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Does anyone know where to find a decent desk for less than a grand? I love this one but it's over two grand after shipping and...

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beckmule 27th June 2017
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I was wondering if buying a 6 year old Neumann M147 is a good idea. The price is right and I only ask because don't the valves...

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Tomdavids 26th June 2017
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Quick question. Want to get a few cheap DI channels. Looking at the Behringer DI4000 and DI800. Anyone have any experience with...

Tom Higgins
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mkendall 26th June 2017
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Bought a U87ai as my first high end vocal mic. Loving its versatility so far. Although its a little bright for some sources,...

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theguitarfreak 26th June 2017
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On this mixer, are the sends/returns configured for only one stereo loop or can they be split into two seperate mono loops...

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jeebles 26th June 2017
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I recently got my recording equipment (for audio books) and have been recording away. I also got a Pelican case. However, I...

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andersmv 26th June 2017
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I have been a Lynx Hilo user for a number of years, feeding it with high quality preamps. In addition to being my ADDA...

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doncaparker 26th June 2017
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I bought some KRK monitors, B-stock, on sale or return, 2 years ago. A burst of digital noise destroyed a tweeter the other...

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mc_deli 26th June 2017
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What is the best preamp that add color on the market now?

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steelyfan 26th June 2017
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Karloff70 26th June 2017
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Hey All, I have two questions: 1. Is the Burl Vancouver a true, noticeable step up in sonic quality, or just a slight...

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HobbyRobby 26th June 2017
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I've got a MR-8HD 8 track recorder with tons of music on there and the screen got busted when I was moving. The machine still...

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pitchbend 26th June 2017
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How was this amazing drummer (Brian Blade) recorded? It sounds wonderful to my ears, but my eyes aren't able to pick up...

Jack Orff
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kennybro 26th June 2017
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Hypothetical question, someone calls you and wants you to play/program on a song they are working on. But your car is only so...

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Noisewagon 26th June 2017
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Trying to compare JLM LA500 vs Igs Audio Photon 500, both seem to be LA-2a clones in 500 series. Igs Audio Photon costs a tiny...

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RTG 26th June 2017
Avatar for The Press Desk

Nominate your favourite headphones over $300 The GS community has helped us to determine ten great pairs of headphones under...

The Press Desk
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Bob Ross 26th June 2017
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I have recently switched back to working with my acoustic instruments/ "non-electronic music" stuff. Particularly...

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KRStudio 25th June 2017
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Teh returning question.. Will we see a Nord Stage 3? And even more so, will it be inovative?

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Ulf Soderlund 25th June 2017
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Has anyone here ever heard of a Scully Model 260? From what I can gather the 270 was the first.

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B.Rupe 25th June 2017
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What is responsible for the natural compressed sound neumann mics seem to have? For example in this shootout (link below) the...

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Brent Hahn 25th June 2017
Avatar for MWP

Anyone used the new Drawmer 1968 MKII yet? It still has the Big switch, but it now has an additional bigger switch setting, which...

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Donpepperoni 25th June 2017
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Hi, So I'm moving to a smaller room (tracking and mixing) and started reconsidering the whole 8" monitor thing. I became...

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Wiggy Neve Slut 25th June 2017
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Here's a video where I explain how I use SMPTE mute automation with my Creation Audio Labs modded Soundcraft Ghost 32. It's a...

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deuc647 25th June 2017
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Hey all, title says it all. Im looking at getting the krk vxt 4's and a subwoofer, or buying the vxt 6's and getting a sub a...

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garyjones42 25th June 2017
Avatar for MSCLS

Any other Joe Meek C2 owners in here? I kid you not, picked up the unit with the rack mount kit for $70 bucks a few weeks...

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ZEF 24th June 2017
Avatar for kingofkingsmusic

Hello, I am doing a product review about the Presonus Eris E5 Speakers (for a university project) and I wanted to get your...

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joelpatterson 24th June 2017
Avatar for FrankJaegr

I have an Allen & Heath GL2200 Mixing Console, but I'm not quite sure if I need a power amplifier to be using this. My...

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FrankJaegr 24th June 2017
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Hello:cowbell: This is my first entry in Gear Slutz. Grateful for the opportunity to ask some simple questions to so many audio...

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Sniperschool 24th June 2017
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Hi gearslutz, I am a producer in the Netherlands and am looking for an upgrade of my microphone collection. I now own:...

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RKeefe1032 24th June 2017
Avatar for circuitsynth

I've been using an Otari MX70 16 track 1" for some time and with satisfaction/success other than in the low frequency range...

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ruffrecords 24th June 2017
Avatar for jccares

Please listen to the attached file! My experience with Tube amps is very limited.I have been enjoying my PODs most of the time.I...

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jccares 24th June 2017
Avatar for Octave Octavio

I know people who do field recording likes this mic a lot but has anyone been using it in the studio to record acoustic...

Octave Octavio
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Octave Octavio 24th June 2017
Avatar for MikeDefaria

So We (Atlas Sound Review) had the Chance to Get one of the NEW WA412 Pre amps From Warm Audio . this thing is UNREAL. ...

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Avatar for Joe Porto
Joe Porto 24th June 2017
Avatar for Bungler

Hi everyone, I'm primarily a home studio, electric guitars only, 1 vocal in a booth, type guy, and my band will be doing a...

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Bungler 24th June 2017
Avatar for zowno

Like really, where do I start programming this beast? I haven't been able to find any resources to get me started. It is a...

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Naive Teen Idol 24th June 2017
Avatar for squint

I just got an OB-6 and I have an Apogee Element 24 which I love, but I am wondering if I should just take the OB-6 straight into...

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squint 23rd June 2017
Avatar for zvaramiro

Greetings to everyone. I am planning on buying a budget condenser mic. I am interested in these three models. I have a good...

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dickiefunk 23rd June 2017
Avatar for Mr Funk

Wonder if the extended soundstage etc will be just hype? Good to see Graphene being used...

Mr Funk
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Mr Funk 23rd June 2017
Avatar for kaalings

Hello all! I recently got a pair of these 3U warbler mics and this weird thing keeps happening. The Warbler has a three-way...

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Avatar for legato
legato 23rd June 2017
Avatar for tomjonson

Hi guys, I'm trying to connect an older Apogee Duet (Firewire) to some Neumann KH120 speakers and looking at which cable to...

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pentagon 23rd June 2017
Avatar for jpaudio

tape echos


Wondering which echo units engineers find useful in the studio... i've been thinking of picking up one or two for a while...

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6795884 23rd June 2017
Avatar for Ijustmake-Beats

Does anyone here know where I can order a replacement tube for my MXL V69? It fell during a session the other day and now sounds...

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UJAYNE 23rd June 2017
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I put this in "Live Sound," too, I wasn't sure which would be more appropriate. Sorry to double-post. My voice: I...

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Bushman 23rd June 2017
Avatar for wackoworldmusic

Hi Gearslutz community, I just purchased a Midas XL48, the 8-preamp rack mount item from Midas. I have found that the input...

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wackoworldmusic 23rd June 2017
Avatar for CruztoCruz

Hi everyone, i have recently bought a Roland JD800. I have an issue with it, when i´m playing some presets the frequency goes...

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CruztoCruz 23rd June 2017
Avatar for Evens1

Good morning all This is a tech question that I suspect several of you gents and ladies can help me with. My PCM 70's...

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Avatar for RodCaser
RodCaser 23rd June 2017
Avatar for jgirv

Just for fun (I mean it!) ... is it a "thing" that so many synth demo-ers turn the pots with THEIR WHOLE ARM?? Is it...

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Avatar for acidlab
acidlab 23rd June 2017
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pentagon 23rd June 2017
Avatar for trenten7

Hi everyone, I just purchased an Apollo Twin and Logic Pro X and would like to learn how to utilize them both, does anyone...

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jgwire 23rd June 2017
Avatar for theblue1

Any clue as to manufacturer? Also, I suppose the wooden carry case might seem to suggest a short run product -- or at least...

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Avatar for theblue1
theblue1 22nd June 2017