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I just got an id22 which is great. In Reaper everything works great, but in other programs (Reason 6, OBS Studio, etc...) I get a...

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Jakash 27th September 2017
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My home studio is built around an RME Fireface 800. I'm using a Focusrite ISA428 with the A/D card for some extra inputs, and...

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Lumbergh 27th September 2017
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Hello everyone, I have an Apollo Duo with a good bundle of plugins and compressor, but I´m usually tempted about having a...

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lagoausente 27th September 2017
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Using Alesis multimix 8 usb fx mixer to record into audacity using condenser mics. This mixer says it can only output 16bit...

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spambot_2 27th September 2017
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With my band wanna use keytar for few songs. I have my keytar (SHS200 by Yamaha) plugged in the midi in of my Roland JV30 and...

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saken 27th September 2017
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Hi, I just came home today with a REVOX G36. Very excited to get going with it, but currently it wont start up. I tested it...

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LukeHester 27th September 2017
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Hi there, I have a Peluso 2247 (Standard model, not SE or LE version) in need of a new valve and I wondered which tubes were...

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dombennison 27th September 2017
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All i can see is Chinese or Japanese writing . You guys been hacked or something ?

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Sniperschool 27th September 2017
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I have a really wacky problem, and hope someone with MIDI knowledge can shed some light on this. I am using a Kurzweil SP2X...

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mlien 27th September 2017
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Does it go back to the mid 90's? 80's? And at what point did it become like, mainstream to do so? Early 2000's?

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andychamp 27th September 2017
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just got a Walker 2440 Mixing Console, needs a Power Supply, anybody have any info on these?

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jackbnimble 27th September 2017
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Hi everyone! I just got a present from a friend. It is a Japanese product from Aiwa, probably the same as the hi-fi brand. The...

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terrible.dee 27th September 2017
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any suggestions which look nicer and don't leave a lot of residue behind?

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heyitsjimi 27th September 2017
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Hi All, Struggling to get my hands on some ADAT tape for my Blackface. All the listings i've seen seem a tad dubious and i...

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aremos 26th September 2017
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Sweet! I just saw that on their Facebook page. I can't wait to listen to the files in my studio. The vocal mic shootout was...

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numero6 26th September 2017
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This Mackie SR24-4 was in a practice studio, before that I don't know where. It seemed to work fine for the past year, other...

Alex Specht
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Drumsound 26th September 2017
Avatar for Todzilla

Hey Slutz, I am guessing the answer is just to send it off to a mic tech nerd, but I noticed last night that my Neumann U-89...

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ultraburner 26th September 2017
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Can anybody examine these photos and prove whether or not anything was modified? Does anybody have photos of an unmodded 428mkii?...

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Nerdturd 26th September 2017
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How many techniques used can you name? That bass synth, that snare, the vocals... The low end feels kinda 80s and high pass...

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ilan 26th September 2017
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This is such an unslutty post I am scared to write it... nevertheless: I have found the mic that fits my voice perfectly, and...

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Oldone 26th September 2017
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So i found this inexpensive chinese (i think) mic mount on ebay- the usual elastic band style suspension for my soundfield mic...

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vsthalion 26th September 2017
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I'm thinking of picking up a pair of ProAc Studio 100 monitors and had good luck with an Adcom GFA-545 with my old Yamaha...

Sean Sullivan
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JblKid95 26th September 2017
Avatar for Opticalman1

Just had a quick question on the value of my Universal 175 compressor. I bought it in the mid-70's with a custom audio console. I...

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Extreme Mixing 26th September 2017
Avatar for WanderingScholar

Looking for a Shure FP42 field mixer. Any of you slutz got one to spare at a good price? I'm in California... I would like to add...

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Socalrugged 26th September 2017
Avatar for AdrianW

I've had this preamp from FMR Audio for many years. Lately I'm having a problem with the B Channel. I get an intermittent hum or...

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kennybro 26th September 2017
Avatar for Dean Landon

Does anyone have any info regarding it? Also, in order to use the 550, does it require the 565 little Dipper, and how much is the...

Dean Landon
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rdraudio 26th September 2017
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This may belong in the low end thread, but I'll post it here because some of you with high end gear have HAD to have had a...

Logic Am
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vernier 25th September 2017
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Since Calrec manufactured their mixes using a modular concept, is there any rack builded by them to rack that modules? Thanks

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Wiggy Neve Slut 25th September 2017
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When I track singing and playing guitar my voice is always louder than the guitar. I use one mic so keep it closer to my mouth...

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theblue1 25th September 2017
Avatar for FlyingPanda

Hi has anybody tried to mod this mic? If so how'd it go? If not then any ideas? I have been taking interest in Octava's NT1...

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brinaddison 25th September 2017
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Looking for a schematic (and any information I can get!) - All I know is it was a mono amp into an old vinyl lathe. Anyone know...

jml designs
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jml designs 25th September 2017
Avatar for Progmatic-Studios

Hi, I'm having difficulties to choose between these 2 EQ modules and would like to ask your opinion. I want to use a stereo...

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szyam 25th September 2017
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Hey guys, I am about to purchase my first MIDI Keyboard, and I am between Akai MPK Mini MK2 and Alesis V25. Both have 25...

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tiagordias 25th September 2017
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Hi, For a couple of projects in which I'm involved as a trumpet player I am using guitar effects (Stompboxes). The past years...

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skylantern 25th September 2017
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Apologies if not the right forum. I've just bought a second-hand Eclipse (upgraded to latest version) and I love it - it works...

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59SLP 25th September 2017
Avatar for Donman

I've recently started setting up a bit of a bedroom recording area. I play Guitar, Cello and keyboard and I'm trying to look into...

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NathanEldred 25th September 2017
Avatar for Dinopup

What's up guys - has anyone tried sE T2 for rock vocals? Can't find much about vocals specifically. Looking for something...

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Drumsound 25th September 2017
Avatar for erike123

How do Röyksopp make they're mixes sound so razor sharp, super crispy, and 3D-ish?...

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jude 25th September 2017
Avatar for gregkeys

Hi, I'm new to GS. I find it an incredible resource for all my audio questions. A big "Thanks" to all the members...

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gregkeys 25th September 2017
Avatar for switchman

Need help recording rap vocals. Equipment I use: Audio Technica AT2020 PreSonus Audiobox 96 USB Wavepad The issue...

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switchman 25th September 2017
Avatar for Scorchedwave

Hi all, So I've been really digging into my use of samples and am trying to achieve a few things here, like a big kick room...

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Scorchedwave 24th September 2017
Avatar for rhythmcomposer

Does anyone recognize the electronic toms used in this clip (and repeated throughout)? The song's name is "Music" by...

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rhythmcomposer 24th September 2017
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Anyone ever try a Blue Encore 200 on Snare? And if so have you ever had the chance to try it against a Telefunken m80 or Heil...

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Hobbes1311 24th September 2017
Avatar for Deleted 0ec6b8e

Got bored of staring at black NS10s, was going to make them orange, so laid down a couple of coats of yellow as an undercoat, but...

Deleted 0ec6b8e
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Deleted 0ec6b8e 24th September 2017
Avatar for Caine

i wonder myself what kind of reverb NIN used here, it sounds not so wet but still a tad of reverb, i cannot get this nice sound...

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Caine 24th September 2017
Avatar for adpz

I currently work on Yamaha HSM80's. I am really wondering how much of a speed or accuracy difference (with regards to working in...

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Avatar for ThatGuyintheBack
ThatGuyintheBack 24th September 2017
Avatar for Sirius_black

Wich one is the most appropriate? Also open to other mics in the same price range. Thank you!

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Sirius_black 24th September 2017
Avatar for AndyZippy

Hey all, I'm about to go out on a travel-based recording trip, and trying to minimise gear size and be able to record on the...

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AndyZippy 24th September 2017
Avatar for brightshine

Anyone used the Stager SR-1A ribbon mic on vocals? I can only find reviews about how great a drum mic it is. Thanks

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brightshine 24th September 2017
Avatar for sonixdj

Hello everyone, newbie here (in the forum and sound installation as well;) I want to install 4 powered speakers for...

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Deleted d78e603 24th September 2017