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what are my options? find an old AI-3 or what? I don't need the pres just the conversion. what comes to mind? cheap? good?

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actarus_23 16th August 2017
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I've been listening to a lot of Daniel Lanois' solo work lately, and while my title asks about one song in particular, I'm...

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Drumsound 16th August 2017
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Someone in a town next to me is selling a Rode NT2000 for 60% the list price OBO(or best offer). This is my first time getting a...

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Hunter123 16th August 2017
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I just purchased a pcm80 and on startup the display says 'E4. When I press 'Load' this results in the error: ''Diagnostic Failure...

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Alrod 16th August 2017
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Did some searching but only found a few mentions of people using a Carver (different models than a 6200) power amp with NS-10s. ...

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MoJel 16th August 2017
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(please ignore i do not know how to delete )

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solarpanelasses 16th August 2017
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wtf man, red is way too harsh of a compressor to me. midnight was nice and transparent, i'm so bummed i bought the red, and not...

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Deleted 300228d 16th August 2017
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whtup I'm looking to get a nice combo guitar amp under $1000 (preferably under $700) for me to use, and to record with if it...

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dc_r 16th August 2017
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Hello, Our company will be hiring some top VO male talent (of the above description) for a series of promotional spots...

Bob Hallton
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psycho_monkey 16th August 2017
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Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone is using either the AKG K812 or Sennheiser HD 800s for mixing purposes? If so, what are...

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wwayus 15th August 2017
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Fellow Gearslutz After testing a stereo file (fairly rich content, upright piano, acoustic bass, cello, soprano sax, english...

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Deleted be829a3 15th August 2017
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I need a box that can send midi out the usb like the Kenton midi USB host alongside a midi thru box like the midi solutions...

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dopeboy_magic 15th August 2017
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I play bass and run sound in a 5 piece bluegrass band. Just wondering if anyone could ID the mics Del is using for...

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BlueGrassBasser 15th August 2017
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Hello, I would like to upgrade my Interface. I currently have a digi 003 and would like to upgrade. I was looking at the RME...

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spambot_2 15th August 2017
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Is the instrument input on the Daking Mic Pre One essentially just a DI input? I notice under the mic input on the back it says...

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Rippcity 15th August 2017
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Anyone have advanced experience with the Roland M-480? We use it at our venue want to control our effects better. What we are...

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tourmore 15th August 2017
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Focusrite team, if you read this...!!! :) Just want to share with you a product I would love you to made!! I really want a...

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actarus_23 15th August 2017
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Hey Y'all, I've got different post relating to this one pasted at the bottimg about my crashing machine, but alongside...

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harky 15th August 2017
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I was looking at a multichannel compressor, did some searches, but couldn't find any feedback on this unit... For those who...

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DJMaytag 15th August 2017
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Hello fellow slutz, I have been searching for audio samples of the Neumann u89's as drum overheads ? Ive searched all over...

Deleted e03114c
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Deleted e03114c 15th August 2017
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Fellow Gearslutz, THe golden rule is if its too good to be true...it IS! My spidy senses tell me this is a scam....but it...

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DCMIX 15th August 2017
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Hello, Can someone please tell me if you can fully configure a UFX by the total mix program rather than using the built-in LCD...

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[email protected] 15th August 2017
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Hi folks, I want to buy a trinnov and I want to know what is the best equation for my setup. Right now I'm running...

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Ulrich 15th August 2017
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I have a home studio which I recently completed. I have an acoustic grand piano and a Roland RD-700NX. I want to acquire a...

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Deleted fe72b385f72c012 15th August 2017
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A long time ago I recorded a complete album with just 2 mics, U87 and U89. The results were surprisingly good. But what amazed me...

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Deleted e03114c 15th August 2017
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First off I would like to say that this not the place to either bash or praise owl city! It's to discuss his techniques...

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MattLeo 15th August 2017
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I was interested in getting a synth action controller to complement my 88 key controller from Arturia. One thought I had was...

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GregkoNYC 15th August 2017
Avatar for Bolder

Does anybody know where I might be able to track down schematics for a MA KM69? One of my 2 KM69's has developed a small noise...

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Bolder 15th August 2017
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I know, it's been discussed before, but watching various people work lately has me thinking of this. On a construction site...

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joeq 15th August 2017
Avatar for jonebize

I'm realizing that a little bleed doesn't ruin a record and that I absolutely hate singing in closed headphones. I feel...

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jonebize 14th August 2017
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What could be more fun than spending someone else's money? I come from a video background and do small corporate, really one...

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DigitalFella 14th August 2017
Avatar for inviernoche

I just received my first vocoder, the Roland VT3, and (of course) the power adapter wasn't included. Does anyone out there know...

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inviernoche 14th August 2017
Avatar for csimprov

(A.K.A. so many tubes, so little time...) I've been looking to add a lush sounding tube compressor to the gear family for...

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orchetect 14th August 2017
Avatar for Yohandsome

I wanted to love the MDR 7520, but I've tried both Shure and Beyerdynamic velour pads, and they still make my ears hurt after 30...

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Arthur Stone 14th August 2017
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Hi guys and girls ! Yesterday a new video for a new Bruno Mars song popped up. But something sounds weird to me, like the lead...

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Enlightened Hand 14th August 2017
Avatar for ben_allison

So I have a pair of CAPI VP-28's I plan to use as mic pres (duh) but also plan to run line level audio through, for adding dirt...

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ben_allison 14th August 2017
Avatar for DaveNJ

Was watching a Radiohead concert on YT and kept seeing these cameras - does anyone know the make/model?

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Bstapper 14th August 2017
Avatar for Utopiate

I am a happy UAD user and I have been exploring the potential of building out a multichannel channel studio system using UAD...

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KRStudio 14th August 2017
Avatar for TimFoster

I know this has been tackled, but I'm not seeing much in the search results and technology is continually progressing, so... ...

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drBill 14th August 2017
Avatar for minminmusic

Three questions for the community: 1) Anyone know where to get replacement screws and plastic washers for the side wood...

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minminmusic 14th August 2017
Avatar for eqaudio

Hi everyone.... first post here :) I am in the market for new monitors. I have a room that is treated - it may not be the best...

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cheu78 14th August 2017
Avatar for robgl1

Any mic pre recommendations for a SM7b? It can be a high end choice .. I'm using it for broadcasting, voice over and podcast...

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kennybro 14th August 2017
Avatar for S2000Akai

DIY is okay. I just want to know what is the cheapest way to get started in 500 series. I have too much normal rack gear and want...

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chaosmonger 14th August 2017
Avatar for AlphaDingo

I'm looking at both of these mixers as, for me, I feel that analog adds something desirable, for me, in terms of summing and eq....

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AlphaDingo 14th August 2017
Avatar for BobTheDog

Hi Guys, Does anyone know if the DSP4000 (Not B) has the midi control group functionality like the rest of the Eventide rack...

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MXD 14th August 2017
Avatar for Avidmusician

Possibly in a situation to pick up a couple ISA-110s. Would like to hear some opinions on mics that compliment these preamps (or...

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Avatar for Wiggy Neve Slut
Wiggy Neve Slut 14th August 2017
Avatar for Glo

When I mean "connected" monitors, I'm referring to products like this: Mackie CR5BT 5in Monitors w/ Bluetooth (Pair)...

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Glo 14th August 2017
Avatar for Macky

News item about a Water Tank in the remote mining town of Rangely in the US state of Colorado. Used as a Recording Studio. BBC...

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Avatar for axisdreamer
axisdreamer 13th August 2017
Avatar for G-Sun

Hi! I'm looking for a new allround LDC to replace my Studio Projects C1 jj mod I was looking at - Miktek MK300 - Aston...

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Avatar for MickeyMassacre
MickeyMassacre 13th August 2017
Avatar for Hunter123

Basically the title says it all. I have a Roland Quad Capture and am planning to buy a decent quality condenser mic mainly for...

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Deleted 1846071 13th August 2017