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Hi, anyone happen to know which motherboard is used in the SmartAV Tango 2 ? Thanks Matt

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mattschulz 8th November 2017
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I hear that most consoles should be left on 24/7 but can really spike the electric bill. A friend of mine has an Auditronics...

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shortyboyboy 8th November 2017
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yes guys today i patch my avalon di into my signal chain after blue robbie preamp the result was spectacular great mids hi s...

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monkeyxx 8th November 2017
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Hi all. I am interested in using a Mid Side stereo recording technique to capture the overall natural sound of a drum kit in a...

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thijsvanbemmel 8th November 2017
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As usual starting with the free 'little' version....what a freakin' great company. Go get it! NEW! Little Plate - Soundtoys

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Sanchez 8th November 2017
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Hello, I've looked over some threads on this subject but still feel I didn't get any consensus over how much benefit, if any,...

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Deleted c40a31f 7th November 2017
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Anyone use an Aspen Pittman DT-1? Looks interesting, except the equivalent noise rating is 28db. Was thinking about trying one...

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CarvinAbuser 7th November 2017
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so finally pulled the trigger on a lola pre and the box is sitting on the dining room table. just need to put it together...

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hellofishy 7th November 2017
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Is SPDIF sound quality identical as ADAT? I understand they are both digital and technically digital should be exactly the same....

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Deleted 10089a2 7th November 2017
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Every time the AES show came to NYC, I could drive up to New York and see the show on that Saturday. This is the first time the...

Jason rocks
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Chill___Bro 7th November 2017
Avatar for Tha Antman

Hi guys, I'm trying to find a pedal board friendly Mic Pre to replace my ART StudioV3. It does the trick but I'm looking for...

Tha Antman
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monkeyxx 7th November 2017
Avatar for formula428

I have space for 1U preamp (preferably dual/stereo) and also 7 slots for 500 series module (pre, eq, or comp). I want to...

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Jeff.calcaska 7th November 2017
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Hi, I am in the process of getting started with a podcast, I have done quite a bit of research into mics and have gotten to...

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RYG 7th November 2017
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Hello everyone Not sure if this is right place to post this question, but here goes. I recently bought a Tascam DA-3000 and am...

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hardwarepimp 7th November 2017
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you know I never really fully got this, I just kind of go by my ear, but it always interested me. This might have to go in the...

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aramism 7th November 2017
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I can never decide which is better for generic pop vocal stacking. Does anybody know which is more common? each 'voice' of a...

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carlosdanger 7th November 2017
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I bought the unit used a year or two ago. No problems other than the leds on the remote dying. I doubt it was the leds, more...

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jdurango 7th November 2017
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I decided to go all DB25 and just forget the plugs on my interface are even there. But I do use 1 channel on it because I use the...

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BarcelonaMusic 7th November 2017
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how did they do this in the 80's and even today? alot of the pop records in the 80's had a bass guitar track, and then on...

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Tomdavids 7th November 2017
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Hi all I want to record vocal and i want to add effects to headphones! I chose this way! I create Group channel and i add...

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recordnext 7th November 2017
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Hi all, I'm trying to get in to the world of session-singing, and up to now, have had a few successful sessions. However...

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Benjo 7th November 2017
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Since the Product Alert is quite old I don't think anyone new is commenting on it. I'd love to hear how this product is working...

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vze26m98 7th November 2017
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I want to expand my hardware. I have just recently acquired a drawmer 1968 mk2. My current setup is: Moog, eurorack, MPC...

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stylesforfree 6th November 2017
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Hello folks, I'm not a technical guy at all and thus my knowledge is limited when it comes to electronic components and amps...

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wrgkmc 6th November 2017
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Anyone use one of these? I've been thinking of building a couple for room mics. Anyone know how they compare with a u87?...

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RominRonin 6th November 2017
Avatar for IBE

I've been looking at expanding my mic locker. I currently own Blue Kiwi Blue Blueberry SM7B SM57 Cad E100s Wabler...

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cheu78 6th November 2017
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I can find the v7 but not the v7 x in the UK. Why?

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vintagetones 6th November 2017
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So I have a cousin flying to the USA (I live in Brazil) and as usual we always share luggage room for each other whenever a trip...

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japasetelagoas 6th November 2017
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Hi all Just wanted to chime in here and share how happy I am with a recent 500 series purchase I just made. I wanted a good...

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iksrazal 6th November 2017
Avatar for Fermata

Hello to everyone, I would like to check with owners of IK Multimedia iLoud monitors if by chance you have noticed that their...

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mathieujm 6th November 2017
Avatar for sroreilly

Hey there, I have a Blue Bottle Microphone from the 90s I think. It sounds great, except there is this strange background...

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sroreilly 6th November 2017
Avatar for Faceless98

I need to record some fat rap vocals in an untreated living room. Vocals that can take some EQ cuts and boosts well. The...

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Jamphlett 6th November 2017
Avatar for Deleted 4205102

First of all sorry if this is wrong thread! Can't really decide where it should go. Anyways, I have this theory I'd like to see...

Deleted 4205102
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psycho_monkey 6th November 2017
Avatar for Whoopysnorp

Yesterday morning I opened up my local Craigslist musical instruments page, and I saw a very recent (8 minute old) listing where...

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junkshop 6th November 2017
Avatar for SpiritsGroove

So ive recently been getting really into ambient music of all sort's and decided im going to starts making my own. So im in need...

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SpiritsGroove 6th November 2017
Avatar for ballerblocking01

I just wanted to know if anyone tried mixing on the new focal utopia headphones? Are these headphones flat in your...

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Avatar for MusicTart
MusicTart 6th November 2017
Avatar for weyerma

Hi all, I have a question about the Aphex Dominator II. I have 2 Models and both have the same issue.. so it should not be a...

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weyerma 6th November 2017
Avatar for johnycruise

Whats different between 1083 lb and dpa as character and color?????

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shadrin 5th November 2017
Avatar for Snoggin

I have some great singers coming over tonight to help me out with some backup vocals on a song I'm tracking and producing .. My...

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Snoggin 5th November 2017
Avatar for DBmixman

My M-Audio Sputnik started making the strangest hissing-rumbling noise today, I'm guessing and hoping it's just the tube gone bad...

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kennybro 5th November 2017
Avatar for barryjohns

My son wants to start recording. He's 22 and lives in another state so I want to help him get started. A couple of his friends...

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Avatar for Mr.ToR
Mr.ToR 5th November 2017
Avatar for ClancyMo

Hey guys. I'm a singer-songwriter putting together my home studio and I was just curious to post a couple of clips of my singing...

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patshep 5th November 2017
Avatar for boneshowell

Is there any companies in NYC or elsewhere (preferably on the east coast) that rent out flight cases? I may need to move an...

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wwayus 5th November 2017
Avatar for danibert

Hello, I try to compare the EMU samplers ESI4000, E6400, E6400 Ultra and E4X. Is there a feature listing or comparison...

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danibert 5th November 2017
Avatar for Robonaut

I just picked up a Denon DN-700R, and I'm loving it so far... ...except for one thing. When the unit is *off*, it emits a...

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Robonaut 5th November 2017
Avatar for allo

Help me decide. I need an all-around channel strip. I need to cover any genre. Any real user experience are very welcome. Thanks !

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nick8801 5th November 2017
Avatar for asomatous

Okay, I know that there are a hundred posts on these microphones, I went through every one of them whilst deciding whether it was...

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asomatous 5th November 2017
Avatar for SpaceBeach

I have this sub bass <40Hz thats tuned musically and layered in a ambient track. The sinewave is from an external digital...

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SpaceBeach 5th November 2017
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hi there, first of all, real sorry if this sounds pretty amateur, but it is the first TRUE piece of hi-end gear that enters my...

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Mr Drizzle 5th November 2017
Avatar for Tomdavids

how did they do this in the 80's and even today? alot of the pop records in the 80's had a bass guitar track, and then on...

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Tomdavids 5th November 2017