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Hi, I decided to upgrade my monitoring setup which consist of: KRK VXT8, Behritone c50a and Beyerdnynamic dt250 (80 ohm). My...

Radek Tadel
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Dennis White 24th February 2017
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I just sold my Eventide H3000D/SE because I want something more modern sounding, but I still love the Eventide units. First I...

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amino 24th February 2017
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Dave Sardy


is still one of my favorite producers.............is there anybody out there that has any detailed info on how he gets the drums...

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adam_f 24th February 2017
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Hi folks. I know I can probably search for answers to this question, but I find there are so many opinions based on speculation...

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sp4rxx 24th February 2017
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hi all, i acquired a pair of old telefunken mics off ebay. one's got a 3 pin DIN style connector, the other has a split with...

Groove Dog
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Groove Dog 24th February 2017
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Hello all, I'm going down under to work for 10 days and I need to rent some gear,especially mics. Does anyone have any...

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blueshadows11 24th February 2017
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Hello and happy holidays to everybody! I currently own a Soundcraft 200b with 16ch and the fixed EQ modules and I am pretty...

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Stino 24th February 2017
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Hello everyone, I play the tenor sax and I need to record it do I would like to buy a mic, but I don't know what is the best...

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auralart 24th February 2017
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The output levels on my ISA828 via the AD card ADAT to Apollo Quad are all over the place. This is channels 9-16 for me and...

Rufuss Sewell
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Rufuss Sewell 24th February 2017
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Ok I'm looking into every portable option out there for doing song writing on the go. I really like the idea of not having to...

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mintaka007 24th February 2017
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I have a small home recording studio. I am considering buying a Soundcraft Si Impact 40. While I mainly am interested in using...

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teashea 24th February 2017
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I have a Behringer 1820 interface. Of the 10 outs on the back, I'm running one of them into a HA4700 headphone amp. However I get...

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matthewordie 24th February 2017
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Up until now I've only mixed through headphones (ath-m50s). Yeah, I know that's like one of the seven deadly sins, but I've been...

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jabackf 24th February 2017
Avatar for Bad Disciple

I'm afraid a serious problem has come to my home recording facility. It's a simple personal setting in my garage which I've...

Bad Disciple
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Bad Disciple 24th February 2017
Avatar for Hans Island

our Genelec 1031a's have been an excellent addition to the studio for the last couple of years, although they're not the most...

Hans Island
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Hans Island 24th February 2017
Avatar for studer58

I'm searching for either general principles (or specific examples eg plug ins) of a way to 'dirty up' a too-clean and polite...

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Jim Williams 23rd February 2017
Avatar for Rob Coates

I once had an e-mail exchange with the guy that invented the Electro Harmonics 12AY7 preamp about how to get rid of hum that is...

Rob Coates
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wrgkmc 23rd February 2017
Avatar for OcclusionEffect

I just got into recording my guitar cabs. Here is my Chain: JCM2000 DSL50, Marshall 1936 2x12 cab, (1) SM57, (1) Voodoo VR1...

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Avatar for OcclusionEffect
OcclusionEffect 23rd February 2017
Avatar for Diegel

I recently picked up a Kingkorg and I have to say I really like what the tube path does to the sound. I was wondering what would...

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Avatar for AnalogOverdose
AnalogOverdose 23rd February 2017
Avatar for RecordRecord

Hey there, so I've got a variety of different outboard pres I use in my studio. x2 GAP Pre 73 MkII's (neve vibe) x2 Warm...

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Avatar for Enlightened Hand
Enlightened Hand 23rd February 2017
Avatar for Crasper

Tried searching, didn't find much. Wondering if those more knowledgeable could tell me if there is any potential problems with...

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Crasper 23rd February 2017
Avatar for BiggaBwoy

Hi I've got a problem with drum align in "one drop" style. In the drum tracks i've recorded, the kick and snare hit at...

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BiggaBwoy 23rd February 2017
Avatar for brenfen86

Anyone know what it is? I keep seeing it on the Eric Andre Show (which is well worth a watch by the way) and from hearing it on...

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Drumsound 23rd February 2017
Avatar for thirdfocus

Hi, i'm selling my old Krk g2 rp8 speakers as i feel like a need for a upgrade. i'm willing to spend £800 / $992.96 on accoutre...

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Avatar for rhizomeman
rhizomeman 23rd February 2017
Avatar for Psychlist1972

Photos from this NAMM: https://www.flickr.com/photos/psychlist1972/albums/72157679363762485 Pete

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Avatar for katienido
katienido 23rd February 2017
Avatar for thecube

Hi All, Does anyone know where I can get a spare Slate ML-1 shock mount? Can't find anything on the Slate website. Or are...

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thecube 23rd February 2017
Avatar for Typhus

Hi I've acquired a Rupert Neve 5059 summing mixer and am absolutely loving how it sounds with my UA Apollo 16...

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jwh1192 23rd February 2017
Avatar for jparmeley91

Hello gearslutz community. Ive quietly stalked these pages over the past few months and have learned alot, however im hitting an...

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jparmeley91 23rd February 2017
Avatar for PaperBrosBeatz

I love the OB6 but what am I doing wrong? I've connected 2 tele cables into my apollo 8 preamp 3+4 (set to line ofc) but...

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PaperBrosBeatz 23rd February 2017
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Hey GS! This is my first post in here, but I've always been that unregistered creep on here for quite a while now and I tend...

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cnedohin 23rd February 2017
Avatar for Plasma Face

Justice just posted a video from them I'm guessing in their home studio. I know the cross was done all in the computer but then...

Plasma Face
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Avatar for plainofjars
plainofjars 23rd February 2017
Avatar for capitalb

I understand I may not get exactly what I what, I just want to get as close as I can... My goal is to get as close as I can to...

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capitalb 23rd February 2017
Avatar for OddJohn

Hi everyone, I am playing live tomorrow and sometimes when I launch a scene of my love set the D is flashing red and the audio...

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OddJohn 23rd February 2017
Avatar for Whoopysnorp

Last year, after having wanted to add some Seventh Circle gear to my stable for a long time, I went all in on a CH02 chassis and...

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Whoopysnorp 23rd February 2017
Avatar for fender4593

Just looking for some suggestions on micing drums with the microphones I own. I have always used EZ drummer for my projects but a...

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Avatar for MickeyMassacre
MickeyMassacre 23rd February 2017
Avatar for jazz from hell

Using plugins for reverb is always a bit unsatisfactory on acoustic instruments to me. I don't have a big enough room to use as a...

jazz from hell
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joeq 23rd February 2017
Avatar for OcclusionEffect

I'm putting together a home studio and I'm looking for the sound of Stainds - Dysfunction and Break The Cycle. I know Mike...

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OcclusionEffect 23rd February 2017
Avatar for mlien

There is surprisingly little information about this that I can find when searching the internet. I am wondering if anyone has...

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Avatar for Wizzomixer
Wizzomixer 23rd February 2017
Avatar for MikeTSH

Hi there! I have a BLA 002 I purchased off of a good friend from this forum. That being said, something recently happened to...

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Avatar for MikeTSH
MikeTSH 23rd February 2017
Avatar for Wet Seal

Newbie question here... How do you A/B studio monitors? Is there a software that does this for you? I just bought a pair...

Wet Seal
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Avatar for teashea
teashea 22nd February 2017
Avatar for Joniverse

It seems like most old drum recordings was done with very few mics, and if it was recorded in stereo, the "Glyn...

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theblue1 22nd February 2017
Avatar for chrismeraz

My mix balance usually changes drastically when I check my final mixes in mono. Anything that was panned hard left and right...

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Avatar for Chris Perra
Chris Perra 22nd February 2017
Avatar for Greg Wells

I recently discovered these in Nashville at Round Hill Studios, the old Quad Studios. They are not only the best studio drummer...

Greg Wells
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Deleted c205829 22nd February 2017
Avatar for HSLand

I've heard that this unit was used on tons of albums but I haven't heard which ones. Does anyone have one of these? There...

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Avatar for Ardis
Ardis 22nd February 2017
Avatar for away msg

hey guys, what do you know about the alisa 1387? do you own one? what do you think of it? do you prefer it over the...

away msg
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away msg 22nd February 2017
Avatar for ThirdEye

Hey, So I just got my AT 4033 mic today, and I have a mic stand set up, but the thread on the stand doesn't fit my shock...

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Avatar for ThirdEye
ThirdEye 22nd February 2017
Avatar for juneaudio

Anyone know about how much Royer charges to re-ribbon a 121? I need it asap and they arent open to call yet. Scott

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Avatar for AJCruz
AJCruz 22nd February 2017
Avatar for djfearny

Hi, Anyone got any experience of the Behringer Control2USB. Looking at selling my Mackie Big Knob and wondered about this as a...

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djfearny 22nd February 2017
Avatar for roobeats

Hi I have just bought a pair of KRK R4 for more room setup and they are giving out a lot of hiss when powered on. When you...

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roobeats 22nd February 2017
Avatar for loizi1

Dear slutz, The last year I've been gathering info and saving up some money (and then buying stuff of course) to slowly achieve...

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Avatar for jude
jude 22nd February 2017