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Guys I need to fix my mackie speakers. The switches on the back have shorts in them. I dont know if it's a matter of cleaning...

no ssl yet
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ShamansDream 5th April 2006
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I've read many of the threads on here and have found a wealth of great information, but I still have a few questions about mic...

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11413 5th April 2006
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Hopefully, you'll be able to guage the size of this beast next to the other pres. The 6176 is totally intimidated and...

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darkwater 5th April 2006
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Is there a source for the original NS10 tweeters or is it OK to use the new style tweeters with the old crossover?

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XSergeantD 5th April 2006
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Hi Nathan, I was just wondering if there was any info posted yet about the new comp anywhere? Thanks, Pete Ruthenburg

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NathanEldred 5th April 2006
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I'm thinking of getting a sdc mic for acoustic guitar and Hats what is the best bang for the buck. Gefel Sure Neuman? Thanks

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Zwinter 5th April 2006
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I've been thinking this one over all week and now I really need some advice to help me make a decision. I currently record...

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wavcatcher 5th April 2006
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phelbin 5th April 2006
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so i am starting a session in a room after an engineer that is older and wiser than me. Iknow he's tracking guitars only that day...

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thethrillfactor 5th April 2006
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Here is the setup: 1 guitar signal split 2 ways between 2 heads/ 2 cabs, facing directly one another with a fig 8 mic equidistant...

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DeepSpace 5th April 2006
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i could live here forever. really: sight one sight two

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Jim Williams 5th April 2006
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Widget - I moved this off of the other thread to take Fletcher out of it, and open up some dialog as I think you raise some...

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GilWave 5th April 2006
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I'm interested in putting fuses on my NS-10's to avoid blowing tweeters. What value is needed?

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jakemoss 5th April 2006
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Anyone can recommend an affordable good headphone cue system? Regards Tamas Dragon

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robmix 5th April 2006
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Hi! Anyone here who knows a solution for mounting a 5,25''-device in a 19'' Rack? I can't find adapters for these...

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Bob Ross 5th April 2006
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Hi, what are you thinking about those pre amps? The Studer desks are said to be very good, so any opinions about those racked pre...

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Mono-Peter 5th April 2006
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I just got my Germs and after 30 seconds I loved them. I am however, a little confused as to how to manipulate the input,...

Bump Music
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superburtm 5th April 2006
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I've had my BM6a's now for about a month and they've been getting a fair bit of use :) pretty much flat out since I got them....

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dabhoys 5th April 2006
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anyone here rack a bg-1? if so how do you do it?

Curtis Franklin
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Curtis Franklin 5th April 2006
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hi everyone: i've recently been getting into Lee Hazlewood and would appreciate some recommendations as to some of his best...

James Guitar
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James Guitar 5th April 2006
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joseph 5th April 2006
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LONDON, England -- A British singer has signed up by a major record label after broadcasting live performances from her...

Sounds Great
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WidgetNinja 5th April 2006
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I am looking for a basic rack-mountable cd player (I don't need one that records, and I will only be using the analog outs). I...

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Faderjockey 5th April 2006
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I'm looking for a 15" speaker bass cab. what would be the best one's ?

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wwittman 5th April 2006
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Hi, folks. I'm looking for an opinion from people with great ears. heh I'd like your opinions on a really great octave pedal...

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DeepSpace 5th April 2006
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okay, i think it may actually be a bass, but whatever... perhaps some of you might be able to listen to this soundclip and...

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chrispick 5th April 2006
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I just purchased a used Great River MP2NV boing boing and need two mics to record the cabinet of my Suitcase Rhodes. For the near...

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djui5 5th April 2006
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duplicate - please delete

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GilWave 5th April 2006
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I'm going to the Frankfurt Musikmesse this year. Does anyone know if there's going to be any Gearslutz-events happening? stike...

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GilWave 5th April 2006
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I know this seems like a banal unslutty subject but I am looking for an effects rack that is abut 14. I also want to put my MPC...

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Relax 4th April 2006
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My List 1) Guitar cables 2) mic cables - Nice Mogami's 3) Guitar tuners 4) Picks 5) CD's 6) Drum Keys 7) Tools Screw...

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John Noll 4th April 2006
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Hey Guys. This is my first post... Love this site! So... I just bought something that was misrepresented on eBay. they were 4...

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allencollins 4th April 2006
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I know many slutz recommend the Sound Anchors... just wondering if there are other good options. Anyone using these Quiklok or...

Kalite Marka
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Kalite Marka 4th April 2006
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Didn't find much on this one... looking to expand my 002r by 8 channels. I'm a little concerned about going down to 44.1 as using...

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sdelsolray 4th April 2006
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tubes2bits 4th April 2006
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Hello: A dumb question: How to open my Yamaha's NS10s. I need to change it's cables but there are no screws in the back. I...

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Phil Cibley 4th April 2006
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what all do you guys use it on? I am gonna try running my keys through it before it goes into Nuendo. Then I'll try other...

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Shaman 4th April 2006
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MAProTulz 4th April 2006
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Is there anyone manufacturing stand-alone faders? The idea is to use the humongous amount of gain and tone that some preamps...

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doug_hti 4th April 2006
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Just an FYI for interested parties. It's called "Here, There and Everywhere: My Life Recording the...

Empty Planet
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mikey 4th April 2006
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By externally clocking a Digidesign 002 Rack to a Rosetta 200, will you automatically and noticably improve the sound of your...

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meteor 4th April 2006
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there is a chance for me to do some projects with two different video minded friends of mine. i've had limited experience with...

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pounce 4th April 2006
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hjghfgg I'm just wandering what other people have experienced. _____________________________ Alex.T

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HudHudson 4th April 2006
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I'm upgrading for a G4 to a 5, but there are only 2 drive slots on the 5. I have 3 drives on the G4, one for samples, one for the...

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ethan_c 4th April 2006
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Hello - im using a Fireface 800 and im trying to hook up my distressor, but i cant get it working. Im running logic 7 on a...

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ethan_c 4th April 2006
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I was having a discussion on the origins of dub (the psychedelic instrumental variation of reggae), and the tools used to get...

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waxx 4th April 2006
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Hi, I'm looking for some good, decent gear to record with. It does not have to be superfancy but i want it to work w/o snap...

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audiothings 4th April 2006
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Today working on a mix and using the CIB eq on vox It occured to me this is a pretty veratile EQ. IT's IMO a hi quality piece of...

no ssl yet
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Cojo 4th April 2006
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Hi there, Dumb question but I gotta ask.... Is there any reason not to use a gtr amp with bass providing it is running into...

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matt thomas 4th April 2006
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So I just finished building my DIY 16 channel passive summer. For all intents and purposes, it's a Folcrom clone, but instead of...

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mitchell 4th April 2006