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Hey y'all, I'm a few months away from performing an install and initial setup for a new all-analog studio in Fayetteville,...

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psycho_monkey 12th November 2018
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Hey y'all, Thinking about getting a DI box for various studio needs (not live), and I'm trying to sort out what would work...

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Raulo 12th November 2018
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I was discussing this with a friend, do you allow an artist or even a band to go in your studio, or the studio you're running, by...

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joeq 12th November 2018
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Has anyone bought or used Auralex Space Couplers and found them to do what they're supposed to do? This is what I'm talking...

The Gooch
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mcaudiosolutions 12th November 2018
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basically what I'm trying to find out, for the money, does the Pro VLA do a good job being a Opto style Compressor? pro's...

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mamm7215 12th November 2018
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Hey there, I was looking into buying a pair of Sennheiser HD25 headphones upon a friends recommendation, however I am a little...

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Monkey Man 12th November 2018
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I have an Access Virus C and recently tried to use it in multi mode with Cubase. The single voices sound quite different when...

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Toyroom 11th November 2018
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Hello guys and girls. I recently purchased a Neotek Elan m2 console, and i’m setting it up at the moment. I’m new to the...

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Drumsound 11th November 2018
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Hello fellow gearslutz! Looking for a new affordable, "American sound" inspired LDC. These two mics are relatively...

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djanthonyw 11th November 2018
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I just upgraded my interface to an Apollo and I wanted to finally get a second mic. I need something for Drake, Jay Z, Weeknd...

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HonaCostello 11th November 2018
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So I'm *thisclose* to maybe possibly almost pulling the trigger on a Sequential Prophet X on account of my other gear doesn't do...

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musicalnyc 11th November 2018
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Owned the AK47 for about 6 months and the Apollo Twin Duo MK2 for similar time. Never had an issue with either until yesterday...

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frlrubett 11th November 2018
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Hi guys :) Okay, this is it!!!! As said on another thread, I need some monitors and after I get them I'm not going to ask any...

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Deleted 2915a84 11th November 2018
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Hi Guys, I record with protools HD (native) and I have 16 channels of various preamps to get the signal into the box via a...

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Guiltyjuice 11th November 2018
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If I use a neutral mixer and I want to throw something in the mix to warm it up, what are the most reasonable options right now? ...

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Nickerz 11th November 2018
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If anyone has any tips, warnings, etc on moving one of these monsters any advice is appreciated. This will be going up one flight...

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Moondog007 11th November 2018
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So I'd like to split a balanced stereo signal coming from my patchbay (Samson S-Patch Plus, all balanced out) into two identical...

Captain Foghorn
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Captain Foghorn 11th November 2018
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TLDR: bought a sub, it's rated down to 22hz. Why's it dropping out at 40hz? so I bought a sub for my studio, a Yamaha HS8S, ...

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Sharp11 11th November 2018
Avatar for Analog

Say what you want about CLA but I'm listening to the new Papa Roach disc (I like it a lot, I think its their best) and I noticed...

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Mho 11th November 2018
Avatar for aliensbrains

I'm looking for some suggestions for mixing consoles in the £15k region. This will be for a studio which is used mainly for...

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Wiggy Neve Slut 11th November 2018
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I can easily rip a regular DVD, and watch the movie on my computer. As I have no intention of watching movies on my comp., I...

Jeff Hayat
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Jeff Hayat 11th November 2018
Avatar for Jason rocks

I am looking at these two company's and it seems like the SSL has a clean pointy sound that it great for some things but you...

Jason rocks
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Rec_Eng 11th November 2018
Avatar for Thehowlingsea

First time post from an IR newbie so apologies if this has been covered elsewhere. I am using Logic X with a Focusrite Pro14...

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Thehowlingsea 11th November 2018
Avatar for Jeremiah Sheets

I've contacted Kush Audio about this via email, but I might need to return the unit so I wanted to get the ball rolling...

Jeremiah Sheets
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Jeremiah Sheets 11th November 2018
Avatar for ST.Studio

So I know that the PM1000 is sweet, as well as the PM2000 (just not as sweet). But what about the PM4000 and PM5000? How do they...

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deedeeyeah 11th November 2018
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Hey guys, I few weeks ago I bought a Blue kiwi. It has a noise, like a low pink noise. Sometimes the noise gets louder and my...

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MdeMixage 10th November 2018
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Hello, These things are discussed often so a brief-ish reply will be good. I'm looking at 3 monitor controllers without...

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frazz 10th November 2018
Avatar for Kris Bang Boom

I need lots of channels with midi mute as well as good eq, I have both lined up a 48 Yamaha pm3500 and a 48 4 Soundcraft Series...

Kris Bang Boom
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musicfirst234 10th November 2018
Avatar for MatrixClaw

Currently, I use an SSL AlphaLink AX with an 8 channel SCA preamp, plus a few others. I bought a 2882 a few years ago when I...

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Jeremiah Sheets 10th November 2018
Avatar for frazz

Hello, A question about the Equator audio D5 speakers - Equator Audio may be out of business according to online reports that...

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frazz 10th November 2018
Avatar for JulianUndso

so, here we go again, same old story. spent the last month or so compiling offers on used monitors and I really don't know where...

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Mr Funk 10th November 2018
Avatar for Studio48

This question might sound stupid for some of you, off we go, nothing to loose here. I wonder if someone could tell what is...

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Studio48 10th November 2018
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Hi, I've got the Audient iD14 for a while now. I absolutely love this interface, but I want to upgrade to the iD44 now,...

Deleted 5eec6e9
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Deleted 5eec6e94b0ff763 10th November 2018
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Hi, I've been using Babyface Pro for a while and just love it. I noticed none of the Software Playback Strips (ex: AN 1/2 is...

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zvukofor 10th November 2018
Avatar for FranciscoFrugoni

I have a pair of Genelec 8030’s which I’m using with a 7040 Subwoofer. My question is, at what volume is the sub...

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saffirepro40 10th November 2018
Avatar for Voyage.One

I just pulled the trigger on a Korg A1 from Japan and an RE1 remote from the US. What would I have to carry out to change the...

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Deleted df98c51 10th November 2018
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Hello, here you can listen to 9 different microphones on classical guitar; The code names are to be understood as follows -...

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rojaros 10th November 2018
Avatar for Firsthand Media

Hello Everyone, I haven't been able to find many threads that talk about the Dynaudio BM 9S sub. I'd like to hear peoples...

Firsthand Media
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anticipation 10th November 2018
Avatar for briefcasemanx

Sometimes in the middle of recording, my firepod will totally screw up, recording will stop and cubase will freeze, then all of a...

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crisnich 10th November 2018
Avatar for Speeddemon

Peeps, what's the opinion when comparing these three -now affordable- Yamaha reverbs/fx (SPX990, Pro R3, Rev-5)? Given that you...

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Voyage.One 10th November 2018
Avatar for Zeroesque

I'm looking to optimize my SDC collection down to the most useful stuff and I'm curious to get some opinions. Think...

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Ragan 10th November 2018
Avatar for BrandNew

I know, this thread has no real utility at all. I was looking for monitor management. When I saw the Monitor Station, came to...

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oratowsky 10th November 2018
Avatar for Zangiamit91

hey all . i have NEVE 8816 and i try to figure out everything in that magic box. i got pretty much everything except the part...

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avalonvt 10th November 2018
Avatar for phantomcenter

I can't believe there's not more buzz about this mic... as soon as I saw it released I had a strong gut feeling this would take...

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Avatar for Wayne
Wayne 10th November 2018
Avatar for teleharmonium

When I think of a fast preamp, I think of expensive transformerless designs that are known for a quality clean sound for acoustic...

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Avatar for chrischoir
chrischoir 10th November 2018
Avatar for centervolume

Hi all I need input about the stability of the babyface pro running with mac in general. I have a maxed out mid 2015...

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F.M. 10th November 2018
Avatar for bill5

Be interested to hear from those who have used both... what did you use, what if any differences did you hear from long vs...

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Marik 10th November 2018
Avatar for Geoff_T

Hi There was always an alternating pattern of East Coast, West Coast (be it San Francisco or LA) with AES Expos but after 2015,...

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bforest4 10th November 2018
Avatar for alexvigore

Hello friends... lately i have some doubt. There is some benefit in use of independent phantom power supplier (not included in...

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thismercifulfate 9th November 2018
Avatar for Oliver Chesler

Hello! Looking for a stereo EQ for my Lunchbox... will be used to add some final after the fact high and low end polish to a...

Oliver Chesler
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Deleted 2915a84 9th November 2018