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So, I’m looking for a console to have more of a tangible use in the recording / mixing environment. My ideal console would have...

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shortyboyboy 28th March 2018
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I purchased a new Gold Digger recently and am having as issue with the trim pots for mic gain. I'm running a 416 and a TLM49 to...

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MYN 28th March 2018
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Hi I 've searched everywhere but haven't found anything definitive. I am trying to work out the fastest way to switch between...

Deleted 544c029
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Deleted 544c029 28th March 2018
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I have an opportunity to buy one of these 32-channel consoles. All of them costs almost identically. I want to use an external...

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tymish 28th March 2018
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Hi, I have a lot of audio clips in spanish (voice over) and I need to hear it and then write them in word, but they are a lot,...

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juliomonroy 28th March 2018
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Musikmesse 2018 : Finally Ableton Live "Save As Midi File" ?

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wavewalker 28th March 2018
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i've always wondered why ppl put the mic upside down for recording, esp vocal mic's? if it's about reducing reflection echoes...

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Brent Hahn 28th March 2018
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Well, i don't know if someone posted this before, but until i know... not. So, here is a list of serie 500 effects... if you...

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alexvigore 28th March 2018
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Hello! I would like to add a "colored" compressor to my 500 series. I'm very oriented on Neve sound. I'm undecided...

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cabbo 28th March 2018
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My older 770's of 15 years needed to be replaced. Also I wanted to replace my even older AKG 240 open back headphones as well....

Glenn Bucci
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Glenn Bucci 28th March 2018
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Hi guys, I'm having a relatively specific issue that I'm hoping someone could help me with. I'm using Logic to trigger a...

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backstabbath 28th March 2018
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Hi there! Anyone around who knows who does work on Joemeek SC2, 1.07 version, compressors in the Los Angeles area? Just got a...

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sblue 28th March 2018
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I’ve used a Toft ATB16 for the last 8-ish years, recording and mixing local music. It’s the nicest piece of outboard gear...

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shortyboyboy 28th March 2018
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For the poor man neve, has anyone ever done a shoot between these two?

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albee1952 28th March 2018
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Hi Folks, here are two Dave Cobb Productions. I would like to recreate the Vocal Reverb (I own Waves trueverb, rverb, abbey Road...

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liv4ree 28th March 2018
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I listen to a weekly podcast called Skeptoid, and in one of the recent student question episodes a question about cable...

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Sounds Great 27th March 2018
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Can anyone Identify this piece of gear?

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Jeff242 27th March 2018
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Hi We checked our meter and it seems to measure properly. Interesting thing is that at -10 fader position the input units...

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janalex 27th March 2018
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I have just purchased a secondhand Yamaha DM2000-v2 non VCM digital console. It will arrive in a few days. I am curious what is...

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alex928gt 27th March 2018
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I'm looking for a single preamp/di for use with bass and hardcore/djent/rock style vocalists with my SM7b. I am currently...

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wrgkmc 27th March 2018
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Hey guys! i am currently working on a project that is influenced by bands like Daughter and Sigur Ros. Especially i am...

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Ollio 27th March 2018
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Hi, all. Does anyone have a Stam Audio SA87 that they could lend for a quick comparison to a vintage U87 and a...

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FunkFaker 27th March 2018
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OK guys, while I'm not new to this game, I am learning how to record and mix so as to produce very good quality demos of my...

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SLAPPADom 27th March 2018
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Being an owner of a Studiomaster P7. I have noticed numerous posts of other people looking for a copy of the owners manual for...

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tmfairchild 27th March 2018
Avatar for BrazenActs

hello everyone, I am sure this question has been asked before, but I need to know how to pitch shift someone’s voice up so it...

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TimS 27th March 2018
Avatar for JeffreyC

Hi all - Looking for advice on what piece of gear I should invest in to help improve the sound quality of my home...

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JeffreyC 27th March 2018
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Hey guys, I am looking to get into the high-end of audio. I'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions about the active...

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ralfs 27th March 2018
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I amd going to buy one of these headphones but is worth paying double to get the HD 800's or will the HD 650 be just as good? Is...

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Deleted 10089a2 27th March 2018
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Hi, I have a mixer with only 2 mono aux. For a single vocal track, when I send to a Bricasti would it make any difference at all...

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ppaulsen 27th March 2018
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Hi everyone, Apparently one of my Adam monitors just stopped working from a moment to another. I have a few doubts for the...

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GrandMasterK 27th March 2018
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I performed this test for my own purposes to compare UAD collection. I have posted this test here for anyone who cares to hear a...

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bgood 27th March 2018
Avatar for jthom

We have started recording with a Juno 60 in the studio and would like to achieve a similar sound while touring. We don't want to...

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TheBrightSide 27th March 2018
Avatar for Unchained11

I just bought a used Drawmer ds201 noise gate and it works really well in my Guitar Rig but it's producing a lot of white noise...

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No.7 27th March 2018
Avatar for eugtone

I recently acquired a Lexicon PCM 70 and an SPX 900. Loving the 'Tiled Room' and 'Symphonic' presets that seem like long-time...

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eugtone 27th March 2018
Avatar for Black Thing

Hello guys! I'm going to set my studio where i'll mix only (100% ITB). What i need is a quality monitor controller to put on my...

Black Thing
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deedeeyeah 27th March 2018
Avatar for iad

Soon I will decide to change my JBL LSR 308, considering that the JBL 4328P cost half the JBL 708I. Which monitors should I...

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VenVile 26th March 2018
Avatar for rdfiii

As much as I'd like to dole out $5000 for a plate reverb... the Pluto looks particularly enticing... I just can't do that. So...

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bowzin 26th March 2018
Avatar for Jonas

Just bought Antelope Audio Discrete 8 AFX + 1x Edge + 6x Verge Bundle. Hesitantly excited given the few (or no) independent...

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KBABB 26th March 2018
Avatar for HangArt

Hi there, My LA2A produces various noises. I attached them. Maybe it's time to replace the tubes? If it is, how I know, what...

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HangArt 26th March 2018
Avatar for vintagetones

I have a Focusrite 18i8. Cubase 9.5 refuses to play my mix through this. When I disconnect and use ASIO4ALL I get no latency....

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Alndln 26th March 2018
Avatar for jdurango

Okay, bought an MCI JH110 with the intention of restoring it. It was stuck in FF (take-up reel spinning fast). Here's what I've...

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Avatar for TurboT
TurboT 26th March 2018
Avatar for jml designs

I've been using XLR to TRS Nuetrik/Mogami cables I built to operate on Nuetrik trs patch bay I have in the home studio, which of...

jml designs
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jml designs 26th March 2018
Avatar for junomat

Does anyone have any experience with the NEVE 1073 DPX? How does it compare to a Heritage or a Vintech 1073 clone? Or even a...

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ihate100bees 26th March 2018
Avatar for bekas

hello, i'm new here. really need your expert opinions for my dilemma .. i have Yamaha HS7 at my working home right now &...

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Midwood.Studio 26th March 2018
Avatar for subby33

I just got an m-audio profire 2626 audio interface, and connected all my synths to it (juno 60, jx3p, roland sh-2). I'm...

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Lecielestbleu 26th March 2018
Avatar for slidez

Asp880 Cons: -No power switch. This thing will get turned on and off a lot since I power my monitors even though I'm not...

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slidez 26th March 2018
Avatar for HSLand

I got one of these for cheap. Anyone else use these? Since it's oldschool I have no idea how to use it :lol: It has some RCA...

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Geoff_T 26th March 2018
Avatar for sl4zhz

Guys, wanna ask about ADAT dynamic range, and conversion quality Let's say I use Apogee element as my main AD/DA and expand...

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sl4zhz 26th March 2018
Avatar for VinceVandergraph

anyone ever see this seller and wonder where he obtains all these "vintage" Tascam mixers from that he never sells...

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Carabinerx 26th March 2018
Avatar for sameal

Hi everybody. History of recorded sound, for those who don't know is run by len horowitz in culver city. Len is having some...

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sameal 26th March 2018