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YouTube At 3:10 right after the e22s. I couldn't find it on the Electrical Audio website. If anyone could help me out I'd...

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TheOriginalBro 5th July 2018
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I’ve got a c12 clone that I’m looking to pair with a 500 series mic pre for vocals and guitar. Anyone got any recommendations...

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k-yo 5th July 2018
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Think I blew my left tweeter. Fired up the rig and I thought I was missing my left ear. Anyways. I see a bunch of used tweeters...

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Winetree 5th July 2018
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So I was looking for a clean way to get my outboard pres into my DAW. I have a UR824 that has 2 ADAT in/out that are not being...

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gtzack4 4th July 2018
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Does anybody know anything about James Brown's recordings? I would have loved to be a fly on the wall at those sessions. The...

bionic brown
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monkeyxx 4th July 2018
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Just wondering how the stock GAP Comp 3A or even 2a compares to a Revive Audio modded Pro VLA 2 in overall signal quality and...

John N
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mamm7215 4th July 2018
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Im currently gearing up for a project to be completed as much as possible in Stand Alone mode on an MPC Live. This will be...

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Dmacto 4th July 2018
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Hi everyone, I'm looking for an interface/mixing desk. I need something with a minimum of 4 stereo inputs and 4 mono, which can...

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Midds 4th July 2018
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This was done separate-system, tracked in PT and shot on a phone, and then synced up in Final Cut. The sync was dead on. But on...

Brent Hahn
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Brent Hahn 4th July 2018
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Hi, I am working on the audio of a video, which regrettably couldn`t record on multitrack. The original audio is one mono track...

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Synth Guru 4th July 2018
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They're both the same era, both use 12AX7's....the MX35 uses Beyer xformers ...the 351 transformers appear to be unbranded....

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rectape 4th July 2018
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This is a little story about my last couple of days where I decided to give some JZ mics a chance to impress me. I bought a BH2...

WunderBro Flo
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drago 4th July 2018
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Hey guys! So I've been getting into EQ'ing into recording as opposed to later in the mix with my Soundcraft Spirit Folio SX...

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Andreisidro 4th July 2018
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So, I'm looking for some gear suggestions. Longtime pro tools user but old enough to have started on an Adat and Atari/Notator....

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monkeyxx 4th July 2018
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This ATI Paragon is around for $5k. Works great. I’m just wondering what everyone’s take on this board is for a recording...

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shortyboyboy 4th July 2018
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Looking for a subwoofer to pair with genelec 8030 as. Anybody have experience is pairing these with a subwoofer that’s not also...

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mixedbynando 4th July 2018
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The drums on Kraftwerk's Kling Klang. What do you think they used, or that I can use, to achieve this drum sound? I'm really in...

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junkshop 4th July 2018
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Was watching some vids from 'NPR Music Tiny Desk Concerts' and a good number of the vids were using what I believe to be a Senn...

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John Willett 4th July 2018
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I'm needing an amp for a 2x15+6 to run a drum machine through. Ideally I'm after something with at least 4 channels, spring...

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SwamiRob 4th July 2018
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phong cách Phòng Gym Đẹp Cho Cô Nàng Yêu vận động Phú Quốc mang vẻ đẹp của khi không hoang sơ, bình...

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HaLes297 4th July 2018
Avatar for analogTinkerer

Hey all, I've recently been getting into a lot of synth/midi gear and I wanted to try integrating that with my tape setup. I...

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psycho_monkey 4th July 2018
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I have my Yamaha Hs8's connected to the main outs of my Babyface pro. Would there be any loss of signal quality if I used a Y...

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thevisi0nary 3rd July 2018
Avatar for Teddy Ray

Good stuff! Other People's Songs Other People s Songs Vol. 1 is a collection of covers recorded on the weekend of August...

Teddy Ray
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junkshop 3rd July 2018
Avatar for Nick Smalley

Im trying to record on tape, but I don't have a grand lying around for a decent 8 track, so I acquired an old AKAI tape deck, it...

Nick Smalley
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joeq 3rd July 2018
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debating which path to take. Slate VMS, VRS or Townsend Sphere or UAD. mostly for Mic and pre-amps. 90% of the time in...

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monkeyxx 3rd July 2018
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Hey guys, just looking around for an old Focusrite RED 3 compressor. Currently (mid 2018) there are not many for sale....

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danibert 3rd July 2018
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Has anyone compared the Rode NT2 with an RK-47 capsule in it to either of the Warbler MKI, MKID or the GZ67fet...

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dptaylor74 3rd July 2018
Avatar for Lance Lawson

Not sure it this thread belongs here but here goes. Since I frequently run digital track through a real tape machine I am...

Lance Lawson
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EvilRoy 3rd July 2018
Avatar for Rea

Hi- Trying to determine what is the best way to integrate a Monitor Controller, such as the Avocet, with a console, such as my...

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Rea 3rd July 2018
Avatar for Synthbrass

Hello, I am about to buy a Drawmer MC 3.1 monitor controller and read the manual beforehand so that I know how I need to set...

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Synthbrass 3rd July 2018
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Hopefully this is novel thread, never to be repeated. As you all know cat pee is especially destructive. My daughter's cat...

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Deleted c3d96187aa25e9e 3rd July 2018
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Hello, I have been mostly doing EDM and Pop. On those genres everything is clear and nice and you get a nice mix...

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Unclenny 3rd July 2018
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What mic is the HUGE looking microphone in the original we are the world, as well as in the remake. In the remake Enrique...

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ToddP 3rd July 2018
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Joe Meek Pro Channel VC3Q opto compressor any good?

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soundmodel 3rd July 2018
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Hi, What's wrong with The Phoenix Audio Nicerizer ? There are almost no threads here on GS about it....

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anhnn1234 3rd July 2018
Avatar for erike123

We all know the the usual suspects - Juno, Moog, Oberheim, Prophet etc. Any other less known synths with it's own unique...

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8inthemorning 3rd July 2018
Avatar for Lance Lawson

This is meant as levity but levity can be good when recording and being recorded. Ages and ages ago me and my cohorts were doing...

Lance Lawson
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chrischoir 3rd July 2018
Avatar for wildplum

Any experience using an RCA BK-5B on Snare drum? How was it? Thank you.

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wildplum 3rd July 2018
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Hey folks, so today in an attempt to kill a buzz in my soundelux u99, I tried plugging the mic power supply into a different...

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csweet08 3rd July 2018
Avatar for mikeyman

Summer NAMM 18: Roswell Audio Colares |

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Deleted 7764de7 2nd July 2018
Avatar for YRLK

Two questions: 1) Is anyone still using the Korby KAT system? If so, how are you fairing? 2) Has anyone had any work done...

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BradD 2nd July 2018
Avatar for jtsv2

the Sennheiser md421 and electrovoice re27/nd both have built in rolloffs that go to around the 1khz range, does anybody know of...

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jtsv2 2nd July 2018
Avatar for Barncore

As title says There are a few threads about this but they are a few years old now. Purpose: recording field sounds/samples...

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ardis 2nd July 2018
Avatar for pizu

Hi... My list of controllers for software (Ableton, Traktor) grows longers (Novation Launhchpad, Xone K2, etc.), but I only have...

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pizu 2nd July 2018
Avatar for SteveHacker

What Gear On Which Big Records? Sound is of course important, but I’m asking, NOT because I want to sound like someone else,...

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Avatar for KingsX
KingsX 2nd July 2018
Avatar for GraceMusik

Am I missing something or is this just a really bad design? Ok, I just got an AT4050 and here is what the shockmount looks like...

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Avatar for Shannon Adkins
Shannon Adkins 2nd July 2018
Avatar for buka

I looking for analog filter bank - is there anything better or alternative than - SHERMAN FILTERBANK?

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Avatar for rockreid
rockreid 2nd July 2018
Avatar for stepstraight

So I've scoured the interwebs up and down and have had no such luck finding an answer to my question. Let's see what these...

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szupepe 2nd July 2018
Avatar for ToneAlive

I am leaning on picking up one of these consoles in the next few months. Wanting a 24 or 32 channel. Just have a couple...

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MrArtrock 2nd July 2018
Avatar for gabler

Hi, I am mixing from Pro Tools to a Midas Venice 32. Lynx Aurora 16 is my converter. My question is, what would be the best way...

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gabler 2nd July 2018