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So I'm looking for the best option for me. I went with a 22MTK and it is a great mixer but I was left a little disappointed....

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picturethis 11th January 2018
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i Would like to attempt to upgrade my studio monitors to the next level, I have Genelec M040’s. By next level, I don’t mean...

Deleted e03114c
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Deleted e03114c 11th January 2018
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Has anybody had a chance to check these out yet?

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lobsterinn 11th January 2018
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Hello, today I used my Trio Plus pedal with a multi-effect pedal in the effects loop (listening through headphone) and...

Deleted d67e4c0
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Deleted d67e4c0 11th January 2018
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How to record DI and re-amped signal at the same time in one take: Solved explained in thread. I'm wondering if what i've...

Nick Stedman
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Nick Stedman 10th January 2018
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This is sort of a two-part question. I currently have ADAM S2A’s (which are epic), but I am infatuated with the Focal’s...

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Lemonart 10th January 2018
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I was wondering if old lexicon boxes pass your audio through d/a and a/d. Having trouble looking up exactly how they work.

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bowzin 10th January 2018
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Basically the title, what tools do you use to speed up your workflow? Especially editing, but also mixing, recording, writing...

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Elmbeatz 10th January 2018
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Happy New Year to all We are running a nonprofit home recording studio. Our goal is to help youth in our country heal from...

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MoyenChari 10th January 2018
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I go to Full Sail and I am taking a class called Audiotronics and they are teaching us how to make our own xlr cables and how to...

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nosebleedaudio 10th January 2018
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Hi everyone! So I'm thinking of buying this yamaha reface yc keyboard. I know that you can plug the midi in to a midi out of a...

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Muse1131 10th January 2018
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I'm really interested in the Sputnik, but I don't see a huge difference between it and the Solaris. It seems they have the same...

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Rob Coates 10th January 2018
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I made the mistake of buying a 192 Digital instead of a 192. When I got the box, I noticed right away there was no Digilink...

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Improv 10th January 2018
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Hi everyone, I just got another of these mics brand new, with a manufactured date of 2015, and it's marked "made in...

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quickfiddle 10th January 2018
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Neumann will present the reissue of its classic tube mic U67 at Namm 2018!!!

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psycho_monkey 10th January 2018
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I acquired a 160SL on the cheap but would like To get it looked at to make sure it’s running on all cylinders. Any...

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Black Seal 10th January 2018
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I record here at home in a small room (12 X 12). It gets extra-small when I attempt to drive a 15-watt Blues Jr. to natural...

BA Stone
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Patrick Norton 10th January 2018
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Hi all I'm having a sort out and shift around and wondered if anyone can help with this. I have an EMU 1820M and it feeds...

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spambot_2 10th January 2018
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I was very stupid and managed to burn out the transformer in my Studiomaster 16 into 4, this was due to me accidentally sending...

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lp_TLA 9th January 2018
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Here we go again. Just got a new job (yes, pay bump!) so I am looking to treat myself (reasonably) and I have UP TO two 500...

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cheu78 9th January 2018
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Hey guys, Space is scare. I am looking for and leads or products that I can mount multiple keyboards above a gear rack and or...

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gurkin 9th January 2018
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Hi We are trying to find the schematics for the Raindirk RM4 input module. I have a unit who needs repair, one compressor is...

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c jones 9th January 2018
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(Sorry this has probably already been asked but as I'm pretty specific I chose to make a new thread) Hello everyone,...

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DPower 9th January 2018
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Hello, I got an Allen and heath gs3 recently and I'm loving working on it. The only problem I've got is that when I use the...

Deleted 1cebaa9
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Deleted 1cebaa9 9th January 2018
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This is one of the most important aspects to music production in the modern world yet finding information about it is near...

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voodoo4u 9th January 2018
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The orange piece on the left? I'm sure it's something fairly esoteric (like most of the gear being used by russell elevado...

Nick Stedman
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Nick Stedman 9th January 2018
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So now I'm in the mood for "silky" sound. What EQs and compressors and other things exist that have "silky...

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Mr Funk 8th January 2018
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Is anyone using Vari Mu combined with other compressors? Like Vari Mu and SSL G together on a mix buss, SSL for punch and Vari Mu...

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Ari88 8th January 2018
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Hi :) I'm about to venture into the world of podcasting and need a bit of advice about what microphone I should be using for...

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Rentzen 8th January 2018
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Is there any reason to go with a MONO synth (Korg Monologue) if after a year I'm planning to get a semi-module MONO synth...

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Ckek20 8th January 2018
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Hey everyone, I'm looking to recreate this distorted synth sound from the song 'Madness' by Ruelle. YouTube The synth appears...

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Khaleesi 8th January 2018
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Hi all, Sorry, I know there are a ton of parallel compression threads, I'm fairly new to mixing and am trying to figure out...

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Jadnys 8th January 2018
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Here I'm comparing the sound of different combinations of bodies and capsules, on classical guitar; all recorded at the same time...

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rojaros 8th January 2018
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Hi everyone, I'm searching for an hardware harmonizer for starting doing something in Jacob Collier style (example). I know that...

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adrjork 8th January 2018
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Here you see a video and i am wondering how this guy works. What kind of gear he uses to make all this synths work together...

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Khaleesi 8th January 2018
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Looking to compress bass guitar and vocals. Is the PCB-6A comparable to the distressor? Is the distressor more versatile? Can...

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Ardis 8th January 2018
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So I've noticed that Facebook heavily compresses the audio of anything you upload, to the point where you can easily hear the...

Shannon Adkins
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Shannon Adkins 8th January 2018
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Been using the Cloudlifter for a little under a year now. I love it! Vocal chain is SM7B to Cloudlifter to Chameleon Labs...

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fireberd 8th January 2018
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Sweetwater has the AKG314 for $599. According to the specs the 314 uses the same capsule as the 414XLS. So what gives? The 314...

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quickfiddle 8th January 2018
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Hi all, A friend recently inherited a Revox B77 (mk1, I think) and I'm testing it out for him. It seems like all audio paths...

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sizzlemeister 8th January 2018
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Hi guys, I've been looking at a few stereo options for recording my acoustic piano - it's a Yamaha C3, 6'1", on the brighter...

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thismercifulfate 8th January 2018
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Ok, so I've read quite a few posts about this, and still, it seems half vote "yay", and the other half votes...

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thedberg 8th January 2018
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My buddy had these 5" KRK's we've been using for a smaller studio setup and the yellow on the cones somehow got stains on...

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ScottBrio 8th January 2018
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Anybody use these on the 2 bus? I have access to a pair of these, but have been told that it is best to go into the line input...

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randrohe 8th January 2018
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Hi I am a hobbyist keyboard and sax player, I have yamaha psr s 970 and korg krome, right now krome is connected to yamaha...

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Szrank 8th January 2018
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This mic was released recently and i can't find that much info on it... but they look damn cool and have a really nice price tag...

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andersmv 8th January 2018
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Anyone using one of these little boxes for mixing? On one hand I see this incredibly glowing review for it on TapeOp but then...

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bgrotto 8th January 2018
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Just wondering, I have a lot invested in full rack pieces, because the initial cost of a 500 series set me off way back when I...

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BarcelonaMusic 8th January 2018
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hello all - I saw a picture (better than these two but i can't find it on line) and I'm just wondering what's going on with the...

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jwh1192 8th January 2018
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Already have - AKG C414, Telefunken Cu29, Shure SM7b and are looking for something to compliment/improve our sound quality....

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crille_mannen 7th January 2018