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Hello everyone! Was wondering if someone could shed some light on a problem I'm having. I'm looking to reamp guitars for a...

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punkpop101 14th February 2017
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Hey, I'm new. I've had these monitors for a few years now. They worked flawlessly for the first couple years, but recently the...

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Diogo C 14th February 2017
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Hi Folks, Quick Question hopefully. I've been doing a lot of small recordings with two Rode NT1s and my Focusrite Saffire PRO...

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Ol' Betsey 14th February 2017
Avatar for bmanic

This baby is definately the coolest box of the show. I couldn't take my hands off it, kept coming back to it all the time (to the...

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Jason rocks 14th February 2017
Avatar for Crazy4Jazz

Interesting the way it is panned and used only on that particular figure. Pretty advanced for that time...

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Crazy4Jazz 14th February 2017
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Today I purchased a UBK Fatso and two UBK Tweakers. When I connected the Fatso and switched it on, the LEDs blinked for a 10th of...

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m_gant 14th February 2017
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I'm thinking of purchasing Spectrasonics Keyscape, and possibly omnisphere as well. But I am trying to figure out how Keyscape...

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woodslanding 14th February 2017
Avatar for DavidWayne

Now days you could just slap auto tune on someones voice and make them sound good...but if we backtrack to about 25 years ago...

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psycho_monkey 14th February 2017
Avatar for Sean Sullivan

I have a band coming in that has a serious love for the Kinks and want to capture that vibe. Not "You Really Got Me"...

Sean Sullivan
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Ajavalon 14th February 2017
Avatar for Bushman

I have a Chameleon Labs 7720, which I like a lot. It is getting just a trifle more noisy in the left channel. While I was...

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Bushman 13th February 2017
Avatar for ProPower

I have a meter that needs repairing and I can find no info on the company anymore! I found it 6 months ago but dragged my feet on...

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Avatar for UpperLeft
UpperLeft 13th February 2017
Avatar for Tom F

Please make a suggestion for an amplifier for my Westlakes BBSM12 (I bought 2nd hand). Big thanks Tom

Tom F
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Tom F 13th February 2017
Avatar for neoking

Hi, I heard that UAD hardware functions as a seperate soundcard that also uses cpu as a DAW seperate from the CPU from my PC....

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Avatar for joeq
joeq 13th February 2017
Avatar for musiquefreek

Hi there- Need to do a lot of mixing using headphones (I have 3 little kids so it is a necessity- will of course compare with...

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Avatar for FlippedZip
FlippedZip 13th February 2017
Avatar for AudioWonderland

Wilkinson audio has a clip for putting a 57 and an ECM8000 mic together and even refer to it as a "classic...

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Avatar for chris661
chris661 13th February 2017
Avatar for smb13

Hey guys, just looking for some opinions and maybe comparisons on the tonal characteristics and translation of a few monitors....

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Kris.15Khz 13th February 2017
Avatar for ttown23

After having a 4 x expanded JV-1080 for a bit and liking (but not loving) it, I decided to take the plunge and get a JD-990. ...

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Avatar for wavewalker
wavewalker 13th February 2017
Avatar for srhickman

I just recently became interested in the Lewitt Audio microphones. I'm specifically interested in anyone who owns one of their...

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Avatar for Churchil
Churchil 13th February 2017
Avatar for jsbergjunk

Looking for tips on getting the old school soul vocal sound (think Aretha Muscle Shoals, Muddy Chess) where the vocal distorts...

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Avatar for kellyd
kellyd 13th February 2017
Avatar for k4444k

hi there, I'm looking at this TSR-8 in Japan that require all the experienced user to give me some opinion on this. (I'm located...

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Avatar for Rob Coates
Rob Coates 13th February 2017
Avatar for JblKid95

I recently acquired a Lucid 88192. Great unit, and I'm surprised its not talked about more here. In the 88192 menu dive screen,...

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Avatar for JblKid95
JblKid95 13th February 2017
Avatar for Ianjames

Came across this old Pearl Microphone Lab dynamic on ebay and was wondering if anyone knew anything about it. Vintage Pearl...

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Avatar for Mattias_Milab
Mattias_Milab 13th February 2017
Avatar for Powerbreed

Is E-mu making a come back ? I see they have now got headphones http://www.emu.com/index.php

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Avatar for danger
danger 13th February 2017
Avatar for SktchMusic

Hello everyone! So I'm thinking of buying nearfields for my home studio (because right now I'm mixing with really ****ty...

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Avatar for John Willett
John Willett 13th February 2017
Avatar for antstudio

"At its most fundamental level, this is because a moderately overdriven valve amp produces strong even harmonics, which...

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Avatar for theblue1
theblue1 13th February 2017
Avatar for mikeshep

Hey, looking to narrow the field for a new pair of near-fields - Primary usage is, accuracy/reference for PB/checking/editing of...

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Avatar for mikeshep
mikeshep 13th February 2017
Avatar for rajprods

I found a Soundcraft 500 series 24 channel console for sale. I haven't seen a lot of these for sale, so not sure what the going...

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Avatar for Av36
Av36 13th February 2017
Avatar for br11san

Yamaha HS7 or Adam A7X? ... I have HS50M now, and I can't get the low end right. It's mostly for producing electronic...

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Avatar for drnovskyd
drnovskyd 13th February 2017
Avatar for Sk106

The Pultec EQ, and its subsequent many imitations, uses a dual knob idea I don't understand...

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Avatar for RogerFoote
RogerFoote 12th February 2017
Avatar for JohnRodd

I was interviewed recently about my work mixing the score (in both surround sound and stereo simultaneously) for the big budget...

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Avatar for Deleted c40a31f
Deleted c40a31f 12th February 2017
Avatar for jdurango

Obviously the 388 does the lo-fi vibe well, but people have said it can also be "quite clean" and do a decent...

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Avatar for theblue1
theblue1 12th February 2017
Avatar for Lunatique

I searched and the threads that came up weren't very helpful. So, which of the three is the better choice (ignoring price)? My...

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Avatar for DR Music
DR Music 12th February 2017
Avatar for RonnieNine

I was never going to buy anything from Behringer. (At least nothing in which sound passes through). Anyway, I'd like to buy a...

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Avatar for RonnieNine
RonnieNine 12th February 2017
Avatar for reflix

Hey Slutz, I've just got a used Orion Stdio interface, do you know what to do in order to Run the software and register ? ...

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Avatar for reflix
reflix 12th February 2017
Avatar for Carabinerx

Well after years of bouncing around in the low-end mic life, Ive officially stepped up into the high-end game. Someone in town...

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Avatar for Carabinerx
Carabinerx 12th February 2017
Avatar for Spaaceboy

I need a good but affordable tape delay plugin and a decent reverb that is simple enough to get a good vibe happening quickly,...

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Avatar for Spaaceboy
Spaaceboy 12th February 2017
Avatar for subwerker

I'm looking to build a 1U rack comprised of two 500-series mono EQs, and the RNLA500, which is a stereo compressor...

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Avatar for subwerker
subwerker 12th February 2017
Avatar for 9608

i want the high resolution & natural accurate & less color sound with tight bass ( not bass extension ). I'm looking for...

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Avatar for mathieujm
mathieujm 12th February 2017
Avatar for indie

So the only difference I see is the peak limiter...right? Same sound otherwise? Thanks

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Avatar for Obe1
Obe1 12th February 2017
Avatar for xsv345

When anything attached to my Computer is plugged into any wall outlet in my home I receive a serious static noise from headphones...

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Avatar for xsv345
xsv345 12th February 2017
Avatar for funka

Hi, I'll soon record a Metal band song. I already did some rock/punk records, not a lot, but no metal. Drums will have kick,...

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Avatar for funka
funka 11th February 2017
Avatar for mikeshep

Hi, been trying to decide if I'm hearing an overly 'boxy' character to some Presonus Eris 8 monitors in my main V.O. control room...

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Avatar for cubivore
cubivore 11th February 2017
Avatar for BrooklynsOwn

I'm looking for a good efficient home setup to record vocals, but I'm having trouble deciding which audio interface to go with....

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Avatar for BrooklynsOwn
BrooklynsOwn 11th February 2017
Avatar for wiinilo

Hi, I am very interested in buying an SSL AWS 900+ SE or AWS 924/948 (Used) for my new study. I am interested in offers from...

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Avatar for DannyMac
DannyMac 11th February 2017
Avatar for np8191

Hi, I have a question if anyone knows. I want to connect the two modules with their in and out headers on the back of the PCB...

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Avatar for np8191
np8191 11th February 2017
Avatar for coolschmid

I will be treating my room and upgrading from my KRK Rokit 6 G2... I have had them for 6(?) years now and they have been great...

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Avatar for steelyfan
steelyfan 11th February 2017
Avatar for nelsona

Hello, I was looking at purchasing a SPDIF distributor which duplicates a single SPDIF signal 2 or more times. I personally...

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Avatar for nelsona
nelsona 11th February 2017
Avatar for Syphax

So I have $225 to burn, I mean spend. I know that there is a bit of variation between these three units.. But I am trying to...

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Avatar for Meriphew
Meriphew 11th February 2017
Avatar for MattHiHat

Hello fellow slutz! Does anyone here know of a good synth for backing vocals? Just plain simple ohh's and ahhh's for...

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Avatar for RKeefe1032
RKeefe1032 11th February 2017
Avatar for amost

Greetings, Older rig here, Mac Eight Core/2.8, Mac OS 10.8.5 & PT HD9... and possibly a Silver Apollo Firewire: What...

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Avatar for amost
amost 11th February 2017