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Is there a cheaper alternative to the API 535-LA and CAPIs Missing Link ? 500 or Rack or DIY Kit, preferably stereo Balanced...

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2Low 1st February 2018
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I’m confused on something. If I have an interface for example Focusrite Clarett. That has line input. And I want to not use...

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Terryrocks 1st February 2018
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Hey, Just picked up a pair of the jbl's looking to possibly get a second pair to have something to A/B against. Want to...

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jazzmik2000 1st February 2018
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I'm thinking of simplifying my set up (Crane Song Avocet, HEDD 192, Z Systems Detangler, Mackie Control, Novation nocturn) and...

Deleted fe72b38
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Deleted fe72b385f72c012 1st February 2018
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Hi. I really hope some of you can help me out here. I'm looking for a decent LDC mic for vocals that go from soft all the way to...

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Tnex 1st February 2018
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Which setup would you go with, and why? I compose ambient/drone/new agey tracks. Eclipse + PCM91 + Moogerfooger line H8000 +...

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TheBrightSide 1st February 2018
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I have small condenser mic that has a high pass filter (3 positions) and Im having a issue that sometimes when I move the switch...

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GoofyCamel 1st February 2018
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I´m looking to several rackmount consoles and it´s hard to find one. I would like to know possible candidates to buy. From...

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LazyTurtle 1st February 2018
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Is there a Mac equivalent to Gross Beat? I want to be able to slow down my samples in maschine using a separate plug-in that...

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JohnEdson 1st February 2018
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I need to have a volume knob and somekind of eq/filter most for cuttin out bass from the kompressor, maybe up to 300hz would be...

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IanBSC 1st February 2018
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I have an external plate reverb unit. Is there a plugin that can add a pre delay to it? I know there is I was just wondering...

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arsmusic 1st February 2018
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Does anyone know anything about this? I really want to hook it up to either my twin mkii or Apollo 8. Since the 8 requires...

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emeline-rec 1st February 2018
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Hi, I came across this condenser for sale, wanted to know if anyone knew what it was. Thanks!

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MarkF48 1st February 2018
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Hi Group, Gyraf Audio will be at NAMM 2018 - lotated at booth no. 16112 - with Bock Audio and Soundelux USA. Come by and...

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Tim Campbell 1st February 2018
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Does it make sense to pick up a used Apollo FireWire interface without a Thunderbolt card in 2018? I contacted UAD and they...

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JB872 31st January 2018
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Hey all I'm buying some new gear and had a fast question. I'm buying a TOFT ATB 32 mixer and a few new pres and...

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Rdreher729 31st January 2018
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I'm eyeing a set of Genelec M030's, but their matching sub is very pricy, so I wondered if the JBL LSR 310S would be a viable...

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Deleted eece019412e660c 31st January 2018
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Everyone sees most NS10's on their side in studios. I am wondering if Yamaha HS5 and HS7 owners prefer their monitors on their...

Jason rocks
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Glenn Bucci 31st January 2018
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i got a pair of Adam A7X for 5 years and love em, i always wanted to get some subwoofer and finally tested some but im no pro in...

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jupiterman 31st January 2018
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I want to fill that last 500 series module single slot in my radial cube. Any recommendations? Right now I have a Neve 88rlb...

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richie0801 31st January 2018
Avatar for kilohertz

I'm sure at some point you have gone looking for something in your parts bins, back shelves, basement, shop or what have you, may...

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mbvoxx 31st January 2018
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How to wire a channel strip taken from a mixing console to be used stand-alone?

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soundmodel 31st January 2018
Avatar for Chevron

I'm on a Mac and Pro Tools vanilla 12.4. Something which I have had a lot recently, and also a lot in years gone by on different...

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Chevron 31st January 2018
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Hi I bought my 4050 s long time ago. Now I see that they are called 4050 SM . Is this a new different model? Thanks

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musicmixer04 31st January 2018
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Who is your go to for tutorials on Mixing, Recording, techniques, etc.? I'm looking for a good one on Reverbs and Compression....

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monkeyxx 31st January 2018
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Soon i am moving to another country and i will take a couple of long flights to get there. I will have a bag and a hand...

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endiendi 31st January 2018
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Should I be concerned about buying a used small diaphragm condenser mic (Shure SM81) made in the 1970s? Supposedly seldom and...

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joeq 31st January 2018
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Is it possible I'm allergic to the foam? I'm getting itchy *in* my ear canal, but also on the outside of my ears. It happens...

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stoneshoes 31st January 2018
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So I have a Peavey Windsor el34 stock head and wanting to know if you can swap for 5881 and just rebias it?

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hw2nw 31st January 2018
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Main use: Music production, mixing and composition that is, mostly hip hop or hip hop related stuff Room size: A small (2,5...

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hellofishy 31st January 2018
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Looking for recommendations for repair of two of my mic pres in the san diego area. My 6176 has just gotten really noisy. Also my...

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gaileycastle 30th January 2018
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Hi, I recently got AML ez1073 after having some good experiences of tracking with vintage and reissue neves in other studios....

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satmon 30th January 2018
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Hey guys. i am looking into buying a ne overhead mic. I need one that is also good for micing acoustic guitars, and strings. I...

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chazmuz 30th January 2018
Avatar for spaceman

I love my Sennheiser HD800 ( also own ATH-m50 , HD600, Focal Spirit Pro ) , it's the only headphone I trust for mixing. However...

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fonkyfork 30th January 2018
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Hello Everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows what could potentially be causing this. My AES on my symphony is coming...

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kinkykow 30th January 2018
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Hello everyone. I'm so happy to know that it has a big community in here. I am new member to the forum (also to the audio hobby)....

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Deleted 3cb98a6 30th January 2018
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Hey guys, Long time lurker, first-time poster. We're looking to upgrade a Yamaha DM2000 to the v2 firmware. We've reached...

owen at crossley
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owen at crossley 30th January 2018
Avatar for AlphaDingo

I'm considering a used digital mixer, a yamaha DM 1000. Will I actually gain anything sonically (in general) or workflow wise?...

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AlphaDingo 30th January 2018
Avatar for White Falcon

I have a chance to buy these pretty battered 5Cs. But I’m a little worried about the right speakers foam- sorroundings. There...

White Falcon
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petereugenefoley 30th January 2018
Avatar for Hypnotic

Just wondering if anyone has any experience with both or either of these units? Was thinking of getting the DN360, but the DN370...

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deedeeyeah 30th January 2018
Avatar for soundmodel

I'm looking to add an external converter to my main outputs from my RME Multiface II, because I don't find that the Multiface II...

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soundmodel 30th January 2018
Avatar for Jason rocks

No one mention anything about Brauner, where they at Namm?

Jason rocks
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RMJAZZ 30th January 2018
Avatar for Ray Sr.

Is it possible to use a stand alone outboard compressor as an insert into your DAW (cubase 7.5)? In essence using the Aphex usb...

Ray Sr.
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damiangraham 30th January 2018
Avatar for Umlaaat

I had a conversation with Nathan at Atlas about picking up a lunchbox. The 6 slot API is a bit cheaper than the 8 slot OSA, but...

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NathanEldred 30th January 2018
Avatar for zak7

I am looking for a great u67 style mic, because now I can afford a real u67. anybody used the ADK version? Thanks!

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achase4u 30th January 2018
Avatar for Blountedge

Hi All, I have an opportunity to buy a few condenser mics at very reasonable prices. Although the prices are good, I don’t...

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chessparov2.0 30th January 2018
Avatar for AnonDeScript

I’m going to have the cash for a new purchase soon and I’m trying to decide between a stand-alone preamp (I currently just...

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Avatar for MichaelStAmour
MichaelStAmour 30th January 2018
Avatar for iwantclarity

Looking for recommendations in the $700-800 range for mics. I've included a dry acapella sample of my voice, recorded with a...

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AevumWinter 30th January 2018
Avatar for Jules

What were the main areas of interest / things you wanted to research and learn more about? What are you interested in now?

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auralart 30th January 2018
Avatar for Petesie2

Help me decide, GSers! Used to have a Hairball Rev A rack version (really dig it) and had to sell, but want to pick up an...

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Pro5 30th January 2018