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I record mostly rock and acoustic music. I've been using Focal CMS65's for years, but I always struggled with the lack of body...

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Funny Cat 22nd March 2021
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Hey folks, Not sure if this is the right sub to post in, but here goes. I'm moving from the UK to the US. I was wondering...

Gideon K
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Gideon K 22nd March 2021
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I was wondering if people could give me website addresses I could use as examples for content and lay out for a recording...

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webcastletech 22nd March 2021
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I'm looking for a reverb (convo, algo, or hybrid) pedal or rack unit that has: 1. MIDI-control of early reflection parameters,...

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tetch 22nd March 2021
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Hey all! Looking for some advice on a new mic. I've had a Shure SM7B and been looking to get a condenser mic instead. I bought a...

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liv4ree 22nd March 2021
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After much internal debate on whether or not to add the famed Yamaha NS-10m monitors to my setup I finally went ahead and did it...

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akashpmp 22nd March 2021
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I have recently bought a new MacBook Pro which has different ports and am unsure of whether to purchase a new audio interface or...

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LowTap90 22nd March 2021
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So if anybody could help me out here, you will be a godsend and I'll love you forever lol. I made another post about a patchbay...

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dimohiphop 22nd March 2021
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Howdy, Just wondering if I'm doing something wrong here, or if perhaps my H3000 unit is faulty.... When looking at the...

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jasonnevis 22nd March 2021
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Hey everybody, I just bought an Allen and Heath ZED436 and was planning to use the 'factory solder link' to modify the board...

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parallelfields 22nd March 2021
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I’m looking for help finding someone in the Las Vegas area who works on analog consoles. I have a channel on my Toft ATB that...

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mitchell 22nd March 2021
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Hello guys! First of all thank you for your replies in advance! I will have sennheiser hd 650 in a week. Today I have Scarlett...

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Mayarcci 22nd March 2021
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Soooo... I have been looking for the perfect vocal mic for my applications (hip hop vocals), and I think I have found that in the...

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ELAmental 22nd March 2021
Avatar for monet

Anyone have any idea what was used for the sound in the ascending line right before the chorus? Also it sounds kinda like a fugue...

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greggybud 22nd March 2021
Avatar for austinbdot

so I just got a Maag Audio EQ4M Mastering 6-band Parametric Equalizer .... for the price of this 1u unit I can get my 500 series...

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AB3 22nd March 2021
Avatar for montanasan

Does this tired old subject need an update? I think so... What's the latest troops? kfhkh

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NathanEldred 22nd March 2021
Avatar for Wobbebobbe

Hey! I've had my Shure SM7B for years now, and I've never cracked how to properly use it. Every couple of months I'd go through...

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chessparov2.0 22nd March 2021
Avatar for calebloveless

I found an vintage DBX 118 in my father-in-laws old studio stuff. I found out that Revive Audio does a modification on this unit...

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Avatar for Rob Coates
Rob Coates 22nd March 2021
Avatar for bluesy

How do these two mics compare for baritone male vocals?

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bluesy 22nd March 2021
Avatar for teleman

I bought a Heritage Audio HA73 EQx2 which was recommended to me. It sounds good but there is no headroom. On loud sources; kick,...

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teleman 22nd March 2021
Avatar for geddydawg

After doing much reading, and deciding on an additional stereo mic, the Vanguard V44S, seems retailers, even the Vanguard store...

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Avatar for Drumsound
Drumsound 21st March 2021
Avatar for aelita

I recently bought a used MD441 U3 in black that was described as working but no returns for use with brass/sax. I got it for a...

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Avatar for Honkermann
Honkermann 21st March 2021
Avatar for ishme1

I came to the conclusion to get a wes audio beta76 but after some research i heard the mimas were identical. Should i commit to...

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ishme1 21st March 2021
Avatar for jesseber

I'm looking to upgrade my Yamaha HS80m's to something nicer for mixing and mastering and my eyes are currently on either Genelec...

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Avatar for jesseber
jesseber 21st March 2021
Avatar for qblues

MXR had a blueface rack series of FX processors back in the 80s followed by a blackface series. I compared pictures of the...

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qblues 21st March 2021
Avatar for mamero

I own a TC Electronics M-One with a screen that has failed. It lights up but all Alpha Numeric data areas are blank. Other...

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Avatar for rarebit
rarebit 21st March 2021
Avatar for goom

I'm sure everyone has an opinion on this one, but I'm open minded. :cowbell:

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vernier 21st March 2021
Avatar for White Falcon

Can come in handy!

White Falcon
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Avatar for vincenty
vincenty 21st March 2021
Avatar for allen7ny

Hi all - So I have the OB6 and Prophet 6 and some other synths, but I was contemplating adding the Prophet Rev 2. Would this be...

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Avatar for allen7ny
allen7ny 21st March 2021
Avatar for jomaco2

Hi, I'm after a TAB Funkenwerk V77M. Obviously these aren't made anymore. I heard some suggestions that they might be made...

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Avatar for jomaco2
jomaco2 21st March 2021
Avatar for sam guaiana

Being inspired by the rare finds thread and the switching to fully analog thread, I went around to my local flea market today to...

sam guaiana
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Avatar for Sonny Casanovas
Sonny Casanovas 21st March 2021
Avatar for guitarkeys

I know this product is mostly targeted for bass players but are they any guitarists that love using this DI and/or prefer to...

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Avatar for thismercifulfate
thismercifulfate 21st March 2021
Avatar for Superpiano

Looking for REAL differences between these two boards in terms of audio quality. I know all other differences. Anyone tested both...

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Superpiano 21st March 2021
Avatar for sanjari

For a new multi-capsule SDC, which would you go with, the Oktava or the Vanguard V1? Are the new Oktavas improved over the old...

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sanjari 21st March 2021
Avatar for mics

Hi guys. I’m interested to hear some experiences you have had with the M50. Got to love that capsule!!

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#19 21st March 2021
Avatar for derrek_clay

I'm not bashing on Api preamps, but it's an honest question - How in the world does anyone hear Api preamps as being...

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Avatar for the octopuss
the octopuss 21st March 2021
Avatar for blackmajik2021

As many of you may know, the Focal CMS65 are discontinued. These have been my studio's primary monitors since 2013. They're more...

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Avatar for blackmajik2021
blackmajik2021 21st March 2021
Avatar for A M Kelly

Hey folks, Just purchased the 500 type 611 E series compressor and Eq modules. Units sound great so far. Anyone else using...

A M Kelly
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Avatar for DeadPoet
DeadPoet 21st March 2021
Avatar for MpaMusik

Headphones with good (flat) low and high end. I'm in a relatively small room, with some acoustic treatment (bass traps in the...

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Avatar for MpaMusik
MpaMusik 21st March 2021
Avatar for HudHudson

A friend has an Ampex 601.2 stereo reel-to-reel and it lacks a power cord - just needs a 2-prong that plugs into another 2-prong...

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Avatar for Brent Hahn
Brent Hahn 21st March 2021
Avatar for aviorrok

Hi, Who using TLM 103 mic? What is better SG2 or EA1 shockmount? Thanks!

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Avatar for aviorrok
aviorrok 21st March 2021
Avatar for domino

Hi, Based on what is available locally, I may have to choose between a Panasonic SV-3700 and a Tascam DA-30 MkII. Both with the...

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Avatar for Andy Le Vien
Andy Le Vien 21st March 2021
Avatar for lwstudios

So I'm upgrading my interface and mic (babyface old to Babyface Pro FS) and a OC818 for vocal tracking. I love how clean the RME...

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Avatar for 12ax7
12ax7 20th March 2021
Avatar for LeoRapture

Any way to use only certain frequency information in regards to the correction? I don’t really care for what SW is doing to my...

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Avatar for yewtreemagic
yewtreemagic 20th March 2021
Avatar for nilsiism

Hi Everyone, I'm currently looking to get some new speakers. The space I have available is really limited and that won't...

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Avatar for joshmelo
joshmelo 20th March 2021
Avatar for Prototech

I like Rick rubin´s sound Raw, detailed, sharp but still pleasant to ears. Mainly his drums, transients etc. What are...

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Avatar for crille_mannen
crille_mannen 20th March 2021
Avatar for Prickstein

g'day folks, just wondering if anybody out there uses Tascam PB664 Patch bays and knows how to change them from normalled to...

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Avatar for z11111
z11111 20th March 2021
Avatar for willylumplumps

I'm pretty sure the one on the left is a Neumann U87. What is the one on the...

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Avatar for chessparov2.0
chessparov2.0 20th March 2021
Avatar for nosebleedaudio

Anyone ever use one of these? Just worked on one..wow the good old days...1938..

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Avatar for jaddie
jaddie 20th March 2021
Avatar for cserrano

Greetings all, I've been on GS for a while but just realized I've never started a dedicated thread for the Serrano 87...

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Avatar for bleep
bleep 20th March 2021