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I was reading the Kevin Killen Q&A thread Wide Mixes, and he uses the Spatial Box for really cool widening effects...like...

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TheBrightSide 19th February 2018
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It was 15 years ago today that Gearslutz was launched. So happy anniversary to us! Lets have a thread where we take a look...

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shooten 19th February 2018
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So I need a pair of earbuds for music listening on a portable MP3 player, and was curious what the slutz say about which are the...

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shooten 19th February 2018
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I bought Sgt Pepper on June 1 1967. It was recorded the way I personally recorded in those days as an engineer. Three...

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razorboy 19th February 2018
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Please help I demo,d quite a few comps and eqs for the 500 rack and I've not come across anything I've had on demo that has made...

henry miller
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chit 19th February 2018
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Anybody have any experience with the fostex Mark II 2424

Deleted 300228d
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Deleted 300228d 19th February 2018
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I've thought this for so long.... except for the Stevie Wonder part....confoosed Any thoughts/opinions? 31 Bands Baby...

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razorboy 19th February 2018
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Black Friday / Cyber Monday - What are You Buying ??? curious as to what the Slutz are buying this year !!!

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chinesewhiteman 19th February 2018
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hey guys, i currently own A Design P1 500 series preamp and Lauten Audio Atlantis FC-387. I like the quality of vocals i get but...

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sroreilly 18th February 2018
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I have yet to find a better mic for my voice than an sm7b... I boost it with cloudlifter into a solid outboard chain (la610, api...

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bicarbone 18th February 2018
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Hi GSlutz, I was wondering if perhaps anyone could help me out with my final year project at Uni. I'm programming a script that...

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djcoin 18th February 2018
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I was recently experimenting with a vocal, trying to get just a little bit of proximity effect with the mic I had set up. I was...

Rob Coates
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Shannon Adkins 18th February 2018
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I posted this in another forum, but think this one is more appropriate. I am going to purchase an Orion32, but am not 100%...

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Quantum7 18th February 2018
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Alright. I'm working on a new rig and since i play both bass and guitar i'm looking to get a Helix. Now, i haven't got one yet...

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baskervils 18th February 2018
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I'm considering a new rig for my studio. Currently I use the Metric Halo 2882 which is a 8in/8out mic pre converter. I'd like...

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esencia 18th February 2018
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A little background info: I just started interning at a recording studio here in Austin. A few weeks ago I was talking to the...

Major Sparky
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monkeyxx 18th February 2018
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Hi everyone! I'm wondering if anyone has had the chance to compare the Adams Adams A5X with Sub8 to the Adams A7X with...

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davidmagnusson 18th February 2018
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I just got an Arp Odyssey and I need to mount it over my other 2 synths but I can't seem to find a good third tier that is small...

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Limit54 18th February 2018
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Im thinking of getting adat or dat.. what were the high end ones, ive heard of the blackface or alesis xt and the tascam da-98...

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Deleted 300228d 18th February 2018
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Start saving your money . . . . Sennheiser HD820 = £1,999 ($2840 US) Sennheiser HD 820 - High-end Headphones for...

Deleted 0ec6b8e
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Mike F 18th February 2018
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Hello there, I just acquired this baby. Next to the ins/outs, i notice this clear modification. Any idea what this might...

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ruffrecords 18th February 2018
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Hi I need suggestions on mic pres that don't suck but aren't expensive. I'm looking for something better than ua apollo pres and...

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Avatar for Rob Coates
Rob Coates 18th February 2018
Avatar for Jason rocks

It seems every time people talk about the API 2500, they talk about using it on drums. Adding that punchy attack on a kit....

Jason rocks
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andychamp 18th February 2018
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Anyone seen one of these? I need to recap it, but it looks...

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lewilson 17th February 2018
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Hi! At the moment I am using a Focusrite 18i8 for recording my hardware synthesizers. I also have an fx pedal (Strymon Bigsky)...

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Helge 17th February 2018
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Here’s a good one for you all. At Apogee’s 30th Anniversary party the other night we had a time-alignment problem with the...

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eugtone 17th February 2018
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I'm building a Reaktor based live performance rig, and need to find a simple drum sampler. Lots of options out there but they...

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nom3d 17th February 2018
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I've been hanging onto an old Roland VS-1680 for years (it's a multi-track digital recorder in case people aren't familiar with...

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GregkoNYC 17th February 2018
Avatar for Ain't Nobody

Trying to round out a project by throwing in some slang terms relating to music, music production, rhythm, and/or drums. I...

Ain't Nobody
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clump 17th February 2018
Avatar for buka

Can I sync Boss DD-7 Digital Delay with synths or Ableton? This effect have a tempo / expression pedal input. I would like to use...

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buka 17th February 2018
Avatar for turtletree

What is the function of the "pads" on the focusrite 2i4? I have heard it described in many different ways on youtube...

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turtletree 17th February 2018
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I have my Mbox 3 running into my Presonus Eureka Channel Strip. Are the pre's and converters the same? Am I losing or gaining any...

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Beige 17th February 2018
Avatar for andy3

I dunno why, but I can't hear the subtle details with them. It's frustrating. It is not an amp problem. I feel like the audio...

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John Willett 17th February 2018
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Hello Gearslutz, First time around actually posting, be gentle freshflowe So I've got a few purchases ahead of me, and one of...

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Deleted 6f6e2d37e4f7470 17th February 2018
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So about 6 months ago I picked up an Allen Heath System 8 mk III in pristine condition for a great price, at least I think so...

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y2kalaki 17th February 2018
Avatar for Audiotales

Hello guys! What do you think about rosetta200 in 2018? Is there any engineer still using it in tracking \ mastering...

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Audiotales 17th February 2018
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Hello! Im having some issues with my Antelope Audio Orion 32+. My connections: Avalon Preamp connected to Line inputs...

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Djblazeless 17th February 2018
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Since the Duke's passing, I've been unable to listen to anything other than Bowie. I have become obsessed with the vocal sound...

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Sigma 16th February 2018
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Hi. So the other day my Shure sm7b suddenly starts to sound weird. Nothing has changed in the signal chain and even though the...

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jwh1192 16th February 2018
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Has anyone tried one? UK Sound – Professional Audio 1173 Mic Pre Compressor The 1173 is the result of a design...

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Avatar for razorboy
razorboy 16th February 2018
Avatar for razorboy

In pursuit of my first outboard preamp, I ordered an API 512c, but then read a number of criticisms of that pre's hot output...

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Avatar for Brent Hahn
Brent Hahn 16th February 2018
Avatar for aewon

Hopefully can get some answers here. Last year i bought a portico 5017. My first preamp. Thought ot sounded awesome on my...

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aewon 16th February 2018
Avatar for Jupiter8Boy

Hi everyone, I have been reading posts here for many years but finally decided to create an account :cowbell: Anyway, I am...

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Drumhead57 16th February 2018
Avatar for untitled73

I have a 16 track 2 inch Otari MTR 90 Selling my 24 track modified ghost soon due to a partial ownership dispute. Can...

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Avatar for drpeacock
drpeacock 16th February 2018
Avatar for Com K.S.

Hi! My 2-track just stopped working while restoring some old masters. I also own a Tascam 34B (4-track). I've seen it...

Com K.S.
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sorin from tx 16th February 2018
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Hey guys, I'm struggling between two occasions. I know they don't exactly play the same league and they're so much different...

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herecomesyourman 16th February 2018
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Hello everyone - I hope I've posted this in the correct section; if not, could a kind moderator move it ? My question is this:...

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Avatar for Snatchman
Snatchman 16th February 2018
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I blew the drivers in my Nuance 1SM-B Star floor speakers. Google says the speakers are 8" Peerless W8-12T 4P and there are...

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guitarenvy 15th February 2018
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So I have sold off some synths that I got good money back from and that I don't use anymore. So the question is I want to...

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Limit54 15th February 2018
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Hi friends! Since ART don't respond my e-mails and i don't find here (and in google at all) the solution, i've decided to open...

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Barorik 15th February 2018