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Hi all - just trying to decide between the DSI Poly Evolver and the Prophet REV2. I can buy a used Poly Evolver or a new 16...

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CurveCake 13th May 2018
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Hi all - trying to decide between the REV2 and the Nord Lead A1. I would appreciate any help or feedback on these two great...

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CurveCake 13th May 2018
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So I quite like the Waves API 2500 plug. It sounds nice on busses and the master. That's why I could consider a 2500-style...

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soundmodel 13th May 2018
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Soundgrid vs Dante. Which is better?

amit monga
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alternative4 13th May 2018
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does anyone have a pdf / link to a free copy for the 5002 "A" system? thx, al

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Johanz 13th May 2018
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Can you buy a toslink cable that is strictly spdif capable? Or do they all have the ability to be adat capable? The reason I...

Chris Dover
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Chris Dover 13th May 2018
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I've been looking for a sampler that you can load samples into and can play samples via a midi keyboard or other midi controller...

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TameImpalaSux 13th May 2018
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At first setup, I was forced to angle my KH 120's downward to my ears because they had to sit atop my M32 Midas. The angle is...

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Kites 13th May 2018
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Delete please

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Labs 13th May 2018
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Hi, I love the GZ67fet, but don't need for the 3 patterns choice... Only the cardioid pattern, as proposed by the Warbler...

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Greaterhornbill 13th May 2018
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I've been using Avantone active mixcubes lately (not sure if there are additional sub-model identifiers). I have slowly come...

Ain't Nobody
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RJHollins 13th May 2018
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Hi all I´ve scoured the forum but strangely very few comments comparing directly these two mics. Both mics have excellent...

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VO Guy 13th May 2018
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Well, ya throw "Let" "It" "Be" in a search engine, and you get....EVERYTHING!! So, OK...Since...

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brockorama 13th May 2018
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I have been using a pair of Neumann KH120A for sometime now. While they are great monitors for their size, they somehow tend to...

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bowzin 12th May 2018
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Hi all, I recently acquired a mini din to spdif breakout cable for my beloved v-77 hoping to use it as a send and return with my...

nexus 6
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Speeddemon 12th May 2018
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I've been looking at the Modal 001 and don't know much about it. Would appreciate any feedback positive or negative on this...

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Mekanik Zain 12th May 2018
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I am considering an Alesis DEQ-830 that i can get for a very nice price - it has 8 analog (jack balanced) and 8 digital (ADAT)...

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blueNan 12th May 2018
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Hi I absolutely love the keyboard on the nord lead but i don't really use mine for its sounds so i'm going to sell it. Is there...

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invalidusername 12th May 2018
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I wired my new house for audio before the drywall went up, so I've got Belden 8761 balanced cable running everywhere (to a vocal...

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bitman 12th May 2018
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List all the others which are equally as goo if not greater.

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s12512 12th May 2018
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I have two older Brent Averill 1073’s that need servicing. Does anyone know how big of a job it is to repair the mid eq band,...

Deleted e03114c
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Deleted e03114c 12th May 2018
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I haven't seen this yet so I thought it'd be cool to start a thread where we can share audio samples whether raw or with FX, and...

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imoan 12th May 2018
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I'm trying to figure out what 1176 compressor I want, or if I really need one. I am debating between the WA76 and the hairball...

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Labs 12th May 2018
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Hi All, Love my Sterling Audio ST69 Tube Microphone. However, one of the 7 pins ON the physical microphone broke off leaving...

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RustyRafters 11th May 2018
Avatar for Ain't Nobody

I have Duet1 which has one set of speaker outs, and one headphone out. Currently have both slots filled, but thinking of adding...

Ain't Nobody
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Ain't Nobody 11th May 2018
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It's been a while since there's been a thread about this. I am interested in exploring the use of large diaphragm condenser mics...

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Suspects 11th May 2018
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Can anyone confirm that the Estec TwinEQ has the Circuits designed after the famous Harrison, Amek and Neve circuits? Anyone got...

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ruffrecords 11th May 2018
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Hi everybody, I've read that the saffire Pro 40 headphone volume is a little low, but I just got one...and this seems...

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Gaurav sharma 11th May 2018
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Hi all, it's been a while. I've had good success writing/composing music and mixing it for television and artists, but almost all...

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noah440 11th May 2018
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Hi folks! I recorded this sort of quick and dirty as a favor, but I wonder how y'all would approach it. In the future, I expect...

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burp182 11th May 2018
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Hello everybody, this is my first post! I've been reading this forum for a long time and it really help me, so thank you...

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fran907 11th May 2018
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just found a 100 dollar bill signed by the original SPARS founders..chris stone etc...

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Brent Hahn 11th May 2018
Avatar for otisvillain

Hey all- So I'm looking to buy a speaker that is dedicated to referencing in mono. I saw an Adam F7 for $250 which I don't...

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jpanderson80 11th May 2018
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There are many presets on modeled plug in's from pro engineers. Do you believe the presets are based on what they use with their...

Jason rocks
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Jason rocks 11th May 2018
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Hi, I’m looking to add a new vocal condenser to my studio and am trying to decide between these various options - ISK 2B...

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TurboJets 11th May 2018
Avatar for PluckinTones

Did anyone try both? how do they compare? I´m interested mainly in using it for female jazz vocals and guitar amps (together...

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Adamus 11th May 2018
Avatar for OK GO

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help. I need a guitar amp / effects unit that is rack mounted and has to be 1U in size... What are...

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Arthur Stone 11th May 2018
Avatar for Retouch

Hi. Can the headphone volume on the ID4 be controlled independently from the monitor volume? Thanks, Charlie.

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greedy.mf 11th May 2018
Avatar for 6_Three

Looking for a tech that's really savvy in regards to setting up an edac 3 pin patch bay, I have tons of questions, and I need...

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FOHFU 11th May 2018
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Hi all, Are earbuds safe on the ears? Thanks much ben

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zvukofor 11th May 2018
Avatar for Thom b

Hi everyone So I purchased one of the new MacBook Pros for my non-music based work. As my job takes me from the UK to Sweden a...

Thom b
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sd270 11th May 2018
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DatMicrophoneDo 11th May 2018
Avatar for Phunkfarm

I own both the original K701 I bought 7 years ago and recently bought a new pair made in China. We can refer to the phones as...

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Phunkfarm 11th May 2018
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Okay, I have one high end piece so far, the U5 :) I'm curious what the best way to set this up is - any help would be much...

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ransomsrc 11th May 2018
Avatar for boomer81

Due to my wife having a emergency surgery i had to sell some stuff off. My uad octo and plugs being the big one. The thing i miss...

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Dr. Mordo 11th May 2018
Avatar for Jungebez

Hello all, I am looking for some help/tips/guidance in what are the best options, with the gear I currently own, to configure...

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Jungebez 11th May 2018
Avatar for kingnimrod

So, after playing with the Space for a bit I have noticed some issues which I'm wondering are unique to my unit or common: 1....

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StringerUK 10th May 2018
Avatar for Leepa1491

hello, So I posted this somewhere else but it might have been in the wrong section, so I’ll try it here. I currently...

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Leepa1491 10th May 2018
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hello I am looking for information on this microphone body (clone rca77) it is use by cascade microphone ref: c77 and...

micro rocco
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micro rocco 10th May 2018
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World class vocal tracking comprises of these elements, 1- Treated room 2- Neumann ribbon mic 3- High quality tube pre...

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ASiK 10th May 2018