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Who's going? I cannot make it this year, sadly... some other cats from GS may be pottering about though, watch this thread.

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CPhoenix 20th October 2017
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Hi I have an New i lok from 2004-2005. Do I Need a New one to work With the New plug ins out there?boing

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the.mighte.thor 20th October 2017
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I have a SM7b with a 2i2. The problem was when I recorded it was way to quiet so I decided to buy a Cloudlifter. I've...

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hasbeen 20th October 2017
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Hi all, Currently designing an Auratone clone style speaker system. Obvs the original Auratones and all of the clones are in...

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Brent Hahn 20th October 2017
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Trying to wrap my head around this at the moment. From what I've read, the rack provides the actual phantom power, whereas...

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Brent Hahn 20th October 2017
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Hello guys. I'm a new member, glad to have joined. My question is simple (not) I want to make an upgrade to my studio...

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kosty 20th October 2017
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For those looking at an alternative to the Zoom F8, I noticed that B&H has a "New Arrival", refurbished Rolland...

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IronFilm 20th October 2017
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I just got an Akai EA-A2 equalizer from the thrift store, and no sound comes out of it. Any solution to this?

idk a username
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SP2016 20th October 2017
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Howdy! So I'm in search of a mic that has a DIP where there would commonly be a presence peak, around 3 kHz. 3dB+ would be...

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andychamp 20th October 2017
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Thing is big and ugly but sounds awesome.

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Sharp11 20th October 2017
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I could use some help figuring out the best way to reconnect my patchbays for my proposed workflow. I have 4 Neutrik 1/4" 48...

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jwh1192 20th October 2017
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Hi all, We are looking to buy a second field recorder as our operation is growing. We already own a 744T and were considering...

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lewiswundenberg 20th October 2017
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I recently bought a DRP 20 on eBay, but the shipping company did horrible things to it, and the VFD is broken. Anyone know...

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subframe 19th October 2017
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I'm in search of some small reference monitors like ns10, but the price of ns 10 have gone so high its stupid. What do or would...

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shamelesssounds 19th October 2017
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What range of freqs would i find electric gtr 'sparkle' in? I've heard a couple different friends over the years suggest I boost...

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Deleted 04d60e1 19th October 2017
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I've been using a Tascam M106 for adding saturation and dirt to my drums (which are RYTM and Octatrack mostly). It works as...

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subframe 19th October 2017
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Someone know someone who is a specialist of this unit or kwon someone who repair them? Or someone had this particular...

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KIDBILL 19th October 2017
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Hi, Ive a issue with my Eventide Harmonizer H3000; there comes a really distorted loud sound/noise out of my left channel on a...

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italo de angelis 19th October 2017
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Hi, I have a babyface pro which I use in conjunction with Nos Mcone in order to switch between three different monitors(main...

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jackontheroad 19th October 2017
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After doing a fair bit of research, and listening to the sagely advice of the folks on this forum, I've decided on purchasing the...

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thismercifulfate 19th October 2017
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Hello, a while back I got a pair of Aphex EQF-2's from the 80's for a decent price. They don't have the optional Jensen...

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Resis 19th October 2017
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I'm going to finally bite the bullet and treat my room :) I have to keep the price within a budget, so here are my four...

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jerrydpi 19th October 2017
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Hi all. This forum has been quite useful for recent research, but now I have questions... I am putting together an ultra-light...

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EvilRoy 19th October 2017
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I`ve been using an Antelope Zen, but just the DB25 connector for my preamps. I DO use one of the inserts insert for 1 compressor,...

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BarcelonaMusic 19th October 2017
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EV ZLX 12" powered floor monitors vs alto sxm112a powered floor monitors is one significantly better than the other or...

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turtletree 19th October 2017
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Hi everyone, I'm looking for a decent master keyboard with a good action The Kurzweil SP5-8 looks like a decent choice, the...

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steve27ma 18th October 2017
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So, I’m thinking about adding some hardware units to my mixing chain. About 1200€ to spend, some stretch possible. I’d...

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Paul_G 18th October 2017
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I have just got myself a lunchbox and am starting to fill it up, one question I have about it though is whether or nit it is ok...

Deleted 651cf92
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Spindrift 18th October 2017
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I'm after some help with a looping setup for live performance. At the moment everything is running into the RC-300 like...

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philiphampson1 18th October 2017
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Hi, I have one compressor for jazz and blues (guitars, piano, vocals) - Elysia Xpressor 500. I think to add another compressor -...

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evgeny 18th October 2017
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Hey all. I'm running into a bit of a problem. I have a pair of KRK VXT8 monitors, which I'm happy with for the time being for...

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Rob Coates 18th October 2017
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I've got an old Fostex 3050 I fired up. Seemed to work well for an hour or so but then started making loud popping noises and...

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Reptil 18th October 2017
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So I'm not 100% sure about the facts here but here goes: When I first heard the single release of Beck's "Dreams" I...

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aramism 18th October 2017
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Which are better for mixing and translate better in the end regardless of price? Cheers. Krisitine Livingston

K Livingston
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fuzulu 18th October 2017
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Can I get a users opinion on these? I've been contemplating what monitors to upgrade to for a while. Until last week I had my...

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petecho 18th October 2017
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Guys, If the majority of end listeners are playing songs on iPhone's, computer speakers, various small speakers, etc., why...

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jerrydpi 18th October 2017
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Hi All, I want to do some male vocal recording with TLM 102 > Eureka > XR12 > Scarlet2i2 - very much pop/country...

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kevinksu 18th October 2017
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As I'm sure others do, I like to look at reviews of gear, always taking them with a grain of salt, btw :) I just read a...

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Bob Ross 17th October 2017
Avatar for Rob Coates

Just curious...can anybody make a list of LDCs based on the Schoeps circuit? I know the Roswell mini K47 and the SPA MC1 but are...

Rob Coates
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spambot_2 17th October 2017
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What are the differences btw LA2A and LA3A? heppy

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IanBSC 17th October 2017
Avatar for SlutGroupie

Whats up guys. I track vocals 80% rap, My chain so far is miktek cv4 (k7 cap) - great river pre - wa76 - apollo twin. i purchsed...

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SlutGroupie 17th October 2017
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I'm looking for a professional repairman in Canada to troubleshoot and repair 2 KMS-105. One of these makes loud pop and crack...

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UKMK00 17th October 2017
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Hey guys, Bit of a two part post. Both for anyone considering upgrading convertors, and a cheesy big thanks to the Gearslutz...

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nowaysj 17th October 2017
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Hi! I just picked one of these up for a great price used. Was looking for a compact tracking setup to use with my iD22 and...

the Weatherman
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the Weatherman 17th October 2017
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I just upgraded my FW Apogee Ensemble to the TB version. I was always trying to warm up the FW preamps and felt the TB had the...

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psycho_monkey 17th October 2017
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My best sounding mixes were done on ATC 150's that i had 10 years ago and on 100's that i had 6 years ago (The drugs may have...

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DownSideUp 17th October 2017
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Any know a work-around or fix for SUB 37 USB fail? I'm trying the editor/librarian in Cubase 8.5 WIN7 platform as it offers...

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PG TROUSERS 17th October 2017
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Anyone knows about where(which studio) was recorded the album "king bee" from muddy waters and produced by johnny...

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babiuk 17th October 2017
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I'm looking to put together a system that will allow me to process data from a 16 channel microphone array. The processing will...

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alexdlrg 17th October 2017
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Hey guys...this is possibly a dumb question :-). I got a used Pre 73 MK I, and I understand how the mic/line knob works, but I'm...

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emo10001 17th October 2017