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Hello, I'm a newbie in this forum but have been recording music and releasing to vinyl passed 5 years. Problem is now my gear...

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gyruss2000 14th February 2021
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Hey guys. I watched the Shelford channel review today where people used it with tlm 67. I noticed that on a certain vocals the...

Husky Squad
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Husky Squad 14th February 2021
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I want to buy the Shure sm7b for singing (medium to low vocal volume). I have the focusrite 2i2 gen 2 and I am met with 3...

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MarkF48 14th February 2021
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My amp, a deluxe reverb, has a strange ring at 2.5khz, as seen in the video. I am not sure if it’s the guitar or amp (as I...

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tymish 14th February 2021
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I made a video of the Zähl EQ1 that I have on demo at the moment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gtL9FEdxseg

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subframe 14th February 2021
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Hello! I'm interested in which song you use to judge the qualities of a monitor. I mean songs with hidden details or certain...

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nicojgm 14th February 2021
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OK, I read a review about...20 years ago and want to see if anyone can jog my memory (or remember themselves) what this piece of...

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bangbang 14th February 2021
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Hello, I need the factory presets for this two drum machines. Lost them after battery replacement (resp. because of exhausted...

Nikolaus Riehm
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terminatort1000 14th February 2021
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First off don't start in about how Tascam sux if you have no personal experience with this particular board and have only used...

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SiyfSmileyEL 14th February 2021
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Hi, the title says it all. Anyone have a pair of these on their mix bus? What are your experiences with that? Everything I have...

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SDB_12 14th February 2021
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Anyone using these as nearfield? Like 5ft away? I’m upgrading my monitors and I really like the 310s but I know they recommend...

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Clbraddock 14th February 2021
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Hi friends! I'm a bass player and I've got a YT channel (BassAdvisor) where I review basses and I'm lacking some audio...

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crille_mannen 14th February 2021
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Hi all, I'm looking for a wireless headphone (1x) solution but not one that depends on Bluetooth and a computer, but one that is...

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NoVi 14th February 2021
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I really like my new pair of HS8 and been working with them some months now... but yesterday I start tracking a Fender Rhodes and...

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Davomanic 14th February 2021
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Hi, i am new here and i got a questions because i am looking to get a 24 channels console with meter bridge if this possible for...

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chaosium 14th February 2021
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Hi everybody. I'm finally beginning to diagnose multiple faults in my OTARI MX5050 MK3. I've had it since new and it's been great...

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kennybro 14th February 2021
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Howdy everyone! I’m hoping someone can help me with the proper signal path for midi daisy chaining all my gear...

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ft13 14th February 2021
Avatar for rotation

Hi! Someone contacted me about doing some work on his mid 70's Gelf Electronic 24/8 console. I searched the internet but...

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stevegriffiths 14th February 2021
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(Sorry if I put this is the wrong forum) What’s up folks! So, I currently have a Soundcraft Signature 12 mixer that I got...

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ft13 14th February 2021
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Hi! i have two vintage Api 506s and their sliders have begun to wear out significantly. it is now impossible to make moves on...

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Arsun 14th February 2021
Avatar for De Trop

The lowest used prices I've been able to find for a Sennheiser MD 441-U right now are around $700, but I noticed a thread here...

De Trop
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gravyface 14th February 2021
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Hey everyone I want to buy two ribbon mics to use as room mics for my Ludwig Legacy kit. Does anyone have any thoughts or...

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novusuhu 14th February 2021
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Anybody here tried out the Russian franken-mics this outfit is making? They seem quirky and cool. I like quirky and cool. Lots of...

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Rec_Eng 14th February 2021
Avatar for Unknown soldier

Just got word from API that the word clock board to allow external word clock sync is available. You need to send it in in for...

Unknown soldier
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Gerax 14th February 2021
Avatar for qblues

What are your typical LF & HF frequency cuts on delay and reverb effects? I'm usually between 250-300 HZ and 2-4 KHZ but I'd...

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deedeeyeah 13th February 2021
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Hi all I'm interested what people would say is a complimentary vocal microphone to a U87ai. I have a MG UM92.1s with a siemens...

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haysonics 13th February 2021
Avatar for painkiller

Hi to all I have an old 1976 Roland Jc 120. Vibrato is working - chorus not :-/ I changed all Capacitors on the PCBs - I...

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painkiller 13th February 2021
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Watching Silvia on MWTM's and she's using an AKG C24 (stereo version of C12 I think) in M/S configuration. She mults the...

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thismercifulfate 13th February 2021
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I just received one of Chris's new solid state Warhol preamps (Mine's #8 ). It's his first solid state design, but runs off...

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Avatar for Champagne Ivers
Champagne Ivers 13th February 2021
Avatar for din

Anyone care to opine on best practices for comparing mic preamps/DI's? I have a bunch of different mic preamps and DI's and...

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din 13th February 2021
Avatar for The0

Hi everyone, I am a voice actor. I am at that point in my carrier where I wonder whether a dedicated preamp would help me...

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The0 13th February 2021
Avatar for SDB_12

Hi, On some 500 series chassis there is a way to link or daisy chain modules that are side by side. So slot 1 can send to 2,...

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SDB_12 13th February 2021
Avatar for Funny Cat

Title says it all. Has anyone found a mic that sounds like the iPhone? There is something super cool about the way the iPhone...

Funny Cat
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the_Alien 13th February 2021
Avatar for McWreckinBall

Hey folks! I'm curious to what everyone's experience has been with different tracking headphones. I've been through a LOT of...

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chessparov2.0 13th February 2021
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Hello, I searched all over Gearslutz for comparisons of API's 512V and new 312 preamps. Unfortunately there isn't much...

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Avatar for FreeRanger
FreeRanger 13th February 2021
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Hi all, In short, I'm a touring musician. I travel with my wife in a van (Promaster) with 400 watts of solar panels on the...

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SDB_12 13th February 2021
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I heard that the presonus quantums didn't sound very good relatively speaking compared to other interfaces.. but their latency is...

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ludwigvanlee 13th February 2021
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Hi i've never cared about mix or gear or anything. ive used a sm57 since i started at 16 years old ten years ago. it broke...

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jalen94 13th February 2021
Avatar for tluke

I was excited to buy this mic to use with my iPhone as a field recording mic, and for podcast / interviews. However, I wrote to...

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iPadBeatMaking 13th February 2021
Avatar for giantnoise

Ive purchased enough high quality 500 series pre amps. I have a decent set of mics. I have the room treated as best I can. What...

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Avatar for psycho_monkey
psycho_monkey 13th February 2021
Avatar for sloanlogic

There wasn't a lot of experienced user info on the web about this sub so I'd thought I'd give you my thoughts: Tremblor T10...

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zanny 12th February 2021
Avatar for littlesicily

I know this can be interpreted as very open-ended, so let me clarify and be more specific. I mixed all ITB for the last year...

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littlesicily 12th February 2021
Avatar for Stu_Resident

I've recently invested in the Behringer powerplay ethernet headphone system. I'm running a P16-I unit using optical cable...

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Kwanbrandon696 12th February 2021
Avatar for Saxon

Anyone have the chance to work with these two units? It looks like the Korg is no longer being sold in the U.S., but a Google...

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Avatar for DAH
DAH 12th February 2021
Avatar for Pananimal

Hey Guys, Looking at the Nicerizer and have been through just about every post on here about that piece and an convinced it is...

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Avatar for Penguino
Penguino 12th February 2021
Avatar for RedFox300

Hey guys, i do guides, voice overs and entertainment stuff on youtube. I love my tlm 103 but my mixer does really bad things...

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Avatar for chessparov2.0
chessparov2.0 12th February 2021
Avatar for warhead

Mackie's ONYX line of mixers (1220, 1620 & 1640 models) from the factory do not allow the Perkins EQ circuit to be switched...

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Avatar for inane
inane 12th February 2021
Avatar for musichascolors

Hi, I'm trying to clean the pots on my LXP-1, but am unsure how to open it... I've unscrewed all visible screws on the...

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Avatar for zefi
zefi 12th February 2021
Avatar for MCU

or is it just me? Mackie seems to die on me within the year or 2.. first my mixer - a 1620 onyx internal power supply (probably)...

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James Lehmann 12th February 2021
Avatar for James Lehmann

What inherently boring but hugely functional/essential gear do you find yourself using every day in the studio, perhaps without...

James Lehmann
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James Lehmann 12th February 2021