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Hey all, I have a desktop hi-fi system that is used for casual and critical listening. I am posting here to get some insight...

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itsikhefez 5th November 2017
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Hello everyone, I record two types of recordings: Guided meditations and theoretical information audios where I explain the...

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jwh1192 5th November 2017
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Although I studied tape in school and worked many year as an assistant with 2 inch, I am admittedly an ITB box primarily for over...

jml designs
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unfiltered420 5th November 2017
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littlesicily 5th November 2017
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Is there any difference between the original Focusrite ISA 110 compared to the LE reissue? Would it be a nice compliment to a...

Sean Sullivan
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littlesicily 5th November 2017
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Hello friends! I just picked up a Lexicon PCM70 and while testing it I noticed that a number of the reverb algorithms sound...

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supercuts 5th November 2017
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First off, sorry if this isn't entirely high end... After 13 years of recording and mixing on a tascam 388, I think it's time...

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Deleted 9d8db46 4th November 2017
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Hello, is the EMU ESI 4000 Turbo equipped with EMU´s Z-Plane filters? Or are they only available in the E4 sampler...

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budweiser 4th November 2017
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Hey guys, I just got an offer for a Roland S550, to buy it for 600$ respective 520EUR. The device is completely unused and...

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roaringwave 4th November 2017
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Hi all, the Rivera Mini RockRec loadbox just arrived a couple a weeks ago. I've been very busy, but now I found a couple of...

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PhilDW 4th November 2017
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I have been considering one of those, they are about the same price at Thomann: SPL Transient Designer 4 : 980€ Elysia...

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time_zone 4th November 2017
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This is one of those impossible to answer questions which I am going to ask anyway. On average how long does it take you to mix a...

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Martel80 4th November 2017
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I'm in the process of selling my passive ATC SCM100s in order to downsize. I'm looking to get a pair of active monitors. I don't...

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DownSideUp 4th November 2017
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skyfall 4th November 2017
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This is Frequency Response Graphic of Shure SM-81 Condenser Microphone What do those "deviations" mean? (presented by...

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nyandres 4th November 2017
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...that is the question? Been thinking about having my Pro VLA ll modded by either Revive Audio or JJ Audio. Anyone do either of...

John N
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The Tonic Room 3rd November 2017
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Hey guys, which hardware sampler would you recommend? I´m searching for that old grainy vintage sound, especially when...

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Bob Ross 3rd November 2017
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Hey guys. I hope I am posting this in the right spot! I am wondering what the difference between superior drummer 3's brushes and...

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kevut2002 3rd November 2017
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Has anyone used the x32 as a controller in Pro tools? Is it full resolution or midi resolution? I use the x32 live, but have been...

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golden_ears 3rd November 2017
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Ok so theres a pair of these beasties sitting side by side on the table. One gives me successful mic and line signals, on pfl,...

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oli234 3rd November 2017
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I've read several places (including this forum) that the Earthworks M50 is the same microphone as the QTC50, both in design and...

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cinstance 3rd November 2017
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Hello! This is my first post (have been a long time reader).. Among my modest mic collection have several good *single* mics,...

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antichef 3rd November 2017
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Hi guys, Need some fast help / input from you. I've searched and read probably all topics on Gearslutz regarding the Genelec...

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Hypothesis 3rd November 2017
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I need some help to find out what equipment to buy and if there is may b a better and more cost effective way as what i came up...

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hughshouse 3rd November 2017
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Hi everyone. I'm all new to this digital studio hookup deal and really need some help with setup. Guitar player from way back...

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Nakatira 3rd November 2017
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Exactly as the title states. Sound devices claim that the new MixPre-6 uses a 32-Bit precision in the AD converters, however it...

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chemical32winter 3rd November 2017
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Just picked up an older pair of Genelec 8240s and I really like them, but considering exchanging them for the new 8330s + 7350...

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Elsapo2001 3rd November 2017
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I had intentioned to buy an API lunchbox 6b, but got a better deal on the 8p. I thought they were similar units and didn't...

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pan60 3rd November 2017
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Can I sell on the bundled VSTs and other DAWs such as Reason Limited that came with my Nanopad2?

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vintagetones 3rd November 2017
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I know there are other threads on this, but most of the responses are about the ones people own. I would like to know from people...

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nyandres 3rd November 2017
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I am dipping my toe in the 500 series water and set aside 1000-1500 dollars. I picked out a chassis (vintage king rack 500),...

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theglow 2nd November 2017
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Why can't high end manufacturers like Universal Audio make parts out of strong metals, and not cheap tin and plastic? Last...

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livingloud 2nd November 2017
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I'm narrowing down my alternatives. I cannot afford proper studio consoles like Studer, Mci, API ect. So I have to go the live...

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ddageek 2nd November 2017
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Hey all, total newb here! I recently got myself some used gear to start recording from home. Using Logic Pro X FWIW, I chose a...

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monkeyxx 2nd November 2017
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Im building a 22x15x10 listening room that I will be recording guitars and vocals in The room is a rectangle and I was going...

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skiroy 2nd November 2017
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I apologize if this has been asked before. I've been wondering what is the practical use of a hardware EQ? Not so much the...

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dogears 2nd November 2017
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I'm looking for recommendations for the best wired lavs to use that will have minimal noise from rubbing against clothing. I do...

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joeq 2nd November 2017
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I'd like to recap an old 601 I have. Does anyone have a mouser sheet on this? I can't find one anywhere THANKS IN ADVANCE

jml designs
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jml designs 2nd November 2017
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Main reason for this thread is that I didn't found much about Ayra So i'm sure many are interested about how Ayra is hanging...

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Teoichi 2nd November 2017
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Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone has used the Audio Technica ATH-AR5BT in a recording/mixing setting? ATH-AR5BT -...

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Majora_z 2nd November 2017
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I'm looking for a stereo pair of microphones that I can record beyond 20kHz, beyond 50kHz even. Secondly, I am looking for a...

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Earcatcher 2nd November 2017
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Hi. I have a good sounding treated room. I have a couple of Genelec 8040. I currently own a Rme 9632 card. Ok. My experience...

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RCM - Ronan 2nd November 2017
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You hear it in some old Reggae stuff. Sounds like the woofers blowing out in the back of a car. I need to recreate something like...

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jwh1192 1st November 2017
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So I heard this sound the other day and one thing that stood out was how huge it sounds. It sounds like a huge stadium but was...

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skiroy 1st November 2017
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Would be a 10 track recorder priced somewhere between the MixPre-6 and 633, I assume. Further competition to the Zoom F8! (as...

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wildplum 1st November 2017
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Teofunk 1st November 2017
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Hello gearslutz! I wanted to ask you all what your experiences with the soundcraft 600 are? I have the chance to buy one...

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livingloud 1st November 2017
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Long time lurker here... I asked a few audio engineer friends what mic this could be and all the possible ideas they suggested...

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Earcatcher 1st November 2017
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Hey guys long-time lurker here with a first post! Any help will be met by a large smile through my computer...

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REGGAE 1st November 2017
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Hi there, just been listening to this album, wow, its beautiful, one of prince's fave albums, and i can see why. apart from...

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patshep 1st November 2017