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I must connect some devices having consumer SPDIF digital out to my console equipped with pro AES3 in. So I need such multiple...

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jetam 13th April 2021
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I'm finally getting around to replacing my M-Audio Bx5a's, and I was looking at the Focal Shape 65's. They seem to get good...

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thismercifulfate 13th April 2021
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Short and sweet: These are very accurate monitors. They translate incredibly well. I have been using them for about 90 days for...

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Paul_G 13th April 2021
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lol friggin clients bringing in loops ..i eq a trigger gate and extract..then eq and treat the separates..it can be a PIA but...

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Sigma 13th April 2021
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I was looking to have a discussion about the Behringer Ultramizer 1400P and to get some suggestions for alternatives. We use...

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XeonFlare 13th April 2021
Avatar for mega z

Anyone here using EQP501 by sound skulptor? i am curious about it but havnt found information like reviews or comparisons...

mega z
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aintitfun 13th April 2021
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Hi, I need some tips/advice on my Tascam 48! He’s been in storage and has not been operational since 15 years! I’ve...

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studioguitarman 13th April 2021
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Hi, I'm a film composer who needs the best possible monitor speakers under 20k euro for a pair. I track, mix and master....

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FrankDandrea 13th April 2021
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Hello, I'd like to move my 2 Avedis MA5s from a portable lunchbox to a rack and was wondering if anyone uses this combo...

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zmainardi 13th April 2021
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Okay, so spending more time at home playing the piano - actually it's a digital synth with weighted keys - I decided I could...

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KeyboardPlayer 13th April 2021
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Hi everyone, i have the chance to get a TC M5000, it doesnt have the md2 upgrade, i am mostly interested in it to use it as a...

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deedeeyeah 13th April 2021
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I just picked up a used AT4050 mic. On Omni or Fig8 mode everything is normal (edit: actually, only the back side of the mic...

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tessitura 13th April 2021
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Hi. i'm interested how to get "that" drum sound: The Chameleons - Home Is Where The Heart Is I know about gating,...

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weaveofkev 13th April 2021
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Alright folks... Let's talk about this vocal. How to achieve? YouTube Here's a similar vibe: YouTube

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weaveofkev 13th April 2021
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Any suggestions for mic choices recording a trombone? It's an electro-acoustic project and the Trombone is played over synths and...

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Avatar for thismercifulfate
thismercifulfate 13th April 2021
Avatar for bill5

Curious to hear people who have done this, what you used, and how you felt it worked out.

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bill5 13th April 2021
Avatar for 3rd&4thT

IGS Audio - Profesional Studio Equipment. - Start Has anybody heard this unit, and does it share the tonal personality of other...

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goodshade 13th April 2021
Avatar for hakonbachman

Hello, I bought a Roland VT-4 a little over a week ago. It does the job but there's constant glitchy sounds. This is an example...

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bigspanky 13th April 2021
Avatar for The Blindude

Hello all Been listening to this lately. Since I was little, I'm trying to figure out what is the source of the...

The Blindude
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bambamboom 12th April 2021
Avatar for Dojodrum

Hey guys, Currently I have a modded out Tangent 3216 inline console that I have been using as a summing mixer and preamp bank....

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Avatar for countrymetalguy
countrymetalguy 12th April 2021
Avatar for Master Moss

Salutations Slutz, I have been recording with Pro Tools for the last 10 years. Before that I was recording on hard disk...

Master Moss
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Avatar for althemusicwizard
althemusicwizard 12th April 2021
Avatar for pan

Howdy! AD 8000 with 1394 Ambus Card over Firewire... I'm thinking about going this way with my powerbook for location...

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studeo74 12th April 2021
Avatar for John.true

Hey all, I’m new around here but have certainly spent my fair share of time reading thru a million threads over the years when...

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Avatar for dinococcus
dinococcus 12th April 2021
Avatar for Sad Iron Studio

About 10 years ago I had an old Allen & Heath 24 channel board I used as a front end for my studio with a motu 828 mii and an...

Sad Iron Studio
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Avatar for kennybro
kennybro 12th April 2021
Avatar for wineredno1

Is this console still in what was Allaire Studios or has it moved on to somewhere else? I know that A7971 with its Focusrite...

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Avatar for seby
seby 12th April 2021
Avatar for danDNA

Henlo all. i have been kindly gifted a Tascam 388 so am in the process of restoring it with the old man, who likes to tinker with...

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Avatar for studioguitarman
studioguitarman 12th April 2021
Avatar for piano

Help! Fix for Fatar Keyboard Squeaks? What is the fix for a Fatar weighted keyboard that squeaks? See below. Note: on...

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jabberwalky 12th April 2021
Avatar for funky_munkey

I got Focal Trios, placed on my desk. The sound isn't what I expected. I'm fairly sure it's my room so now I don't know what to...

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Avatar for santibanks
santibanks 12th April 2021
Avatar for Dampie007

Someone here that can help me with these speakers? I have Far AV 10.D speakers but lost the software install for controlling the...

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Dampie007 12th April 2021
Avatar for Art

Can anybody tell me the difference between these 2 microphones? Thanks a lot. Art

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Avatar for soundmonkey
soundmonkey 12th April 2021
Avatar for pemberley

Last night, I thought I'd try my luck at the D-Comp lottery, having heard some great samples and not really expecting to grab...

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Avatar for elegentdrum
elegentdrum 12th April 2021
Avatar for brunomulinario

Hey guys! I’m about to get some analog warm for my cold ITB mixes. First thought is getting a mix buss compressor and some...

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Method Man 12th April 2021
Avatar for Gertone

Hi there, I'm new here. I was struggling on where to put this post, so if it is not in the correct section, my...

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Gertone 12th April 2021
Avatar for rdsyo

Has anyone had the chance to compare these two mics? Looking for and SDC for Acoustic Guitar. The CM28 is intriguing

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rdsyo 12th April 2021
Avatar for cheater

Hi, I was wondering what sorts of distortion numbers people have measured in their Class D (and related) amplifiers, measured at...

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cheater 12th April 2021
Avatar for cheater

Hi all, I am slowly building up a mastering studio. For my PMC MB2 XBD setup I am looking for a simple stereo preamp. I am...

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cheater 12th April 2021
Avatar for CJ1973

Can anyone spot the gear here? Synths : Oberheim, Moon, Juno 106? Preamps : v76 pair? Comps: La2a, Distressors Monitors : NS10,...

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Avatar for kittaylordreamz
kittaylordreamz 12th April 2021
Avatar for abletonide

I am a happy owner of a fireface 800 from several years A few months ago I started having problems such as: the board would...

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abletonide 12th April 2021
Avatar for Jethro

Hello I'm trying to connect my Allen & Heath GSR-24 to Avocet IIA the only output I have in my GSR24 Is ADAT, Avocet got...

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Avatar for Jethro
Jethro 12th April 2021
Avatar for raymondwave

I just recently dug up my old AKG 240 Monitors (600ohms), which I haven't used in years. I was under the impression 600 ohms need...

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Avatar for gigid
gigid 12th April 2021
Avatar for hylaster

I'm wondering if any RE-301 users can clear something up for me about the sound on sound function: If I understand the block...

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Avatar for hylaster
hylaster 11th April 2021
Avatar for Ivan Mihaljevic

Hey folks! I'm looking for a new pair of nearfields for my small treated control room and after a lot of reading I've narrowed...

Ivan Mihaljevic
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Avatar for Ivan Mihaljevic
Ivan Mihaljevic 11th April 2021
Avatar for Murolilia

So i consider buying Beyerdynamics DT 990 Pro (250 ohm impedance) and an audio interface. But i really don't know very much about...

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Avatar for timmymacdd
timmymacdd 11th April 2021
Avatar for ImShure

I'm using a Shure SM7B with an MKIII Gap Pre-73 and a Focusrite Scarlett 3rd gen (USB -> computer) to exclusively record...

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Avatar for ImShure
ImShure 11th April 2021
Avatar for pqlior

Hey guys, I have a bunch of these units (HTPS7000) and some came without rack ears. I know a few other models have compatible...

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Avatar for algorithmruss
algorithmruss 11th April 2021
Avatar for Deleted User

I just bought a pair of Alpha 50s. really nice sound for price point - but I have a buzz/hum sound from each speaker when powered...

Deleted User
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Avatar for alphanoise
alphanoise 11th April 2021
Avatar for FreshProduce

$300 with a 2 year warrantee through sweetwater is a pretty solid deal for such a unit imo.. but I hear so many people trash the...

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Avatar for GreenNeedle
GreenNeedle 11th April 2021
Avatar for floxe

hey, i got some mv692's and quite a lot of capsules. they all sound quite different, but i have two m70's and m94's which...

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Avatar for GuitarPimp
GuitarPimp 11th April 2021
Avatar for MFE222

Guys, I know those passive summing boxes like Fulcrum, DIY-RE SB2 or Little Lab. We use mic pres after those devices to regain...

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Avatar for zvukofor
zvukofor 11th April 2021
Avatar for coloradobenedic

Hey all, I love old EV microphones and already own two standard branded RE10s and some 635a's... killer for lots of stuff, but...

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Avatar for coloradobenedic
coloradobenedic 11th April 2021