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Hi all, I was watching the trailer for the Puremix video of Fab Dumont mixing David Crosby's latest album. At 37 seconds,...

andrew montreal
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john caldwell 13th December 2016
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Hey GS's! I've found myself in charge of selling a studio worth of gear, in Melbourne, Australia. A few years back I was far...

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wist 13th December 2016
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Because of space limitations, I use an SM57 for vocals when I am doing a scratch vocal track and there are other instruments...

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drtechno 13th December 2016
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I bought an Audient ASP800 about a year ago when I was first starting my studio. I wasn't doing much of my own research but...

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drtechno 13th December 2016
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Hi. This is a SSL4000 Buss Compressor Clone.The real SSL4000 console circuit, original old electronic components. Look at the...

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yousing 13th December 2016
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So it's time for me to get a new microphone for vocals. I'm currently using a Studio Projects B3 as my main mic but it's getting...

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Sridhar 13th December 2016
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Hi, I was just wondering if there is a difference in sound between the SSL 4K Channel compressor and the SSL 9K Channel...

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Rea 13th December 2016
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I am recording a nuevo flamenco project and recording the nylon string guitars with an AKG C451b. Since the guitars are the focus...

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numero6 13th December 2016
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Hi, In the near future I'm going to purchase a Roland JV 1080 or 2080. My problem is my current midi keyboard the novation...

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Fawcett1993 13th December 2016
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The Mode Selector of my recently purchased RE-201 was scratchy and unstable. Decided to carefully take it apart to clean it....

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indig0 13th December 2016
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Hello, I have a Akai Z4 and I would like to add a internal Harddisk. While the connector that goes into the harddisk is a...

Deleted 7ad91e3
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Deleted 7ad91e3 12th December 2016
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Hi, I'm interested in buying a good headphone amp (most likely the Lake People G109P or S), but I plan on switching between my...

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Jayblz 12th December 2016
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Is there any point of buying S8's over S6's, if I'm going to use them with quality subwoofer anyways? Wanted to buy S8, but...

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foamboy 12th December 2016
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Hey guys, new poster here rockout I want some advice on two synths that I'm currently looking at. I have the opportunity to...

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Mannerow 12th December 2016
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Released by Fairchild in 1968, the LM741 was one of the most popular and widely used IC's of it's time. I'm trying to get an idea...

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PartHunter 12th December 2016
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Hi All, I have acquired an old Australian bass amplifier - the brand is "LENARD". Anyway my issue is the speaker...

Shaun Gaida
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Matt Syson 12th December 2016
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Hi has anyone a user manual for the PP10 processor? Thanks, Tino.

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tontectino 12th December 2016
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Sound Workshop 1280b - Is it all discrete? Is the Super EQ inductor based? Does it use IC's on the preamps? Thanks!

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Jim Williams 12th December 2016
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Hey! I started this thread to talk about variation in preamp settings. I was recently tracking acoustic guitar with a Schoeps...

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Brent Hahn 12th December 2016
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I recently bought a pair of Beyerdynamic DT770 phones and love 'em...in fact I need another pair. I was about to get another set,...

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daillman 12th December 2016
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Hey, I've been reading myself into monitor controllers the past few days, and have come to no conclusion. My...

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zergonion 12th December 2016
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Hi guys, Question regarding a band in a live environment. So me and the band are planning to buy an XR18 for in-ear...

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brokkel 12th December 2016
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sorry if I did something wrong here, I am new to this website. I have the audio technica at2035 microphone and love it, but I...

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SOL1 12th December 2016
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I was at my local music center here in Amsterdam. And i decided to check out some equipements, what i never pay attention to,...

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SOL1 12th December 2016
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Hi this is my first post on the fourms and I've read through hundreds of posts but I'm still up in the air about my next...

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scottkrk 12th December 2016
Avatar for Jayro_Rockola

Hey all, I'm sure one you has figured out a great way to secure the stupid spinning stand mount on the SM7. It makes it...

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drcaron 12th December 2016
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Hi, My apologies in advance if I have posted in wrong forum...I recently picked up an original National 4 Track Stereo Reel To...

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theblue1 12th December 2016
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Big Japan fan here, particularly fond of their engineering prowess. You'd think with their dominance in consumer audio...

Deleted d7fb6a5
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oche ecaps 11th December 2016
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Scullyfan 11th December 2016
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Hi, dont know it this is the right section of the forums to post this in, could not find any other place that I thought was more...

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Nakatira 11th December 2016
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For the past several weeks I've been watching the GS-r24m on Amazon, mainly because when I checked back one day the price had...

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ccrystle 11th December 2016
Avatar for skycaptain

I feel there have been loads of DI's coming out recently. Rupert Neve Designs came out with a DI, API came out with some...

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monkeyxx 11th December 2016
Avatar for Deleted 1846071

Stumbled upon this series and it was a good reminder that if your recordings sound bad, it isn't the gear that's holding you...

Deleted 1846071
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J.R. McNeely 11th December 2016
Avatar for lm183902

I just moved into a new house and was planning on using a spare storage room as a mix room. The issue is that there is no vent...

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Squawk 11th December 2016
Avatar for Djblazeless

HELLO Just bought a Avalon ad2044 compressor. After I connect the compressor ( Blue Kiwi --> Avalon ad 2022 -->...

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Djblazeless 11th December 2016
Avatar for WayneRegretzky

I've racked up enough Amex Rewards points to snag a Shure SM7B, SM81, or KSM141. My plan is to keep the packaging intact and...

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Avatar for ZEF
ZEF 11th December 2016
Avatar for FreshSkweez

Hey, I've been getting a bunch of PMs requesting these, so for all you Ramsa users out there, here you go: WR8616

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Avatar for SpaceCarRider
SpaceCarRider 11th December 2016
Avatar for soundchaser59

My AKG C414 B-ULS quit working. I get hiss, and I can see the meters light up when I play, but not enough instrument sound thru...

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VO Guy 11th December 2016
Avatar for varun213

Hi guys, Im a 100% daw based producer with a DSI Prophet 08 synth. I want to give my mixes a bigger and more fuller sound and I...

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varun213 11th December 2016
Avatar for Miloxkitrov

Has anybody got any experience of using the Yamaha AW4416 with the Waves Y56k card along with a UAD Apollo Twin? Basically...

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Avatar for FibCouple
FibCouple 10th December 2016
Avatar for bicarbone

Hi, I have to record 7 drummers on Sunday in a big rehaearsal room (aout 100 sq. meters). Each one will be playing floor tom...

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Avatar for Etch-A-Sketch
Etch-A-Sketch 10th December 2016
Avatar for Aehs

Can anyone PLEASE help me out with this annoying problem. I bought the LaunchControl Novation hardware piece, plugged it in and...

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Aehs 10th December 2016
Avatar for Deleted 7ad91e3

I'm about to score 2 500 series units that are stereo linkable (only by the means of a switch in the case/chassis and not on the...

Deleted 7ad91e3
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Deleted 7ad91e3 10th December 2016
Avatar for alteredchords

Why do some vintage 1176s say "Peak Limiter" and others say "Limiting Amplifier"on the front? Same revision

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Avatar for drtechno
drtechno 10th December 2016
Avatar for jdurango

If I have a custom built preamp that's missing it's power supply, without any schematics or labelling on the PCB, is there any...

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jdurango 10th December 2016
Avatar for Iscape

Hi, I have a Lindell 506 lunchbox with 1 Lindell 6x-500 preamp, 1 Elysia X Filter and an ART VLA compressor in it. When I patch...

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Avatar for thismercifulfate
thismercifulfate 10th December 2016
Avatar for erike123

I really like the sound of the Tube-Tech CL1B for tracking vocals. I can't seem to recall the exact settings, but something...

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Avatar for hasbeen
hasbeen 10th December 2016
Avatar for rhythmcomposer

I love my Yamaha DX-7 (mark I) but find its keyboard physically noisy which is a pity when using at home. Then I came across the...

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Avatar for Bassmankr
Bassmankr 10th December 2016
Avatar for jschlee

Yesterday I bought a the Icon QConpro X, good built quality, fast installation, great integration with Cubase, but.... The...

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jschlee 10th December 2016
Avatar for Tamra

I've put the word out I'm looking for another EQP1-A3 (tube). Got an email today from someone claiming to have two of them for...

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Avatar for tmaca
tmaca 10th December 2016