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Hi, I recently got a pair of really nice sounding hifi speakers from the 70s; Wharfedale Dovedale 3, I don't know wether I'll use...

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djanogil 2nd March 2021
Avatar for Edgar Lu

I have searched a lot but have not found much info and no opinions on the crown cm-150 which is apparently the omni version of...

Edgar Lu
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bangbang 2nd March 2021
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Im trying to get a longer power cable for my Neumann KH310D monitors. The power cable that came with them says something to the...

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Andrew Bacon 2nd March 2021
Avatar for ToneAlive

Anyone tried the Slate VMS through other preamps and gotten as good or better results than using the VMS pre? While the modeling...

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Elymannylem 2nd March 2021
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Hi! I have an Universal Audio 8110 where the PSU is broken. Seems like it is impossible to get a new PowDec PSU, and I have...

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Rick Dalton 2nd March 2021
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Hi All - Are there any Dynaudio Air 20 or 25 users or anyone that remembers how to rotate the mid/hi driver array? I've...

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Deadmeat 2nd March 2021
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I've got an older Stellar CM6 and I'm trying to get a replacement 7pin cable. It looks like the temporary site is not...

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Buss-me 2nd March 2021
Avatar for Tao jones

Ok guys, I went through a crazy run of GAS these past 3 - 4 months. Finally started using outboard gear and I am sooo hooked. ...

Tao jones
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Tao jones 2nd March 2021
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Hi there, everybody! Here's Rodrigo Pandeló, from the thread of the smooth vocal mic. I had a great time there, and I was...

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RodrigoPandelo 2nd March 2021
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Does the AD8000 still stand up 20 some odd years later? I'm looking to expand my Audient iD with more inputs, but don't want to...

Dan Pool
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dawsonaudio 2nd March 2021
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We purchased this sE V7 Supercardiod mic after hearing Greg Wells say it's a great mic for mic-ing snare drums. That turned out...

Deuce 225
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drhardlove 1st March 2021
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I've recently discovered that I love ribbons on all the instruments I am recording. Coles 4038s and an AEA R88 are my favorite...

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feste 1st March 2021
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I have gotten really curious about this, so here is another research thread. although the separation between mixing and...

peter sikking
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peter sikking 1st March 2021
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Hi, was wondering how the echolution 2 works in stereo - does it output the multi taps to different outputs if you run mono in...

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ragnarokzwei 1st March 2021
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Hi there, I hope this is the correct forum for this kind of question : I have been asked to record singing bowls and also...

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deedeeyeah 1st March 2021
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Hi everyone, Plz excuse me if this is a dumb question and also for my english. Can you please explain me, why on some...

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vbsh 1st March 2021
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I'm wondering if anyone has much experience with the original Shure 55/556 mics - the original "fatboy" design before...

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lukpac 1st March 2021
Avatar for Mandel

Hi. let me know your opinions. Dangerous 2-BUS + VS SSL Sigma

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engmix 1st March 2021
Avatar for slickvik

Hey there! I just got a Lexicon MPX 100 pretty cheap but can not get it to work. The input LED is not lighting up, no matter...

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Avatar for Rick Dalton
Rick Dalton 1st March 2021
Avatar for SparkyCanada

Hi there. Whenever I use a TRS insert cable (1/4" TRS to Male & Female XLR) instead of patching in a compressor...

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cbc6403 1st March 2021
Avatar for SDB_12

Hi all, I have been hunting for a few pieces of used gear and places like Reverb.com are just getting impossible as used gear...

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JblKid95 1st March 2021
Avatar for JH2010

Mackie announced new Onyx multitrack mixers a couple of weeks ago... Just wondering if anyone's got any initial observations...

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JH2010 1st March 2021
Avatar for riquier

Hi guys, Is anyone familiar with this album ? It was recorded and mixed by STEVE CHRISTENSEN last year. It's a wonderful record...

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Avatar for StFranck
StFranck 1st March 2021
Avatar for Sheistbugz

So I’ve been exclusively using VSTs since I started making music a little over a year ago. I’m pretty fluent using synths...

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Sheistbugz 1st March 2021
Avatar for troutstudio

If anyone owns one of these; I'd like to pay to get 16 tracks restored from DAT and converted to WAVE files. Thanks for your time...

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SALC 1st March 2021
Avatar for TechnicalVoid

I've been planning on picking up some microphones for touring so my expensive home studio ones don't get beat up. What do you...

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TechnicalVoid 1st March 2021
Avatar for lunaquesa

Delete this if it's redundant & clogging up the forums, but I've been curious about that rare missing link of the synth...

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miroslav 1st March 2021
Avatar for brhoward

I don't normally mix rock oriented music. I do classical, jazz, and acoustic music recording, and mastering, so my equipment and...

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brhoward 1st March 2021
Avatar for Stephen Lam

Hello there, Does anyone have a copy of the Ross Martin Audio PCM4222 manual? Specific questions: 1. What are the filter...

Stephen Lam
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Stephen Lam 1st March 2021
Avatar for Neoneon

Here are the mics I just bought: https://goldenagepremier.com/ga-47-extended/ . (with both...

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jdsbleedo 1st March 2021
Avatar for Mitch Easter

Does anybody have a working example of either of these for sale? Thanks!

Mitch Easter
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gravyface 1st March 2021

When plugins, that compensate for the frequency response, of certain headphones are used, do they also deal with the resonant...

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ambiguous signal 1st March 2021
Avatar for naive newbie123

I'm looking into getting the Kii 3 monitors for my living room / studio space. My problem is that I have a standing desk that I...

naive newbie123
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ricowave 1st March 2021
Avatar for Marcus89

Hello all, similar questions are certainly asked again and again. But what are the differences between a mono guitar and a...

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StevenLMorgan 1st March 2021
Avatar for penz

I'm of Armenian heritage and I've always loved the sound of the Duduk. I've decided to buy one. I want a Duduk that will have...

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analog greg 1st March 2021
Avatar for HuyWin

Stuck deciding between these 2 monitors (Focal Shape 65 or APS Klasik 2020) and unfortunately there seems to be no locations near...

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vm113 1st March 2021
Avatar for 3040craig

Hi, I'm currently looking into upgrading my monitors, with a budget of somewhere around $1500. Someone I know has offered to sell...

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3040craig 1st March 2021
Avatar for timeless314

I'm going to be shooting videos, using either an iPad Pro, or an iPhone 11. The videos will be of solo violin...

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timeless314 1st March 2021
Avatar for Phil F

Hi everybody Ok, confession time - I don't know what a ground hum sounds like. So this might be a ground hum, it might be...

Phil F
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Phil F 28th February 2021
Avatar for Sigma

just asking because most people assume you can't have phantom power in the chain when using a ribbon mic which is INCORRECT

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Avatar for Silvertone
Silvertone 28th February 2021
Avatar for Jakash

Ok so I was watching this video and can't id the mic she's using. It looks like it might be a Shure, but I've never seen this...

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Avatar for joeq
joeq 28th February 2021
Avatar for Deleted 2c0affd

Opinions please. Purely for mixing. Most people don't like Quested but others tend to swear by them. How would you describe the...

Deleted 2c0affd
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Avatar for mando1
mando1 28th February 2021
Avatar for antichef

I just got a sequential serial number pair of Neumann KM86i - I think I finally completed the SDC quest (at least for a while :)...

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Avatar for toledo3
toledo3 28th February 2021
Avatar for countrymetalguy

I was browsing eBay like the slut I am last week and came across a gentleman selling SSL 4000 2 buss compressor clones for...

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Avatar for LLSentelle
LLSentelle 28th February 2021
Avatar for JamieOxford

My Vintage Keys (upgraded to plus) has been unused for a few months and when I came back to it the other day, all the user...

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Avatar for Drumsound
Drumsound 28th February 2021
Avatar for Spilota

This has been out for a while but I can’t seem to find many reviews, except for a few YouTube videos. I’m thinking of...

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Avatar for moosetips
moosetips 28th February 2021
Avatar for dero

1:21 - on the drums. Almost sounds like a tiny garbage speaker recorded really well, but I'd bet it's digital. Anyone have a...

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Avatar for dero
dero 28th February 2021
Avatar for Lefrançais

I've been producing and mixing music for years on my Focal CMS-65. I like them but I'd like to get more detailed monitors and to...

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Avatar for Jeroko
Jeroko 28th February 2021
Avatar for yop

Both of the meters don't go 0 in GR mode, needles are at the red zone, is there any trimmer that can fix the issue? Thanks guys.

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Avatar for yop
yop 28th February 2021
Avatar for budatone

I'm looking for a 4 channel preamp and a compressor, or a unit that does both. My budget is £1600 and I'm torn between these...

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Avatar for budatone
budatone 28th February 2021