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Just a general question....Which compressor can I get that has the big warm sound of the Manley Vari Mu but NO tubes? I Love the...

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Slug1 17th February 2021
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Hey folks... I just wrote a long thread explaining my entire setup/room etc and it seemed to vanish when posting. I’ll keep...

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NathanBarley 17th February 2021
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Hey all, I'm looking to replace the fans in a n SL661E PSU. We're struggling with noise from our machine room (the previous desk...

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cbc6403 17th February 2021
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I am miking my guitar amp with the fabled R121 + SM57 combo using the Royer Axemount, and recently picked up my first mono...

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ambiguous signal 17th February 2021
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Supposed to work with a female rapper who also sings, and has a somewhat shrill tone... Looking to buy a mic and preamp, both no...

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ambiguous signal 17th February 2021
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Has anyone here used this? There is one on ebay now that looks pretty nice. Thanks

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JDO 16th February 2021
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Hello fellow Gearios, I just bought this very nice looking machine on Ebay yesterday (was too cheap to pass up at 299 euro)...

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maurizio_m 16th February 2021
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Hi there forum! I'm new to the GS forum, but not to music business. I've been a bass player semi-professionally for 15 years...

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Musicncars 16th February 2021
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Hi Guys, I have two TC Helicon Voice Prism one that works perfectly and I recently bought another one for back up However that...

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ThunderMix 16th February 2021
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Hi folks, I'm looking for a new vocal mic. Knowing that their capsules are first rate, I've been looking at BeesNeez, but I'm...

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Wendelgee2 16th February 2021
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Hi to everyone, this is my first post...so be gentle with me for my terrible english hooppie. Today my Eventide didn't want to...

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SP2016 16th February 2021
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I'm looking to make a serious investment in my gear and I'm looking for a mic around the $1000-$2000 range. I do not own a mic...

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Dirk Churlish 16th February 2021
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I'm looking for an EQ that is mostly just for DI guitars. General chain is guitar--> pedalboard--> Strymon Iridium or DSM...

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dilznik 16th February 2021
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Hi there, I have some records I'd like to convert onto digital. Most of them are out of print, and many of them contain...

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Pepe Le Pew 16th February 2021
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I've noticed over the past few weeks that the woofer on one of my mointors is making a clicking/scratching kind of noise. It's...

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blacky123 16th February 2021
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looking for schematics for a soundtracs Sequel II . especially i´m missing the schematics for the Master and also the groups...

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Bowowo 16th February 2021
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What can you guys tell me about the Tascam MSR-16? Thoughts, opinions, tips, tricks, etc.

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Rob Coates 16th February 2021
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K... so... I'm poor but I need to seriously up my vocal game! My studio sounds really great but getting good vocals is very hard...

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lobsterinn 16th February 2021
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Hi! since I am not able to do it I just want you to know it. And If someone is able to do it , I will be glad to make him a...

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bowzin 16th February 2021
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I am currently have a pair of BAE 1028's and was looking for an outboard compressor to handle vocals, acoustic guitars, and bass...

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bgrotto 16th February 2021
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Thought it might be cool to devote a thread to IMHO the greatest American live concert rock band, and certainly one of the...

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ikoman 16th February 2021
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Hello. I bought a pair of powered monitors, mackie mr524 and a mackie 402vlz4 mixer to go along in my setup (pics attached). I...

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Autumnax 16th February 2021
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I've tried searching but coming up empty so far. Anyone aware of some recorded samples of acoustic guitar using the KSM137? I...

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niner 16th February 2021
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hey guys, really in love with the sound of my old Boss Km 60 mixer. Found the Roland PA-120 which seems to be from the same...

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John Caf 16th February 2021
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Hello GearSlutz! I just picked up a Sound Workshop 1280 and can't quite figure out how the console works / each track is...

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scantino 16th February 2021
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I'm looking for a pair of active studio monitors for under $1k to use as my mains. The goal is to find something full range with...

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prospect 16th February 2021
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Here is the situation. I have a single room about 17’x14’ for my home studio. It is heavily treated with 37 large gik bass...

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vernier 16th February 2021
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Hi gang. Just watching a TV special on ABBA. They were ahead of their time I reckon - great Pop hits. Anyone got any ideas or...

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thenoodle 16th February 2021
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I've heard great things about the Sony 7506's, but specifically for vocals, I was wondering if there are any other closed-back...

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chessparov2.0 16th February 2021
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So, the local university closed a couple of studios or upgraded and they sold their Auditronics boards for a reasonable price. I...

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EvLoutonian 16th February 2021
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Hey all, I've used a TSR-8 for years, and I'm looking to pick up a second one. I feel great shame in admitting this, but I don't...

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Drumsound 16th February 2021
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the russian 16th February 2021
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I've noticed that all the "emo" style punk bands all have the same compressor on their tracks. What is that? An SSL G...

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BrettEffinThomas 15th February 2021
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I've just bought used Neumann U87ai microphone on Reverb website from the studio owner from Madrid, Spain. He said, that the ...

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TomPaul 15th February 2021
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Anyone know if the 511 is still available or being made? Asking from UK.

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kmade 15th February 2021
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I bought a P3S on reverb a few months back. Only just got around to testing it today and it doesn’t work. No signal except when...

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TEMAS 15th February 2021
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The Reason Most ITB mixes don’t Sound as good as Analog mixes. This is a repost from another thread. Hope you find it...

Skip Burrows
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Space1999 15th February 2021
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I'm not an aspiring studio owner, just a drummer in a band that records, and with band mates who've recently purchased recording...

Gary D Olson
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Gary D Olson 15th February 2021
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this is a question from the department 'everything i want to know but always was afraid to ask': i extensively use coles 4038...

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chessparov2.0 15th February 2021
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Hey Folks, I've been having some discussions with a small manufacturer on Reverb who builds replacement LCD displays. You can...

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MM1100 15th February 2021
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Hey everybody! I just uploaded this video on my Youtube channel...it is a basic guideline for kick drum processing in a pop or...

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nikodemos 15th February 2021
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Hi Fellow slutz! I decided to upgrade my monitors this past spring and my choice fell upon FOCAL CMS 50. I auditioned them in a...

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pimpam 15th February 2021
Avatar for Audio Child

Anyone with experience using both ? Interested as a mixbus processor and occasional use of mixing here and there.

Audio Child
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Audio Child 15th February 2021
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Hi guys, I would love to invest in a loop machine for in my dj vinyl sets. Preferably one that is not to expensive and has...

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Brunades 15th February 2021
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Hey guys, is there an authentic Yamaha AN1x VST recreation out there? I like it's original dirty and nasty sound but don't have...

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danibert 15th February 2021
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After watch that episode of "Making records with Eric Valentine" where Eric Valentine explain how he use his custom...

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Gjelul 15th February 2021
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Hi, Due to size of my setup. Would it be possible to use both rows as outputs even though one is supposed to be for the...

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pasthq 15th February 2021
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Hello guys, I will buy my first active monitors in few days and Im looking for subwoofer for them. Did some research and...

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Nigel 15th February 2021
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Building a personal/portable overdub studio with 2 high quality channels of tracking. I recently bought a U67 reissue and it's...

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[email protected] 15th February 2021
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Greetings, I am looking for advice on how to receive midi messages from the emu vintage keys to my DX7 Does anyone have...

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Ryal1 15th February 2021