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I'm sure I've seen some nice one's on here, but they have to be larger than this? The maximum size of your custom image is 100 by...

Deleted User
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Deleted d78e603 20th November 2016
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I have recently acquired a 1960's Studer A62 reel to reel tape mastering recorder. It's a 2-track, 1/4", 7.5/15ips,...

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Scullyfan 20th November 2016
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Hey guys, can you recommend any good rackmount distortions that would be good for for synths? Culture Vulture is to pricey. Old...

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t-bone 19th November 2016
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Hey so I'm running an Apogee Symphony into 2BUS+ AND I'm gonna be incorporating a patchy into my setup soon. i really wanted...

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[email protected] 19th November 2016
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Hi All - I've gotten heaps of letters from Music Reports about licensing music from my back catalog. Most of them seem to be...

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thenoodle 19th November 2016
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Hey guys. Planning on recording drums in my basement studio using these 4 mics: sm57 (snare), one Shure KSM137 as mono overhead,...

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Drumhead57 19th November 2016
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Hey guys, Wondering if any of you happen to know the Lykke Li's vocal chain for this recording. I've attached a link at the...

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thedarkaxe315 19th November 2016
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No matter what I do the left side is 3db hotter going out console for mixdown. I have ensured all tape return levels are equal,...

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Glamrock80 19th November 2016
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I want this receiver Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet (pics) to amplify 250 ohm DT 880's for mixing, do you guys...

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ealc 19th November 2016
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Hello and thanks in advance. If Jim Williams see this I can use any info you may have as well. The questions I have are all...

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Lumbergh 19th November 2016
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Hi guys, Just watched Captain Fantastic. Pretty good film. Which brings me to this Sigur Ros track that plays throughout it....

Will Blackburn
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Will Blackburn 19th November 2016
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Hi everyone, today I receieved a new cassette recorder in the mail, and when I opened it, I tested it out, and even recorded a...

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Bushman 19th November 2016
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Hello... can someone show some JHS 500 series effects demos (delay, tremolo, modulation)??? neither in the jhs page they do...

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alexvigore 19th November 2016
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Hi guys! I'm looking at buying my first mic preamp and I'm deciding between these two, just wondering which you think is best (or...

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fireberd 19th November 2016
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Hi all howdy, I’m planning to buy an Apollo 8 QUAD, and there’s something I’m wondering about. Rear of the Apollo 8...

Mad Men Music
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Mad Men Music 19th November 2016
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Hi! I'm looking for a home studio mixer for some hardware processors(used as external fx in cubase) and to connect synth and...

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msmucr 19th November 2016
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looking for schematics anybody.....?

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Andy Le Vien 19th November 2016
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Hola!!! I was mixing today through the b3 organ plugin and I was wondering If you mix hammonds compressing and eq'n. I tried...

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johnallan 19th November 2016
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I'm thinking of buying a Neve portico 5059. My current setup is Spl Madison to a Midas Venice with the Neve portico MBP as my...

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fcm creative 19th November 2016
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Hi folks, Im looking at getting a new pair of hifi speakers or studio monitors (passive or active) in the 150-250 pound range...

Will Blackburn
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Will Blackburn 19th November 2016
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Hey Guys, The owners manual for my Aphex 1788a reads as follows... INPUT TRANSFORMER MODE- "The 1788a's Jensen...

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cathode 19th November 2016
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I have a vintage U87, when bought came without a case and a busted shockmount. I have made do with a RODE shockmount that is...

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quidane 18th November 2016
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I'm going to be engineering an Americana/Folk record coming up with a female vocalist and male vocal harmonies. I've been...

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numero6 18th November 2016
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In the 60s and 70s bands tracked together in the same room, with as much or as little isolation as required, capturing that live...

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buddachile 18th November 2016
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Looking for some advice on smaller sized monitors. I am a film director and usually do some audio tweaking or listening to work...

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pentagon 18th November 2016
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I know the sound of the RCA 77DX, How does the Altec 639B compare/contrast? Basically, I'm interested in hearing what the...

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greenfields 18th November 2016
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Hey, can anyone give sound advice in referring me to the best online school that will give me a good foundation in Production,...

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jamesgeret 18th November 2016
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yes, i know that the Genelec 1031A is active... what current passive monitor is the most like a Genelec 1031A? what about...

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JblKid95 18th November 2016
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My Studio Electronics SE-1 is acting up, more specifically the pushbuttons are getting worn. Does anyone know the brand/model for...

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rhythmcomposer 18th November 2016
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I was looking at some old mixers (Tascam M-30 and M-35) and I noticed the 30 only has a mic attenuation switch? The 35 has a trim...

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Beneficial 18th November 2016
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With all these clones of famous UA compressors, Neve / Api preamps & Neumann microphones coming out today I can't help but...

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KRStudio 18th November 2016
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I want a midi keyboard (61 or 88 key) just to practice piano at home. I don't need (or want) any knobs or sliders or LED screens....

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jwh1192 18th November 2016
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Hi all Last night I was doing some comparisons using various mics for recording acoustic guitar in my studio. I was testing a...

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avare 18th November 2016
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Hiya, I've had this issue since I bought the Quartet years ago and have never truly figured out the problem. Hopefully,...

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boydell200 18th November 2016
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I'm interested in this mixer for its ins/outs as it suits a new project I'm working on. I was interested in it without even...

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steelyfan 18th November 2016
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ASP800 Pros: I get 8 channels, which means I can use the 2 channels I have on my iD22 as routing points if I wanted to send...

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xcycle 18th November 2016
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Hi everyone I'm looking to record and produce this song and i wonder how should i record the drums, in a dead room to reach a...

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Maoz 18th November 2016
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Yes I've read lots of threads and reviews but most of them old so I wanted to give the chance for any new users of the 414 xls to...

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noisebleed 18th November 2016
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hi guys, i tried to clean the rubber of my speakers cones but ended up making it worse! i was just using water and a cotton bud,...

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ffrr 18th November 2016
Avatar for greenfields

what are your thoughts on the DBX 165 and 165a compared to the 160? I know the 160 is the Holy Grail version of this lot but I...

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jensenmann 18th November 2016
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Hello guys, my colleague and I are having audio routing issues in our studio, and we think someone on here might be able to help...

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71000 18th November 2016
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Hey good Gearslutz peeps, Do any of you know of someone who can repair a Furman HDS-16 Headphone distribution System in Los...

Thomas Johansen
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Thomas Johansen 18th November 2016
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Ok, so I will finally be getting my first hardware compressor. (been looking around for about 2 years now). And I need some...

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CarlCarlsson 18th November 2016
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quick question. In all the photos I've seen. Norman petty used 3 altec 1567a's did he do that to have them run Left, Middle...

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cathode 18th November 2016
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Hey Trakker users. There was a file on the Cranesong website that had settings for the Trakker to emulate different classic...

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Squawk 18th November 2016
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Common sense is mixing without a limiter on the 2 bus. This way you make sure balance is correct; Then it's a simple matter of...

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elegentdrum 18th November 2016
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I have a serious issue which I cannot figure out on my own. Recently I upgraded my studio monitors from Adam A7X's to Focal...

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eagle007 18th November 2016
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I've got Zoom H2n recently. 1) It seems Left channel in MS mode is a bit more sensitive than right one (Stereo level +6). Since...

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Qeeet 18th November 2016
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I've been looking for an Ampex 354, but since they're kind of expensive, I'm considering a cheaper tube based R2R, such as an...

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MYGFH 18th November 2016
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So I built an isolation box for my 4x12 speaker cabinet. The box/cabinet are out in my garage, while I'm inside the house in my...

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Corey Milner 17th November 2016