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I'm attempting not to start a "cloudlifter vs fethead vs..." thread but I'm looking for one of these for my sm57 to...

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Sgalb 2nd May 2017
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Hey guys, I am using ADAM A7X monitors for my mixing at the moment due to the fact that my KRK E8T's took a dump! I am finding...

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sourcefor 2nd May 2017
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Hello Guys I'm new in this forum, so this is my first post. I got a Grey Matter E! board installed in my DX7IIFD, and read the...

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dx7iifd 2nd May 2017
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In the movies Split and All Is Lost a bowed double bass is very prominently used. The micing seems to emphasise the harmonics...

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skylantern 2nd May 2017
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Some very old mics have come into my possession, but for the life of me I cannot figure out what kind of connectors they use. The...

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hasbeen 2nd May 2017
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Hi guys I'm currently considering getting one of these mics for rap/sing vocals. I heard that the Rodes are harsher on the...

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thismercifulfate 2nd May 2017
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What is the best reamping box in my price range? I'm looking to get a reamp box because I hate using amp sims now. They sound so...

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Lydsvak 2nd May 2017
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Hi. I just ordered the 50s actually, however I am still in between 50s and 65s. I think Alpha 50 is perfect for my room which is...

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sequence_9 2nd May 2017
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Hey y'all, I'm in need of some advice on some synths I've set my mind on buying. I've been into music production for a while...

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kanyewest42 2nd May 2017
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All of the sudden one of my pre amp channels' XLR input doesn't seem to work. I get signal just fine thru the same pre amp...

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KidA7 2nd May 2017
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Finally bringing my very amateur "studio" to completion and need to get the TRS and MIDI cables so I can hook all my...

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Kineshewa 2nd May 2017
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Hi guys Im running an SSL Matrix and due to a lack of buses, I am thinking of ways to incorporate more parallel processing out...

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Johnny Mack 2nd May 2017
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I currently own a Focusrite Clarett 8pre. I want to extend the amount of inputs using ADAT and I much prefer the price of the...

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JackFocusrite 2nd May 2017
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Hi! For those mixing on consoles, with some analog gear...how are you printing stems for recalls later? What is your magical...

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SDB_12 2nd May 2017
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Hey all, I've been recently considering grabbing myself a pair of Yamaha NS10m for a second reference monitor. I also have...

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jdier 1st May 2017
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Hey guys, situation is as follows: Ridiculous Fact 1: I have Monitor GAS Ridiculous Fact 2: Budget is fairly open...

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zoom25 1st May 2017
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Ok, just curious to see if people can identify the soft synths used in today's songs. Maybe this is a ridiculous idea, but could...

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qwe 1st May 2017
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Deleted d78e603 1st May 2017
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hi ive accidentally ripped out the C64 capacitor instead of the C65, from my mackie HR624 mk1 electrical mainboard. does...

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barvaz 1st May 2017
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A long time ago I worked at a place where lots of people loved the sound of the house kick drum. It had a big cinderblock in it...

Brent Hahn
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lobsterinn 1st May 2017
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Hi! So I love my 3080, particularly in stereo, my interface only has 2 inputs so for other modules I just switch them out - it's...

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RKeefe1032 1st May 2017
Avatar for jml designs

Just scooped up a teac a-2340 simul-sync on the cheap. Even though it only takes 7" and runs 7.5 ips I know I can get some...

jml designs
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MoTech 1st May 2017
Avatar for jml designs

Was gonna get the Fet iii to slap on my buss comp but then saw the Daking VCA 500 Series Compressor/Limiters online and thoughts...

jml designs
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Avatar for Skip Burrows
Skip Burrows 1st May 2017
Avatar for Royaldeadman

Just dithered down my whole studio for a mobile rig so I could focus on doing vocals in my car, away from my family. I need to be...

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E-money 1st May 2017
Avatar for theEmbark

Hey guys, I'm looking for a new mixing console. I need at least 16 channels but would go up to 32 if I could fit it in my...

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m_gant 1st May 2017
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Hi All, I have an xfilter 500 and am thinking of picking up a Hammer. Anyone out there who can give me a comparison between the...

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shobud 1st May 2017
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I picked up an o1v with an ADAT I/O card already installed. I want to sync the mixer to my Apogee E2 and get them talking, and...

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TheSoundGuyZA 1st May 2017
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I'm looking to get some 8 inch monitors in the near future and I've been looking at the Focal Alpha 80's or Presonus Spectre 8's....

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splattergrind 1st May 2017
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I am working towards better integrating all of the parts of my setup. One of my thoughts was to use a pedal chain in the aux...

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Kiwi 1st May 2017
Avatar for FrodeFresh

Dear friends first of all, I know that this question must be slightly difficult to answer. I have not been that active on this...

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badmark 1st May 2017
Avatar for erike123

I have used A7 for many years. I'm now considering the S3X-H. How do they sound compared to the A7s? Do they have sort of the...

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erike123 1st May 2017
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Finley 30th April 2017
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As the title says, I think I may have a broken SM7B. When i plug it into my Great River I get no signal what so ever. Its always...

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phaceless 30th April 2017
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Hi there! As quick background, I've been playing guitar for most of my life. I started using a slide and then a tone bar on...

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mbvoxx 30th April 2017
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Am wondering if the Rycote Inv-7 Pop Filter Kit is designed to allow the pop filter to move with angle adjustment changes to the...

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Pollo 30th April 2017
Avatar for Jack_Goodison

I assume most people will instantly feel the D112 is better because it's a household name and slightly more expensive. But I'm...

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Jack_Goodison 30th April 2017
Avatar for Philoso

Ok I'm wondering if anyone has a similar setup and has dealt with this same issue. I have an old M-Audio Fast Track Pro (which I...

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veks 30th April 2017
Avatar for Carabinerx

I've been debating getting one of these, they look great on paper and in reviews. Looking for a more 1176 style thing to tame a...

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Carabinerx 30th April 2017
Avatar for elasticc

Hi, I have a yamaha spx 1000 multi effect unit, and i seem to be getting crackle/surface noise/pink noise coming through the...

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elasticc 30th April 2017
Avatar for assman420

Hello! A couple of months ago, I bought my first reel-to-reel, an Akai 280D-SS, I realized that I couldn't multi track on the...

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Oldone 30th April 2017
Avatar for Tomdavids

I was wondering how you guys compared your mixes to finished mixes while still mixing. I'm in ableton live and am sick of...

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jwh1192 30th April 2017
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i was told is for audio,it come from tv station

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zhou 30th April 2017
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Hello I have spoken to mic guys in Toronto and nobody knows what it is. I tried the google image search and all that. One guy...

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uros72 30th April 2017
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I recently blew the dust off the prototype of a somewhat complex and exotic (to say the least!) analog phaser I originally...

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parousia 30th April 2017
Avatar for Bryanjharris

I know a few of you have some iteration of this mixer and use it frequently. I have one being restored and I was wondering who...

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Bryanjharris 30th April 2017
Avatar for sslneve

What do you think? which is the best choice? I've read that Fet ii has transformers, and iii has not. and I've noticed that Fet...

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jml designs 30th April 2017
Avatar for Kitchendick

Hello there. I'm having trouble (or "truly blessed" as my computer just tried to autocorrect) finding any info on...

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Kitchendick 29th April 2017
Avatar for That guy

The other day I went into reaper to mix a song and noticed when I hit play nothing happens. It said play but no sound and the...

That guy
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That guy 29th April 2017
Avatar for iksrazal

I just moved back from overseas to the USA, and I have around 64U of gear to rack - see the "My Studio" link on my...

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Bassmankr 29th April 2017
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Have you heard Ryan's latest effort? Great songs but most important, I love how it sounds. Have a listen if you haven't already....

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Deleted d78e603 29th April 2017