to...

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Squawk 21st October 2016
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oldtimeblues ]
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jlaws 21st October 2016
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Ive started routing my tracks, stems and mixes outofthebox. I have two AML ez1073 that I love but Im lookin for more outboard...

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kmade 21st October 2016
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Has any fellow slutz got to check out the new version of the rpq. I was checking on sweetwater tonight cause I'm about to buy a...

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Toddurban 21st October 2016
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Has anyone used the 600's with an MR? I'm guessing you'd have to really crank the gain but is there a sufficient amount to power...

old ghost
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Oh Henry 21st October 2016
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I know that the Shure SM7b is considered to be a great studio vocal mic, and that the SM58 is generally a better live mic. But...

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zilla_studios 21st October 2016
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Hi all, I'll be moving to another city for a few months and need a pair of stereo speakers there since I can't take my current...

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Sesterson01 21st October 2016
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Hey everyone. Just have gotten hands on a disassembled otari series 54 console. Parts seem to be in good condition. Were...

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FOSHO ENT 21st October 2016
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Just curious if anyone has any specific info on it. ITB/OTB? synths/VIs? Who Mixed/Mastered? Can't seem to find credits or...

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jeremyglover 20th October 2016
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Can we please discuss famous vocal chains used in recent history (past 30 years - can't believe its going to be 2010 in 3...

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kid65 20th October 2016
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Hi, I am looking to purchase a pair of Ampex 620 powered suitcase speakers in good condition. Does anyone have any that they...

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Kaline68 20th October 2016
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I searched throughout the internet and didn't find much. I was wondering if anyone has this mic and is using it for vocals. I...

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bisszerk 20th October 2016
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I'm looking at the Hafler HA-15 and Little Labs Monotor, anybody compare these units. Anything at lower prices compare, only...

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jlaws 20th October 2016
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Hi all, I bought this badly beaten Shure Beta 58a used and am wondering if it is genuine or not. The sound is much darker than...

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EMMST 20th October 2016
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I just got a zed 14 mixer and I'm having trouble figuring out how to integrate it with logic. The user manual explains how to...

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Punkito 20th October 2016
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Hi Music Pros--- I am planning to purchase a keyboard that could be used as a standalone, or as a midi trigger for adding midi...

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richie0801 20th October 2016
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Just what it says. Something tells me it's a bad idea but I wanted to see what you slutz thought. I'm running out of space in my...

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Brent Hahn 20th October 2016
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Hi I spend a lot of time on out of the country. I always have my macbook and Babyface and a few pairs of headphones, so I am...

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robodelfy 20th October 2016
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Hi GS members, I'd like to recreate the famous vocal sound of the Beatles (especially Lennon). Sadly I haven't got in my...

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andychamp 20th October 2016
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Hello there, I'm new to this forum but have read a lot of posts. This problem has brought me here and I guess its good I join...

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MickeyMassacre 20th October 2016
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Trident Audio unveils the 78 console. Has no input transformers, only on the output, different yet really musical eq, +28dB...

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feralchild 19th October 2016
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Hello friends, The Boss rc-300 has been out for about 6 years or so. Anyone know if a newer model is on the horizon? I would...

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Deleted d78e603 19th October 2016
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Looking for a SDC mic for recording acoustic guitar. The Miktek C5 seems to be one of the best sounding options at it's $699...

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tribedescribe 19th October 2016
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In trying to compare various equivalent pieces of gear by reading the specs, I noticed each manufacturer employs a different...

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Scoox 19th October 2016
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To Whom It May Concern, Last week I submitted two projects for release in Hi Def formats. The label as a matter of its normal...

Wyn Davis
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oceantracks 19th October 2016
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I have the tiny YU-2s (3 inch woofers) at home which give astonishing detail and nearfield imaging, and almost absurd volume for...

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kwazi 19th October 2016
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Hi, I have a Matamp 1224 guitar amp with a very nice sounding valve-driven spring reverb. Is it possible to use this as an...

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lobsterinn 19th October 2016
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Ok so my Sm Pro M-Patch 2 broke the other day and I need a new monitor controller. I bought the Nano Patch as I didn't need...

Vex One
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dismorfik 19th October 2016
Avatar for SolipsismX

Even though I record music, this is more of a hypothetical question that I'm using for a story idea (I wear many hats)....

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12ax7 19th October 2016
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Hi! I have been thinking of renewing my recording setup which now consists of Tascam DM3200 and DM24 combo (I also have coupe...

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deuc647 19th October 2016
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Hi there, I have a Beyerdynamic MC 840 LDC (which I dearly love) but yesterday I realized that there are strange noises coming...

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roughgear 19th October 2016
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Please recommend a UK based CD duplication plant for a short run (200) of CD's with basic color artwork. Thanks in advance!...

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Jules 19th October 2016
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Hi, I was offered a Tac Scorpion 32x8 console for $1450. I tested the board as much as i could and the problems I found seem to...

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J. Mattheiszen 19th October 2016
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Hello. I just bought some HS8s and the low end is abysmal on them. Playing beats which I know have a heavy kick drum sounded weak...

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joeq 19th October 2016
Avatar for kbucks

Just picked this up from a strange Craigslist transaction. It was listed as an ev re20 but some things seem off....the brand...

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EMMST 19th October 2016
Avatar for Neks

Hi guys, My current setup is that : - a pair of Adam A7Xs - a KRK 12s sub - an RME Fireface UCX My room is also fully...

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ChaseUTB 19th October 2016
Avatar for hithere

Hello recently picked up an old Teac A-2300SX. Everything seems to be working great. Before possibly taking it off to a tech...

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hithere 19th October 2016
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I have an 11" and 10" Schalloch conga set (10" has also been referred to as a quinto) that I bought used a couple...

Deleted c205829
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Deleted c205829 19th October 2016
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I just got my RT Electronix Threeway Chorus in the mail today. This is a brand new pedal from a small company in Nashville that...

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TheLastByte 19th October 2016
Avatar for franck77

Hi I read somewhere that using one channel input and insert at the same time is not that safe. Actually, I want to plug mics...

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Bassmankr 18th October 2016
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When I recentls looked into my old CD boxes and listened to a lot of them I found out that especially some Albums are still loud...

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Protools Guy 18th October 2016
Avatar for Daedalus77

Folks, We've just completed a test run of the new InnerTUBE Audio U-4700 LDC. We conducted the review at Dragon Ship Studios...

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Daedalus77 18th October 2016
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Hi all! Selling my console and going to 16 channels of summing along with Softube Console 1, and a handful of outboard. I'm...

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Antagonist 18th October 2016
Avatar for gavin.calzaretta

Ok here is what is going on... I have a jh16 made 24 (1976), with annunciator board attached, I am getting FFet, Lifter,...

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gavin.calzaretta 18th October 2016
Avatar for Thrip

Looking for the best value re Battery backup/Surge-Protection power bars. Recently I had a "black-out" or...

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Thrip 18th October 2016
Avatar for woodnut

Hello folks, I am putting together a pedal board for my two acoustic guitars which each have a pair of pickups in...

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woodnut 18th October 2016
Avatar for DanTheMan06

On some forum I was told that I could build an attenuator using 3 resistors in an H configuration. One resistor will be between...

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cavern 18th October 2016
Avatar for mysputnik

Hi, I read all the innerclock threads on the forum, but I still have one question. I understand how the sync gen works and how...

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Dr Zen 18th October 2016
Avatar for Solic

Hey Slutz, I'm looking for EQ to compliment my Neve MBP on a mix bus For around $5000 I can go with: 1. A Designs EM...

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Solic 18th October 2016