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It’s interesting to me that with all the 500 series craziness going on that there seems to be a lack of better thought out...

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chinesewhiteman 25th March 2018
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Hi all - thanks for your replies on my last post. I've narrowed it down to either the Prophet OB-6 or the Prophet 12. Please...

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allen7ny 25th March 2018
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I've been delving into the world of Podcast production. Explored Gearslutz for advice on both Podcasts and Voiceover as far as...

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Arkkady 25th March 2018
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robotchicken 25th March 2018
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I love these old EV mics, but the foam is almost always rotted in them. the top is easy to remove the foam, but does anyone know...

Tobias Funke
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marshalldeasy 25th March 2018
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Hi everyone. I've been looking at some old effects on ebay and there seem to be a lot of good condition units selling from...

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vekter303 25th March 2018
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I am having difficulty with my WRDA7, well more difficulty. So i've dropped the idea of using it as a controller and just use it...

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White Falcon 25th March 2018
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So I’m looking for a tight small 3u rack that I can fit my Altec 1567a in. Any ideas of anything on the market? I want...

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yrplace 25th March 2018
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I recently picked up an ampex 600 preamp, it just came in the mail so I soldered a plug to the ac input and fired it up....

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Bill Way 25th March 2018
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I am building a speaker and i have this high pass filter i need to connect to the tweeter. This one it came with has no in/out...

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Sammysatic 25th March 2018
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Hi. I recently purchased 3 used Revox M3500 microphones and found one to be defective. Arrggh. Anyways, after unscrewing and...

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jac 25th March 2018
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Hi - New to the site and Need some help. Does anyone recognize this mic? Other than the front logo, I did not see a model number...

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hasbeen 24th March 2018
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I'd like to know how to create then sound used in the song One for the vine by Genesis, sound is played from 6:39 to...

Lupo Cattivo
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theblue1 24th March 2018
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I recently purchased this German channel strip. On the back of the PCB it says TAB MFK 40. On the side, there is a sticker that...

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Rabbler 24th March 2018
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Hi friends! For a very long time my main reference mix has been "Sad Eyes" by Trisha Yearwood (from the Real Live...

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bigluca 24th March 2018
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I’ve searched for a solution but can’t find anything. My fredenstien bento 2 only puts out 15v of phantom power. I...

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Jake_SJL 24th March 2018
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I’ve gotten my old upright Kawai piano from my moms. It hasn’t been tuned in decades. I’m not even sure if it’ll be worth...

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Unclenny 24th March 2018
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The device I'm looking for either doesn't exist or it's too expensive. Without getting into my exact setup, I'd like to switch...

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HSLand 24th March 2018
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Anybody know what exactly the "preadjust" on the amplifier cards actually adjusts??? Ofcourse it's level related but...

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Jumpy 24th March 2018
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A new WA76 just unpacked and turned on. The VU-lights are on, OK. Then I connected it to my interface MH ULN8 out: first via XLR...

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upchurchmusic 24th March 2018
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I found a piece of gear overseas that interests me. It is a fair to good price, but I am concerned if it is legitimate or a scam...

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bambamboom 24th March 2018
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Hey everyone, I own a pair of MC930's and I've discovered the retention screw that holds the amplifier circuitry inside is...

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SG_OC 23rd March 2018
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Are there any reasonable re-issues of 60s/70s drum mics or should I seek vintage mics? Particularly, I'm interested in...

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bangbang 23rd March 2018
Avatar for The Mule

I use a pair of JBL LSR308 monitors as my main monitors currently. I like them but sometimes I wish I could get a little more...

The Mule
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The Mule 23rd March 2018
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Main reason for this thread is that I didn't found much about ESI uniK 08+ So i'm sure many are interested about how ESI uniK...

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Teoichi 23rd March 2018
Avatar for jml designs

Got four 280’s for a steal, (what do you think a “deal” on one would be in 2018?) They’ll need power though since they...

jml designs
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TurboT 23rd March 2018
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Hi guys has anyone used both of these mics and if so, would you care to describe the differences in tone, sound? I plan on...

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Adeleo28 23rd March 2018
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Lông mi giả của Nhật là một loại phụ kiện làm đẹp được rất nhiều chị em ưa chuộng và sử...

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bowzin 23rd March 2018
Avatar for Exdeavor

I'm currently looking to upgrade my studio equipment. I used to use the Scarlett 2i2 built in preamp to use the Neumann TLM102...

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andersmv 23rd March 2018
Avatar for nater9

As the title suggests, I've been only dabbling in my studio off and on over the past 8 years. I haven't really purchased any...

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nater9 23rd March 2018
Avatar for mattjhuber

Hey all -- Looking to replace my Atlantis for vocal mic duties. I've also got a Peluso 2247LE right now that I love on most...

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hughshouse 23rd March 2018
Avatar for shortyboyboy

Sending channels through a console strip similar to an SSL4000 would be a dream! Does Harrison or Soundcraft make one that has...

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shortyboyboy 23rd March 2018
Avatar for Remedial

I was wondering if I could successfully process a stereo signal (for example, a stereo drum kit) with a PSA 1.1 using a Y cable...

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Noisewagon 23rd March 2018
Avatar for Dohreetoh

Assuming you get a $200 pair by Shure or Mackie (I know Shure is reputable, and I've heard good things about Mackie stuff) do...

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Cardinal_SINE 22nd March 2018
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Here is a short video of the machine and what appears to be a Madonna multitrack session on the large diskette. preach.mp4

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DJTOPCAT 22nd March 2018
Avatar for mofat

Been using the Apollo Twin usb on my PC but it's limited on I/O. I use Presonus Studio One 2 DAW. Been wanting more inputs so I...

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geeorge 22nd March 2018
Avatar for Mr. E

I have the full manual with schematics. Scanned copies from the hard copy. Very rare manual. Grab it from me, with email...

Mr. E
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Mederic 22nd March 2018
Avatar for ShogunOfHarlem

Anyone with 1st gen Mackie 824s ever replace the 3 position switches in the back? The Low Freq switch on one of mine is crapping...

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ShogunOfHarlem 22nd March 2018
Avatar for bbtodd

I want one of those new 1073 clones but unfortunately at the moment I need something quick and so it has to be much more...

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bbtodd 22nd March 2018
Avatar for bc_uk

Sorry if this is in the wrong section, but I wanted to get it seen by as many people as possible. It looks like I only just...

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bc_uk 22nd March 2018
Avatar for NetworkMartin

Hey guys, I've been slowly upgrading my Studio B (private studio) since completion of my Studio A (client studio) and wanted some...

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monkeyxx 22nd March 2018
Avatar for Spoiled

Do I need a vocal booth or some sort of acoustic treatment if I record vocals with an SM57? From what I understand, that type of...

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Dohreetoh 22nd March 2018
Avatar for vintagetones

Would anyone have any advice on lowering or removing mic stand bumps/noise from a mix without affecting the flow of the song? I...

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Ardis 22nd March 2018
Avatar for gravyface

I remember some Rocket Audio (I think) software that allowed you to jam in real-time between remote locations. Given that the...

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gravyface 22nd March 2018
Avatar for thevisi0nary

I am considering getting these over the hd600, but I am not able to find many reviews using it for the purpose of...

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thevisi0nary 22nd March 2018
Avatar for ChuyLocs602

Im looking for a mic to back up my Telefunken Copperhead and i want to give Warm Audio a shot. Which WA mic is the brightest most...

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JAT 22nd March 2018
Avatar for thefyn

Edit! Here it is: https://youtu.be/X-DUIUyyNuM I'm trying to recreate The Iron Maiden debut album tone for my channel. ...

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djayart 22nd March 2018
Avatar for Fab6

Hello to all. can someone tell me something about the quality of this converter? I did a search on the net but I did not find...

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Fab6 22nd March 2018
Avatar for hubercraft

Anyone compare the JBL LSR 4328P to the New JBL 708's if so how do they compare? Thanks In Advance ..

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hubercraft 22nd March 2018
Avatar for Boy_Narf

Hello Everyone! So I've had a pair or HS50's for years now. I quite like what they have to offer and spent a few years...

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Boy_Narf 21st March 2018