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About to drop some real dime on my first vocal tracking comp....I do pop/hip hop. Narrowed it down to these two. Anyone...

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Unclenny 15th May 2017
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I used to own a Retro Powerstrip and it was one of the few pieces of gear I've ever owned that genuinely imparted a warm/fuzzy...

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jdurango 15th May 2017
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Hello - Any recommendations on how to create truly cosmic shimmery pads? A couple of examples, both of which seem to...

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Kiwi 15th May 2017
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Hey everyone! So I was doing some research on different microphone options and I came across a video of Avantone presenting a new...

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WilfredoFernando 15th May 2017
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I'm confused about speaker height on my desk. The speaker tweeters are above my head but. I have prime acoustics pads pointing at...

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Swing 15th May 2017
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Hi, Configuration: HDX card 2x 192 IO Apogee rosetta 800 connected with AES to 192 IO. Sony DMX-R100 connected with AES...

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kayaman 15th May 2017
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I found a interesting way to use hardware while mixing. For an example I will route my bass through a UA 1176 and then export the...

Jason rocks
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Jason rocks 15th May 2017
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Hey everyone, I am looking to upgrade my Audio-Interface and wanted to get everyone's opinion (good/bad experiences)....

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deveion 15th May 2017
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Hi guys!! I'm desperately searching for the MB32 meter bridge for the Mackie 32.8 bus console. These things have been out if...

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Deleted 300228d 15th May 2017
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Hi, I recently came across a 'Sennheiser MD420-2' in a local shop for around £80. I've never seen one of these before and can't...

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SuperSonic60 15th May 2017
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Anyone know what mixer this is? Photo 1 Photo 2 Can't figure it out from these bad photos.

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sirpunkly 14th May 2017
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The board I have uses Y cables for insert points. I was reading about how others are setting their inserts up on a 'bay and they...

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BigGreen 14th May 2017
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Anyone have experience or seen reviews of relatively new Radial SpaceHeater? http://www.radialeng.com/spaceheater.php I...

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JGM 14th May 2017
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Hi folks, With all the interest in tape as an effect (saturation, etc), are there good tape machines in production that would...

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psycho_monkey 14th May 2017
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Hello! I would really appreciate some help regarding this Studer 980. I am putting together a mix studio and have been offered...

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LeMauce 14th May 2017
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I dont see a thread going on these since they dropped. Now that these inexpensive units have been out a few years, is anyone...

jml designs
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jml designs 14th May 2017
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I'm sure a lot of people have experience my pain in trying to get the stupid little mic stand adaptor screw out of the mic...

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Eli_Maagic 14th May 2017
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So I am trying to connect the new studio room I've bought with my mixing/control room. To lay it out simple: I have my computer...

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Syphax 13th May 2017
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Hi everyone, I am in the process of setting up a hybrid home studio and the time has come to ask advice on mixers. I want to...

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Terry McInturff 13th May 2017
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This Polish manufacturer is around for 10 years now, but not very popular, even though people who purchased APSs appear to be...

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mamm7215 13th May 2017
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Hi All, I am currently doing a small studio build out and I am looking for a headphone monitoring solution. Any advice or...

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javamad 13th May 2017
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Hi guys, Slightly concerned here. I recently purchased a Brauner VMX. I have it inside an Isoxox2 booth, going through a...

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astridelektra 13th May 2017
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With plug ins that have improved in sound lately with their advantage of providing multiple instances with saved...

Jason rocks
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Jason rocks 13th May 2017
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Hey just a quick shout out to people who have used these 3 500 series eq's. I'm planning on just picking up one for tracking...

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kmade 13th May 2017
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When I play live, I use a Neve RNDI between my Guitar Amp and the speaker cabinet (RNDI in Speaker Mode) - this takes a signal...

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Kiwi 13th May 2017
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Cutting to the chase: I have ground/earthing problems that I need solved. I've been doing my hw, and mostly need...

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m127f 13th May 2017
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Does anyone mix or track on the OPPO PM3s? If so, what is it like? If you tried and it doesn't work, why doesn't it...

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watersedge1234 13th May 2017
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I'm about to record a warm and soulful rap EP. I'm going for the same vibe of Common's "Be" or "Finding...

Lando Calrissian
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Sanchez 13th May 2017
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Our room is 13x23' and has floor to ceiling 4" 703 bass traps in all corners along with an additional 6 traps where the...

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veks 12th May 2017
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Hi! For some it might be obvious, but I'd really like to know what what kind of drum machine could have been used in the original...

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briangitaar 12th May 2017
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Hello guys! I'm wondering what it sounds like if you stuff electret capsules or earbud-style binaural mics in your ears and...

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Deleted 10089a2 12th May 2017
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Hello, Was just recording with my Dave Smith Mopho and when all audio was recorded it didn't sound like i played it. The sound...

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datafeist 12th May 2017
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Hey all I was just wondering if anyone has any ideas on "Class-A" microphones that would suit my voice or the Prism...

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Rixsta 12th May 2017
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I am sat in my little studio, with steady business (though it is not my main job yet) and I have some good gear. Like many of...

[email protected]
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BigGreen 12th May 2017
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Anyone who uses a 441 for bottom snare care to share the mic settings? What works best for you? I am talking about the...

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GreenNeedle 12th May 2017
Avatar for ELECTRO8914

I know that this is a snare used in UK Garage a lot. But what snare is it? Not a 909.. no clue what it is. It's throughout the...

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Micoholic 12th May 2017
Avatar for Ojd

Hello. Is there software that takes line-in signal (sync track of 4 track machine) and spits out midi clock + spp , which I can...

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Pollo 12th May 2017
Avatar for boomer81

My next purchase is gonna be a console one mkii. Using pro tools 12 so will be stuck with hui. I need somthing with faders as...

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boomer81 12th May 2017
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Hi! I'm looking for some advice. I'm a solo female artist developing product for the EDM/pop genre. I typically (with the...

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JayTee4303 12th May 2017
Avatar for Tango4Cash

What type of consoles fit this criteria? 24 channels good eq and bussing Nice gluey big sound under 5k for a used one I...

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gaspard 12th May 2017
Avatar for DAS19

I see, Altec 1567a Pultec EQP-1 Pultec MEQ Fairchild 660 Analog phase meter Does anyone know what those 4 units above the...

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bitman 12th May 2017
Avatar for noodle650

What are peoples opinions of the above console? am speccing out a new studio and came across this the other other day. 24 in-line...

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gaspard 12th May 2017
Avatar for enestens

Thanks for all the advice so far, slutz! I have a chance to work with a rap/trap artist that is a little out of my league. ...

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Mister Karloff 12th May 2017
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I'm looking to buy a 4 or 8 track tape recorder - trying to decide between spending the money on a reel to reel or just keep...

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unfiltered420 12th May 2017
Avatar for boomer81

Ive been using a pair of jbl lsr 4328p monitors. They have issues the firmware is messed up anright one has 7db less output its a...

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pw2005 12th May 2017
Avatar for Eq_1084

Someone recommended me Voxbox with the Reference Mic for Vocals, But we didnt discussed Core. I want to know if anyone used both...

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Avatar for Ric4001
Ric4001 12th May 2017
Avatar for MusicManic

I'm currently recording acoustic guitar with a KM84 as the mid, which I like a lot, but the Gefell UM92S that I am using for the...

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Sharp11 12th May 2017
Avatar for andersmv

I have a pair of Rode K2 mics right now. It's one of those mics that I've owned and sold a few times over the years solely on the...

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Whoopysnorp 12th May 2017
Avatar for cake100

Could someone help. I have never used a patchbay and thus have no experience. Can a patchbay do this? I have 8 instruments...

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BarcelonaMusic 12th May 2017
Avatar for CriscoDisco

Hey fellas. I've got somewhat of a unique recording situation on my hands and am looking for some advice. I'm trying to get the...

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CriscoDisco 12th May 2017