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Hi guys. I have a little story. If anyone can help advise I would really appreciate it. So today most of my gear arrived for...

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chrisdude 12th February 2021
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Hi, folks! Currently, I'm planning to upgrade from Yamaha HS7 to Neumann KH 80 DSP. However, i've come across IK Multimedia iLoud...

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tangear 12th February 2021
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Last year, my client had to return matched pairs of AKG C314s three times, after one of the two mics was faulty each time......

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deedeeyeah 12th February 2021
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I`m sure everyone has a record or two where it was recorded or mixed or mastered or engineered `poorly`, but the songs are so...

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Zed999 12th February 2021
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Hello. I'm having trouble finding the right amp sound for my recordings. I am running a strat w/ seymour duncan's through a solo...

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ty45 12th February 2021
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...in the mood for a slightly "darker" (47ish) vibe on some of my vocal tracks...I've been doing some research on this...

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Spoc19371973 12th February 2021
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Hello good people. I am upgrading monitors because I do some more bass-heavy stuff these days, and I want to be able to better...

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M0nsteh 12th February 2021
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Hi guys! I am new in this forum but i really love it! My question: Anyone got an idea how Max Martin is working on...

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Heyclown 12th February 2021
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So I recently got a Motu M4 and a SM7B. It actually runs fine although I will probably get a cloud lifter so I can run at lower...

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ambiguous signal 12th February 2021
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Hello I recently got a Mackie Big Knob Passive. I noticed that the level going in was reduced by the unit by about 5db on the...

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Arthur Stone 12th February 2021
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Just got a 500 series AML ez1073 and recorded a drum set last night with this pre on kick. Mind blown at how rich this sounded...

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bowzin 12th February 2021
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Hi, Finding my room quite boomy I naturally utilize the LF contour on speakers. With the VS2108 their LF contour is actually for...

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Szorn 12th February 2021
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I cannot seem to find any new in stock...anywhere. They are still listed as current on the DBX website...is this just a supply...

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Kamurah 12th February 2021
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Ok, starting a new recording studio on a shoestring budget. Need something, though, for vocals/acoustic guitar/drum overheads,...

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Lance Lawson 12th February 2021
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I found a couple of posts related to but not exactly describing this problem I am experiencing with my home studio setup...

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M_nyh 11th February 2021
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I'm a podcaster/YouTuber and use a Warm Audio WA87R2. I shoot videos out of my bedroom with the mic into an SSL2+, and now an...

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eb7 11th February 2021
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Hi TC users, I want to use my TC M350 with the Vizor Editor Software, but I got ( lost) didnt find) no serial number which is...

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tchopper 11th February 2021
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I need to sell my burl stuff to raise funds at this point Im looking for options to replace it that are 2 in 2 out and work...

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boneshowell 11th February 2021
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11x11 irregular shaped room with some treatment. Have been using NS10’s with a Genelec sub. The good: These monitors are...

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Marmageddon 11th February 2021
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Can someone tell me what is wrong with the bottom wave form. ? What is causing the jagged corners . This was a click track...

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nomoreflakes 11th February 2021
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remains the easiest monitor to mix on. To get a mix sitting. You may tweak on other monitors and then it will sound right again...

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nomoreflakes 11th February 2021
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I'm still hankering after a real spring reverb, like the Vermona VSR-3, but I'm still not convinced that I'm going to improve...

hemmick reef
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Henrik Heinrich 11th February 2021
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Hi there ! I'm new to this site and am already enjoying it. I'm currently in audio recording school and i have to write a 50...

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Bigbang 11th February 2021
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Hello guys, :) A friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of mine wanted to get rid off this mixer stored in his garage...

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Sybille 11th February 2021
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I know many of us fight when recording drums in a small room. Particularly with cymbals and especially hihat bleeding into the...

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Glamrock80 11th February 2021
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Hello everyone. Shud be ordering my great river next week but before I do i got a find out which is the punchiest preamp out...

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the octopuss 11th February 2021
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Hey guys, I'm working with my bassist on a trip-hop track that's fairly influenced by Massive Attack. We've more or less...

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CJ Mastering 11th February 2021
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Anyone with experience of these? Electrodyne 501 into 511 or, API 512c (not 512v) into 550a, or, API 512c into...

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glowfly 11th February 2021
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I've been looking to take a step up out of low end microphones for the first time, and while browsing I came across the Vanguard...

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dickiefunk 11th February 2021
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I went from hs7's to t7v's after hearing them at the guitar center and loving them.. I wouldn't say thats an upgrade but it saved...

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cheu78 11th February 2021
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A ton of audiophile gear gets mixed into my world as I see it all as good audio referencing. Anyone else mixing on Stax or a...

jml designs
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cjogo 11th February 2021
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Hi guys, If anyone has a schematic or service manual for Soundtracks Jade would you be so kind to share it. I tried...

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ThunderMix 11th February 2021
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Starting a new thread specifically on these AEA ribbon mics because I've been told to try them to tame my harsh powerful female...

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Shannon Adkins 11th February 2021
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Good night. I have a doubt. I have a Behringer x 32 Producer mixer. From one day to the next, some buttons stopped working....

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Rick Dalton 11th February 2021
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For radio/podcasting. I have an SM7B and use it into a MixPre-3 which is brilliant, but the MixPre-3 won't go into a desk, and I...

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DirkP 11th February 2021
Avatar for Peter Craft

Let's say you REALLY want to get your hands on a metal-knob 33609, but don't have 8,000-9,000 lying around. What's the next best...

Peter Craft
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AudioScape 11th February 2021
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Ok, there's no real cure for GAS, we all know that. But since I can't find anyone else that has posted anywhere about this...

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GravesNumber9 11th February 2021
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Looking for advice on what large diaphragm condenser to pair with my MixPre 3. I know the MP3 is more a field recorder but I do a...

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chessparov2.0 10th February 2021
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I've got a Tonebeast that decided to stop working all of a sudden. Sitting in a rack case one day it was fine, the next it turns...

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lomaxbernie 10th February 2021
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So i´m thinking about putting together a rack of 500 series modules. There are a few things I wonder about, and first and...

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M_nyh 10th February 2021
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Hello people, This has been asked before, but not quite the same scenario, so here I go: The space I am using as a studio...

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never 10th February 2021
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Just received a pair of the micro monitors. They make a high pitched sound for about 30 seconds after power on. The high pitch...

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whoisbotsman 10th February 2021
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Hi guys, thinking about getting an PLG150-AN card for my Yamaha CS6X. AFAIK this should be a fully equipped AN1x, isn't...

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danibert 10th February 2021
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I have an opportunity to pick up a TAC Matchless 28 channel desk for what I am pretty sure is a great price.....$2000 or possibly...

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Avatar for Nicolas Hosford
Nicolas Hosford 10th February 2021
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Hey all, Yes I realize every voice is different and a setup that works for one might not work for someone else. Just need...

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joeq 10th February 2021
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A friend had one of these stands and I have been scouring the net looking for them since and they have extremely been hard to...

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Avatar for Bernadette
Bernadette 10th February 2021
Avatar for Glenn Bucci

How many would be interested in the Neumann KM 84 to be re-released. The mic had a simple FET design with discreet components and...

Glenn Bucci
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kafka 10th February 2021
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Hey all, Can anyone point me towards some resources for general desk maintenance? I'm really struggling to pick up any decent...

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MixingWizard 10th February 2021
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Hi. I just bought a Neumann 102, which is a quite flat microphone w/ a little boost at 8-10 kHz. I just tried it and it...

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kite 10th February 2021
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Simple question, is it just patch into mixer and open a channel in DAW like you would a synth or is there some trick to it..? you...

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nikodemos 10th February 2021