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I'm planning to get myself a good pair of headphones for mixing&monitoring. It's not really for a listening pleasure, so I...

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chrisdee 19th February 2017
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Hi everyone... I need some help...! I'm not a bass player, so I'd like to have bass players' opinions about the following...

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Greg Moody 19th February 2017
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so i get called into the parents music store to cover for my mother, and someone has dropped off a very slutty customized (by...

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Greg Moody 19th February 2017
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I'm thinking about going hybrid, have 36 in and 24 outs of UAD Apollo with Focusrite Reds, Vintechs, Manleys, Audient. Really,...

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Drumhead57 19th February 2017
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I'm working on getting a home mixing set up, right now it's pretty modest but it looks like it's going to be a Burl Mothership...

Sean Sullivan
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ASG 19th February 2017
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Hi, I'm looking to utilize a multi-amp setup for a few projects here and I'm researching solutions which can accommodate 3 to 5...

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SteveGTR 19th February 2017
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Hey guys, Does anyone own one of these? Is it a mono or stereo delay? Can't seem to find that info anywhere........

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Kiwi 19th February 2017
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Bert Frilot was Cosimos 2nd at J&M, as many know. He move to Gilleys in Tex after a few years and apparently designed and...

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metropical 19th February 2017
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Hey all, I'm not seeing a lot of comparison between these 2 specifically but seem like they make a good comparison. Both around...

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edva 19th February 2017
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Recently got myself a nice Shure 565SD.... Looks and sounds great. Les Watts of Shure fame advised me a while back on this other...

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lukpac 19th February 2017
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I know there's a billion "best mixing headphones" posts out there (and I've tried to read through as much as possible)...

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Markdude 19th February 2017
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I recently sold my monitors and I was using them together with sennheiser amperiors. I feel like I am not getting reliable sound...

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barryfell 18th February 2017
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Hi people, my name is Marcos from Brazil and I have a small home studio in a small room (almost 3m x 3m x 3m), I will move to...

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Mahzinho 18th February 2017
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I would like to know what programming language is used to write firmware for pedals like Electroharmonix 22500. I just bough...

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dc_r 18th February 2017
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One of my Adam S2.5A's has developed a rattle. It's not coming from the speaker but from behind the cabinet. It's on the...

Jack Pettit
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parquix 18th February 2017
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Hi, how hard would it be to mod a MK1 Tascam 242 portastudio to mod the inputs from jack connectors to XLR connectors. the...

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MarkF48 18th February 2017
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Hi There, I was wondering which nice EQ i could add to my small setup i just got an API 560 last week and it sounds awesome...

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Lucin Niega 18th February 2017
Avatar for analogjeff

If the mics are in good shape, would you expect to prefer an older or a newer Neumann KM84? I'm looking at ones for sale, and...

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dadgad65 18th February 2017
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Hey Guys, Im coming out of my Interface (Antelope Orion 32+) monitor outputs into the center section of my console (Audient...

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radiumboy 18th February 2017
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I'm looking into possibly getting the Neve 542's pair plus a 500 series 19" rack because I don't need anymore heat and don't...

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chinesewhiteman 18th February 2017
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What could it be?! Tanzbar drum machine --> Universal Audio pre --> Ableton. There's a constant low end "boom"....

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Kiwi 18th February 2017
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Hey all, I am looking to install a analog console at my home studio and I am looking at both the Toft ATB and a Trident Series...

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thismercifulfate 18th February 2017
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Hi, sorry if this was asked before. I'm wondering if the waldorf blofeld can be used completely stand-alone, as in no midi...

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robotunes 18th February 2017
Avatar for monsterz

Anyone tried one of these mics yet? I took advantage of the $150 intro offer and received my mic on Friday. Its a phantom...

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terrible.dee 18th February 2017
Avatar for jml designs

I've only ever used 2", 1" and 1/2"" this is my first cheapie lil tape machine. I'm not convinced it's much...

jml designs
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vincentvangogo 18th February 2017
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On some pictures the Mackie VLZ 16 seems to have the inputs on top and on some on the back of the unit. Can this be changed, or...

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dbot 18th February 2017
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Hi, this is my first thread on GS and I felt I had to write this one to get some guidance in my upcoming purchase of studio...

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borggren4 18th February 2017
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hey, everybody. I hope you are well. Thank you for checking out my thread. I researched a bit before this question, my apologies...

B. Elliott
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B. Elliott 17th February 2017
Avatar for rrraaalllfff

Hello. Please help. When the fatso is in bypass, there is sound. When out of bypass, no sound. WTF? Also, when in bypass the...

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Upwithpeople 17th February 2017
Avatar for reaper1984

Well lately i've been having the needs of clean spanking guitar funky tones, and for some reason going thru my Countryman58 into...

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reaper1984 17th February 2017
Avatar for goldenshimmer

I wanted to change a mono input module in my Soundcraft Delta console for a spare module that I have (one switch in this module...

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goldenshimmer 17th February 2017
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I read that you can connect the Motu Ultralight to two laptops simultaneously, since the MH MIO 2882 also has two Firewire ports...

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dbot 17th February 2017
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Hello, i am panning a classical violin duo recording, it was recorded with one mic on each instrument, the recording is good and...

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Liko 17th February 2017
Avatar for maffa

Hi! Im considering buying a patchbay, but I'm not sure how the setup would be or if it'll work at all. Im totally blank when it...

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808KickDrum 17th February 2017
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Hey guys, Can anyone tell me from A to Z how I should go about hooking up 2 Apogee AD-8000 converters in front of an IZ RADAR...

Deleted be25781
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Deleted be25781 17th February 2017
Avatar for The Press Desk

Nominate your favourite microphones for recording drum toms Now that we have settled ten of the best mics for recording kicks,...

The Press Desk
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Avatar for theglow
theglow 17th February 2017
Avatar for kitsebastian

Been talked out of the AKG 214, and decided I need my all purpose mic to be somewhat more expensive. The Neumann TLM 102...

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kitsebastian 17th February 2017
Avatar for linenoise

My RADAR II that I've been running for years took a serious dump. I borrowed an identical one form a friend. He didn't use the...

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linenoise 17th February 2017
Avatar for bee

Any users of this mic? How does it compare to the usual suspects re-20, 421, beta 52, d112 etc?

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zvukofor 17th February 2017
Avatar for BobSchwenkler

Mixing it up on this non-DIY oriented forum by posting some photos of a circuit board design and 8 channel build I just...

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Avatar for J_DMONT
J_DMONT 17th February 2017
Avatar for WEAPON_X

Friends, Fellows and Slutz, especially the German speaking slutz around may know the Berlin company Tegeler audio. Has...

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lematrix 17th February 2017
Avatar for Tomdavids

we've all heard them used on hi hats for that cool sweeping effect in the late 60's and 70s, but how was this created? if...

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thenoodle 17th February 2017
Avatar for boomer81

I bought used what were supposed to be two sm57 with the tab funkenwork zen pro audio transformer. well they showed up and only...

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jwh1192 17th February 2017
Avatar for wildplum

“A really good mix should sound good and balanced on most speakers” (quoted from a different thread). I would like to take...

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Avatar for Wifi1993
Wifi1993 17th February 2017
Avatar for Carabinerx

Just curious how many of you use the mic HPF when recording vocals. I generally try not to so I can capture the whole range and...

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Avatar for Shannon Adkins
Shannon Adkins 17th February 2017
Avatar for Adam Ford

Hi everyone, hope you're all fine! I'm actually looking around (if exists) for an "in the box" Dangerous 2 Bus Plus...

Adam Ford
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Deleted 99dc753 17th February 2017
Avatar for jsbeeth

I'm trying to enable elastic audio on certain tracks but I'm getting the message "Could not complete your request because...

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Rawknryan 17th February 2017
Avatar for Gontar99

Hi there Just got a opportunity to buy a Crest audio x12 m-40 used in good shape for 1500 $. Never worked with these things ,...

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Gontar99 17th February 2017
Avatar for Overboard

Hello there, within a few day's I'm doing my first public improvisational electronic session. For doing this I have a Korg...

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Overboard 17th February 2017
Avatar for audioman

Hey guys do you know of any techs in the Chicagoland area really need to get my control 25 looked at. My faders stopped working...

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audioman 16th February 2017