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I’m looking to freshen up the studio a little with some green friends! Anyone have any recommendations? Total noob when it...

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nasirabbas 30th January 2021
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Been searching around for an answer to the issue - please forgive my ignorance on the subject. We have a Sony APR 24-track but...

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Aural Endeavors 30th January 2021
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So I’m really liking the sound of the vocal and guitar in this video, but I’m not certain of the exact model of the...

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Progger 30th January 2021
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Gday, Was wondering if someone could shed some light on this for me. Is the only way to get the talkback mic working in...

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jpustin 30th January 2021
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And the various microphones, that record them. BTW I've noticed that Saxophone Players, tend to be among the coolest cats...

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ElmoHope 30th January 2021
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Hello! I recently started a little blog about PM's studio Hog Hill Mill. There are still a few pieces of gear that are stumping...

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RBHan 30th January 2021
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Currently I am using the SSL sigma which I really enjoy using but a console in the size of the matrix would be nice. What I...

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ARIEL 30th January 2021
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Through listening a lot of good music from the 70ties and 80ties, I noticed that some of these recordings are very very good....

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KungFuLio 30th January 2021
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Hello all, Does anyone have any experience of using mic level DA's to send your signal to multiple pre-amps? I'm currently...

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cheu78 29th January 2021
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Hi everyone, I'm going crazy right now searching the right product for my use case. What I originally wanted to do was get a...

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deedeeyeah 29th January 2021
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Hi folks, I'm looking for a music attorney based in Los Angeles. Please post here or PM any recommendations. Thanks!

Lazer Toms
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Lazer Toms 29th January 2021
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Hey guys I bought an alesis quadraverb on ebay with a two pin plug (the seller conveniently hid this in the pics); i'm based in...

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jeebles 29th January 2021
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I need some desktop mic stand recommendations.

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boombapdame 29th January 2021
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I just purchased 3 Gator rack cases 6U Rack Shallow 14.25" depth and I am wondering what would the proper caster board with...

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Swatman 29th January 2021
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Product Press Release Contact: Vince Poulos 760-723-4281 Voice [email protected] New X.Sum Line Mixer San Diego,...

vince @ speck
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Scrypt 29th January 2021
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Hi, I will try and keep it short. Past few weeks my DPS has stopped working. It started with it not booting up until after...

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De Melo 29th January 2021
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I'm very tempted to buy the JBL 306p (6.5" woofer) monitors. I had the 305p (5") for a week or so. I loved them, but...

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Navigator 29th January 2021
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Well, after searching through the forum and not finding the thread I was looking for, I decieded to start one. I think it's a...

Lucin Niega
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Kronos147 29th January 2021
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Will use a hypothetical situation to ask this question. Let's say I have a production with an acoustic rhythm guitar recorded...

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StevenLMorgan 29th January 2021
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hey guys, I have a kinda special request: we are a small circle of hand drummers (djembe and darbuka), playing wild, loud and...

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BluesTrain 29th January 2021
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Since I decided I wanna try to make some music, at least recording, without computer, I was thinking of a multitrack recorder. I...

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paseppa 29th January 2021
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Anyone know about the SPECTRAL digital recording system in the mid-90s? I've talked to Rob Schnapf and Tom Rothrock about this...

Larry Crane
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stringbean67 29th January 2021
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Hello fellow Gear Slutz, Just ordered the AT 4060. I will only be recording vocals with it. Genre: Hip hop / Rnb...

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hughshouse 29th January 2021
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Hi all! I am currently in the market for an audio interface upgrade, but I am not sure if I NEED to do it or not. I have a...

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liberty610 29th January 2021
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Where are all the mic makers getting their wood boxes for mics? I have a TLM 49 that I want to store in a box, but I'd prefer to...

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CJ Mastering 29th January 2021
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Hi, I have a Behringer HA400 phoneamp that will be connected to another room in my studio, with a TRS jack (input). The...

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RobinJacobsson 29th January 2021
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I've been looking for months now and it kind of seems like the Phoenix Nicerizer 16 MK2, the Dangerous Music 2 Bus + and the...

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Hal 29th January 2021
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Can someone do a comparison recording and/or tell me their experience between the two? I like how lowkey the micro monitors are...

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Baldy 29th January 2021
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Hi guys ! This lovely pair of focal shape 50 is being sold after one year of use at a reasonable price. however, the seller...

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horuhoruki 29th January 2021
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Hi everyone, I am looking to add a synth to my collection, I'm primarily a guitar player. I am between the Behringer Poly-D and...

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jazzcabbage 29th January 2021
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since they have the most accurate data, or publish software compatible freq responses? someone come up with a publishing...

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ambiguous signal 29th January 2021
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I'm considering the leap into the lunchbox outboard approach as it seems it'd benefit my workflow. I currently have a UAD appolo...

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zwolf 29th January 2021
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Hi, I'm looking for a pair of headphones to compliment my mixing and mastering while taking work at home. I do use a pair...

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phanlon 29th January 2021
Avatar for jthom

I'm wondering, now in late 2020 with the Apollo x8, is it still worth it to get a Burl B2 Bomber to handle conversion duties, or...

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rosshc44 29th January 2021
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Hey friends What are your thoughts on the DAC's of those interfaces, and how do they hold up against the DAC's of say a lynx...

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lbumae 29th January 2021
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Hello, The Apogee Symphony mkii has that annoying db25 jack, where you are expected to have an awful mess of xlr connectors...

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TEEspresso 29th January 2021
Avatar for Ryth

hi! SO- im searching for a high end mic for the homestudio ive been building up since corona hit. Famous rappers/singers with...

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b0se 29th January 2021
Avatar for tgobbel

Hi, I am deciding to upgrade my monitors in my home studio. I have been really leaning towards the Mackie MR824 because of...

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Alchemist_ 29th January 2021
Avatar for SDB_12

Hey all! I've looked everywhere and cannot find much on this stuff at all! I'm looking for a great 2 channel chain that will...

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SDB_12 28th January 2021
Avatar for macubex

Hi Guys I'm getting 3 pair of digital speakers with AES inputs for my new studio, I can get an Avocet and feed them analog...

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macubex 28th January 2021
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Perhaps file this under "kicking the hornet's nest", but Lewitt microphones don't seem very inspiring to me. I picked...

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Mario-C. 28th January 2021
Avatar for Udi Koomran

Any users here that care to share their experience with these ?

Udi Koomran
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Udi Koomran 28th January 2021
Avatar for stixstudios

I've got lots of tunes in my head that need Drums. My brother plays drums, but unfortunately he is out of the scene at the...

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cqd 28th January 2021
Avatar for ehensn

Hey guys, I'm trying to get into the 2000's and out of Lightjockey to control my light shows. Some fixtures I'm running are led...

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bambamboom 28th January 2021
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Just saw this in my news feed. Pretty cool! Hey - I guess we can call this thing a...

Deleted 9d8db46
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Sugarnutz 28th January 2021
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Happened to have a pair of both at the studio a while back and took some photos side by side because I remember someone asking...

theo aronson
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theo aronson 28th January 2021
Avatar for messofsound876

I recently started vocal chopping. Two questions. 1. Which plugins should I be using to process vocal chops? I'm not going...

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messofsound876 28th January 2021
Avatar for DriftinMatt

Hi all! I have a 1950s Shure 51 I just acquired. It works but, as expected, the grill cloth is deteriorating fast. I read...

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DriftinMatt 28th January 2021
Avatar for mazza93

Hello, I'm having an issue with my tube mic, the Pearlman TM-1. When I talk at 0° in front of the capsule, about 10 cm...

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Brent Hahn 28th January 2021
Avatar for Jeff16years

What 2ch ADC would be an upgrade to my Rosetta 200? Thank you! -Jeff

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Jeff16years 28th January 2021