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I'm going to have a 2x12 built with a removable back for either closed or open back. I want to choose a pair of speakers that...

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GreenNeedle 2nd January 2017
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Does anyone remember Bozotronics in Seattle? I think this board was made there but I'm not sure. its a model 733-8. Good stuff...

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Oddionut 2nd January 2017
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Is there a piece of gear that could be used on a pedal board that functions as a midi controllable input selector (at least 3...

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beardobees 1st January 2017
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Say I'm building a new chain (for vocals, or whatever) where do I put the tube/transformer/solid state? All tube chain too...

Bat Ears
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mudseason 1st January 2017
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Being as thrilled as I am with my two Warm EQPs, I can't wait to see what Warm Audio comes up with next. I'm voting for an...

Rob Coates
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Squawk 1st January 2017
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OK, So far it has been established that recording at any resolution that is higher than what your AD/DA is capable of is totally...

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chrismeraz 1st January 2017
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I know people for instance say that SSL, Focusrite ISA etc. are clean and transparent sounding. What exactly does that mean? Does...

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drtechno 1st January 2017
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I have a stereo pair of MK012 and one of them is getting something like wind blowing into it. What can this be? Is the capsule...

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brockorama 1st January 2017
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Right now I have a Duet 2 and I was wondering if a Symphony would be a step up in my homerecording studio. I only need 4 inputs...

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philipNL 1st January 2017
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I'm trying to track down someone in Austin (either a person or a studio) who has the MIDI-capable Yamaha Disklavier piano. I'd...

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squint 1st January 2017
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Hi friends. Here is what I do and what I want to achieve: I mostly do drum recordings by myself, but now and then I rehearse...

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foldback 1st January 2017
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Hello, I'm a newbie wants to start learning to play & compose with a keyboard/synth only if possible, but also wants to...

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slacks 1st January 2017
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Hey I have a fully functional Urei platform with 2 M.in1 and 2 P.EQ1 modules. Its collecting dust so I wanna sell it, but...

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218 1st January 2017
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Looking for cool ways to treat my studio, can anyone share pix of rooms that have been treated? Thankskfhkh

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hubercraft 1st January 2017
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TLDR; GOOD PRE FOR ME PLEASE (Read for details) Hello, I'm a voice actor from Houston. I've been doing it now for sometime and I...

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DougS 1st January 2017
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I need some recommendations for a budget interface. It is for a friend of mine who lives in the states, I live in Norway so I...

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DCtoDaylight 1st January 2017
Avatar for ChaosComplete

I'm noticing that when recording in stereo with my Portico 5043 the right channel is arriving at my DAW a bit late. All settings...

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joeq 1st January 2017
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My M149 cuts out randomly during vocal performances and randomly eases back in. All cables and patch connections are secure. Does...

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StudioQ 1st January 2017
Avatar for satellitedog

SOLVED I went with the AKG D230, I'll post samples in the coming days. I've long been wanting a dynamic mic to record...

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cjogo 1st January 2017
Avatar for Providence

Ok so I FINALY got a vu meter for my altec 1567a. Only problem is I'm not seeing a way to mount it in. It is the correct meter...

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Providence 1st January 2017
Avatar for insect1

Anyone got experience of the TB, that can shed a little light for me... I primarily work with analog synths/drum machines and...

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saltydog3317 1st January 2017
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Hi everybody, This is my first post on Gearslutz so here goes: It's upgrade time for my studio. I have a 10 m2 untreated...

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Celinara 31st December 2016
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Hi, im j from argentina i allready have a home studio working with 3 mics (neuman 103, blue yeti pro, and sm57) The first 2...

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petrusa 31st December 2016
Avatar for Astro

inside. It doesn't affect the sound as far as I can tell, but its annoying me. I've tried to screw off the top, but I'm afraid to...

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V.A.R. 31st December 2016
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That's it guys, I've saved enough money to build the recording studio I've been thinking about for years. I'd like to present you...

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Avatar for chrismeraz
chrismeraz 31st December 2016
Avatar for Lukemeyersmusic

Hey everyone I'd love you opinion! I'm currently working on a cruise ship and in the process of buying some new mics. I will be...

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SonicAxiom 31st December 2016
Avatar for concreteblue

Hey Slutz! A buddy of mine was recently gifted a pair of these, and asked me to find out what I can about them....what do you...

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concreteblue 31st December 2016
Avatar for MickeyMassacre

I remember seeing a wooden laptop rack that you place on your desk on GS some time ago and no amount of searching or googling...

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MickeyMassacre 31st December 2016
Avatar for Yoyoyo

Its honestly hard to find bad reviews for microphones but I secretely have a list 10 miles long. Some of those mics have 100's of...

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HansMues 31st December 2016
Avatar for UncleCharlie

Hey guys, I'm setting up a new space, which is treated with a shag rug and acoustic panels over a wood floor. My desk space and...

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UncleCharlie 31st December 2016
Avatar for Jaturna

Hello everyone! I'm looking to upgrade my setup and have a few questions. I've searched the internet for comparisons, suggestions...

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jcoutu1 31st December 2016
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I went to see Okkervil River and St. Vincent, two great acts, a couple of years ago, and St. Vincent's loop-based performance...

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Kiwi 31st December 2016
Avatar for Jules

I am getting the hi res bug I am reading about NAS? Basically I probably want 20 or 30 albums at 192 / dsd quality and to...

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Glo 31st December 2016
Avatar for Chris Dean

Looking to see if anyone has tried this one out? My studio mic locker is missing all things Mojave and this one looks to be on a...

Chris Dean
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Bushman 31st December 2016
Avatar for overdrivestudios

Hello! Wishing everyone a very merry Christmas! Just wanted to ask if anyone else uses the NT2A on vocals, and for some...

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overdrivestudios 31st December 2016
Avatar for RoyFan

Do the openings chords here sound like a reverse keyboard effect ? https://soundcloud.com/gallant/bourbon

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Avatar for Muser
Muser 31st December 2016
Avatar for merseymale

Hi! I'm being offererd a Behringer XM2000 microphone, locally, due to my enthusiasm(!) for the XM8500. After much searching I...

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merseymale 31st December 2016
Avatar for bgood

I've been sober for zero days... Went a little crazy buying cheap gtr pedals over the last couple of weeks (thanks john...

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Avatar for old ghost
old ghost 30th December 2016
Avatar for asaffulks

IN THE STUDIO with **** Fulks: Episode 11 https://youtu.be/MrH6Eg6G0bQ Compare the sound of analog compressors and their...

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asaffulks 30th December 2016
Avatar for mucken11

Hey ;) I want to buy a new preamp, which has the same Quality (or better?) like the 828. The are others like the Audient ASP 800...

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Avatar for Crazy4Jazz
Crazy4Jazz 30th December 2016
Avatar for j_witt

Hey guys, I am new to this forum and would like to start our 'relationship' with a question regarding gear. I would like...

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Avatar for Kiwi
Kiwi 30th December 2016
Avatar for Tomdavids

So last year I purchased a Mackie 32 - 8 for tracking and mixing, and overall I'm pretty happy with it. This is the only...

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Avatar for Chao
Chao 30th December 2016
Avatar for Saxon

No info on them that I can see. I tried to get one of the grills off to take a look at the speaker, but it doesn't look like they...

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Avatar for Saxon
Saxon 30th December 2016
Avatar for beechstudio

I have a c451eb with a defective capsule. Can these be repaired? If so, where? Does anyone know if AKG still sells the CK1...

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gunjabeans 30th December 2016
Avatar for jdurango

I'm currently using Quantegy 456 with my MCI JH110 1" 8-track and it sounds way too clean/pretty/modern for my tastes. I'm...

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Avatar for Wheelomatic
Wheelomatic 30th December 2016
Avatar for Kas

So it would be and act like a fully functional hardware drum machine with quality sounds. Full looping and pattern chaining ect. ...

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Avatar for Nleif
Nleif 30th December 2016
Avatar for alexishere

I received a new pair of focal CMS 50s this morning with much excitement.. In the process of taking off the grill and installing...

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imcarthur 30th December 2016
Avatar for hazza

Hi all, Recently recorded an interview in the field (about 1.5 hours worth of tape) using my PMD661. At the end of the...

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hazza 30th December 2016
Avatar for analog greg

Not many threads about this device.. I spotted one locally, so am curious about tech inside ART Voice Channel. Does anyone...

analog greg
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analog greg 30th December 2016
Avatar for Analog_

Sorry if this has been covered before but I have want to connect an unbalanced jack to the XLR-input of the AD-8000 would I need...

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Analog_ 30th December 2016